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Any chance you could make a point without swearing. You are more concerned about how your swearing is censored, than you are about making a point.
These numbers didn't make sense considering more than half the population can't afford to eat let alone pay for a smartphone. And then factor in the number of children, these figures would mean that pretty much everybody has a smartphone. Then I realized that the typical android user gets a new phone every year, so the number of users is a far different number than activations - about 75% less.
I agree totally. People spend $1000 at best buy and they think they've got a great stereo. Then go in to a high end audio store and hear some of their products. The differences are amazing, and as our good dr has pointed out, if you have never heard a quality stereo, you don't know what you're missing. And to get into this you don't need to spend $25k, you can get awesome equipment for 1/10 of that. You just won't find this stuff at the big box electronics stores. As...
Apple used to make a portable speaker (iFi) and the sound blew away any other portable device. It sold for around $400. It still sounds better than most, until you get up past the $600 mark.
I love Amazon's business model: sell the hardware at a loss with the idea that you'll make it up in sales of e-books, which, by the way, you also sell at a loss to increase market share. And Wall St loves them.
That dividend could have been one of Microsoft's biggest profit centres.
If I win, I want some of that cat poo coffee.
I'm going to bid $100 billion.
I'm getting sick of all the crap on facebook now. I just want to keep up to date with people and relatives I don't actively keep in touch with. But now it's about all the ads which I didn't ask for and all the sharing and likes of pages to fraudulently inflate the numbers so someone can monetize the results. Facebook is all about money now.
You generally have 3 days to settle the transaction. So if the stock went up, he could have sold it and reaped the profits, without actually spending any money. Quite the gamble.
New Posts  All Forums: