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A year ago Kodak's market cap was something in the order of $80-100,000 million. If these patents are so valuable, somebody could have made a generous offer then and got not only the patents, but the Kodak brand as well, or what's left of it. Apple could have bought it and kept it a separate entity like Claris, and produced high quality consumer digital imaging products - cameras and printers, and re-evaluate all the other markets Kodak is in.
While it has nothing to do with the article the following clip definitely relates to your comments:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iQ0EoL5kXD4&feature=youtube_gdata_player
I keep thinking about all those RIM jobs.
Oh great. First he was Kelso, then he was Kelso playing gags on people (punk'd). Then Kelso in two and a half men. Now it will be Kelso playing Steve Jobs. Kelso is the only part he can play.
I think that's Chris Farley.
If I wanted to hear some buffoon yap, I wouldn't pay to hear this moron, I would just go to a Microsoft annual shareholders meeting a listen to Steve Balmer.
How about the sucker who sold his 100 shares by placing a sell order at market price thinking he was getting $600. He got burned for 5 grand.
I don't have a problem with either side in this, but you're either a capitalist or you're not.
Just add the cost of apple care to the price.
They should have also invited Austin Powers.
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