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I see Amazon and Apple's model as actually selling you something. Amazon mines your information so they can sell you something you might want. Similar to iTunes, where they give you a list of stuff others with similar taste, bought. Google and Facebook on the other hand are mining your information which they use to generate revenue from a 3rd party (advertisers). They don't actually sell your information, because that is their source of all future revenue. They find...
I don't understand Amazon's business model of selling below cost.
Apple is down because all the wealthy investors, not pension and mutual funds, are selling off so they can buy gold due to the upcoming doom next week.
Isn't Amazon Prime a charge that covers all your shipping costs from Amazon for the year?
Free to subscribers? Yeah, and all my cable channels are free too - once I pay my cable bill.
Just use airplay from your iPad to your Apple TV.
I wonder what an original Macintosh is worth? I had one until my dad took it to the electronics recycler a couple of years ago.
I recall suggesting Apple buy Kodak a few years back when their market cap was $80 - 100 million. Back then I thought the Kodak brand was still worth something.
I don't get these artists who refuse to sign onto iTunes because they sell single songs. Are these guys naive enough to think people are going out and buying their CD's?
I recall a documentary based on the Tom Peters book, 'In Search of Excellence', and there was a segment on Apple just after the Macintosh was introduced. It's probably on YouTube. Worth seeing. Same narrator as this one.
New Posts  All Forums: