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I don't have a problem with either side in this, but you're either a capitalist or you're not.
Just add the cost of apple care to the price.
They should have also invited Austin Powers.
Usually solar PV is quoted in $/kW rather than kWh as the output varies depending on the annual solar radiation. In Ontario, where I live we receive about 1200 hours of sunshine per year, so a 10 kW system produces about 12,000 kWh/year. Installed cost of approx. $6000 per kW or $60,000. Our provincial gov't provides what they call a feed-in-tariff and will pay 80 cents per kWh for 20 years. Ground mount systems pay less (70 cents per kWh) and systems larger than 10kW also...
And Apple actually sells products.
Do they have Google cards? Or are they still trying to copy that?
Why would anybody want to buy something from Google?
I want my Apple Tv to replace my cable box, not sit beside it. They could add a tab for cable Tv and have the channel guide with Apple's interface. They could even offer it up to the cable companies to rent out like the boxes they rent now. I see this as the brains of any TV offering. The TV itself is just a monitor.
I got £301 for mine.
Just wondering if the printed version (if there is one) has the Amazon link printed in it. This is not a free speech issue - enough with the 'what ifs'. Take out the link to amazon and the book is exactly the same. Besides who reads bibliographies?
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