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These sales figures are mostly an issue of marketing, imo. In any event, I'm still switching from my three year old, original iPhone when the N1 comes to Verizon next week. I live such a Google dependent life, it simply serves my needs better.
Considering Sony's new Z series of Vaio notebooks can auto-switch GPUs, I would certainly expect Apple to offer a similar solution. It's a shame the current MBPS can't already...
I've never really considered buying a Kindle and the iPad doesn't appeal to me, either, despite being a devoted Apple consumer for more than a decade. That said, I've been a "Prime" subscriber for two years, so if Amazon decides to give me a Kindle, sure I'll take it. Might even encourage me to get back into reading.
I must be some sort of statistical anomaly, because I have not had any problems with at&t service. I've used the original iPhone since 2007 and it's always just worked, and last April I switched to U-verse TV and Internet service and couldn't be happier with it.
Is it possible to force Windows 7 under Bootcamp to use Nvidia's 9400M chipset instead of the 9600M to preserve battery power when I am using the OS?
Any indication if Home Sharing can work over the interweb? It'd be awesome to have access to my MacBook Pro's iTunes library on my Windows machine at work.....
I encountered this same problem when trying to pre-order SL. I found a solution in a discussion thread on the Apple Support site. The third post from the bottom has the correct link. I can verify it works. http://discussions.apple.com/thread....79371&tstart=0
I ordered the same 15" 2.4 GHz Unibody refurb and it is scheduled to arrive from FedEx on Friday. Paid $1,349 before tax. Quite a deal IMO, and a huge upgrade over my 12" PB G4.
I own both systems - got my 360 in early 2006 (which died and was replaced in mid-07) and bought my PS3 in early 2007. I'm also a casual gamer that, save for the big third-party titles like GTA4, Call of Duty and occasional EA sports games, sticks to system exclusives. I'm not a big online gamer, but when I do, I don't want to worry about paying a 12-month fee for something I use a handful of times a year. Also, with Blu-ray now the official HD format, it is just value...
Andy Ihnatko is already hearing of big things...From his twitterfeed:
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