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Interesting how even 20 years ago people who knew him refered to him as being a great visionary. BEFORE the Apple comeback.
Amazon's strategy seems to be one of making money selling content and breaking even on the device to consume it (watch, listen, or read). Apple, on the other hand, sees content as a commodity and sells it as a break even while earning 40% on the hardware device. While some may view these tablets as a commodity, there is a distinct difference between them, whereas the content is identical so people will buy on price first. (and if the price becomes prohibitive, people will...
This would be a better IPO than Facebook. No hype to inflate the real value.
Mature? You come to a site about apple products and spout off how your stuff is better. Then question someone else's maturity? Don't you have some scripts to run? Or maybe root your phone again - just because you can?
I remember seeing an interview with Bill Gates when he was first starting his foundation and he stated that it is difficult to give away the type of money he has. I'm sure it would be easy to donate to some institution so they could build a new building with your name on it, but he was talking about more than that. Also the article stated that Apple has given over $50 million to the product (Red) organization. I assume there are lots of other donors contributing...
You can buy them when they go on the market. Before that you can call a broker, but most of the shares will already be spoken for by the preferred clients of the underwriters.
The bubble I see bursting is this whole inline ad business. Virtually all of Facebook's and Google's revenue comes from ads. I don't know how many people click these ads and buy stuff, and obviously lots do, but I see the value in these ads dropping in price. If advertisers are not seeing a return on their advertising dollars, they'll go elsewhere. Btw, I never use Facebook on my computer - only my phone, and there are no ads on the mobile app versions.
Another reason is the massive licensing fees Microsoft charges on a annual basis.
Her health insurance will just deny coverage.
My recollection was that he made the comment to school children. Perhaps I'm just remembering a Saturday Night Live skit.
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