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You can buy them when they go on the market. Before that you can call a broker, but most of the shares will already be spoken for by the preferred clients of the underwriters.
The bubble I see bursting is this whole inline ad business. Virtually all of Facebook's and Google's revenue comes from ads. I don't know how many people click these ads and buy stuff, and obviously lots do, but I see the value in these ads dropping in price. If advertisers are not seeing a return on their advertising dollars, they'll go elsewhere. Btw, I never use Facebook on my computer - only my phone, and there are no ads on the mobile app versions.
Another reason is the massive licensing fees Microsoft charges on a annual basis.
Her health insurance will just deny coverage.
My recollection was that he made the comment to school children. Perhaps I'm just remembering a Saturday Night Live skit.
I thought that quote from Al Gore turned out to be taken slightly out of context. (although he did say it, so maybe it was just misinterpreted) But wasn't he involved with the group that developed the World Wide Web?
You get what you pay for. Maybe we should pay them $25,000,000/yr. Seems to work for CEO's.
Nice video with Al Gore. Couldn't he look into the camera instead of staring at the cameraman's crotch? And as a Board member, did he not know what was going on? He must be out of the loop. So, what exactly, does he bring to the table?
Texas doesn't care about stolen IP, nor would any other state. They care about jobs. Don't be surprised if they even throw in some cash. This is how large corporations act now. Threaten to move jobs unless public money is 'invested' into the 'partnership'. The auto industry has been doing this for years now. This is modern capitalism.
And 'rooting' will become the #1 pastime.
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