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That dividend could have been one of Microsoft's biggest profit centres.
If I win, I want some of that cat poo coffee.
I'm going to bid $100 billion.
I'm getting sick of all the crap on facebook now. I just want to keep up to date with people and relatives I don't actively keep in touch with. But now it's about all the ads which I didn't ask for and all the sharing and likes of pages to fraudulently inflate the numbers so someone can monetize the results. Facebook is all about money now.
You generally have 3 days to settle the transaction. So if the stock went up, he could have sold it and reaped the profits, without actually spending any money. Quite the gamble.
This the result if putting market share ahead of profitability. Consumers may gain in the short term, but in the long term companies need to earn money.
Kind of like a google search that gives top billing to their 'partners' - companies that pay google to get to the top of the list.
Funny how oil companies get away with price fixing everyday, but when Apple sets up a store where publishers set the price and Apple takes a cut, it is viewed as price fixing. I guess Apple doesn't spend enough paying off (lobbying) politicians.
Only songs in your library. I think he was referring to a song you hear in the car - ask Siri to identify it.
Here's what apple got for its $2 million in lobbying: http://reut.rs/WbeiJW
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