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You have just posted a list of things that someone has said and that you disagree with. Because you disagree with them, you think the woman who said them should be “fired”. But many people fully agree with many of the things she has said. Many of the things she has said are arguably true, and are discussed in an intelligent way in places other than this place. Many have been discussed right here. But you disagree. And you’re not interested in discussing the things she...
My God, why doesn't Michele Bachman get deselected? She's said some insane things. http://www.buzzfeed.com/mjs538/the-1...achmann-quotes Ah, my mistake. Rank stupidity is an asset for potential Republican candidates for the highest office. Jesus.
Congratulations. You've found someone approaching radical to call a "nutbag." This should entirely rewrite the narrative. Meanwhile, the Republican field has been a smorgasbord of lying, adulterous, batshit political extremists and hypocrites—but that isn't a problem at all. Because they're on your side. Get caught having had affairs? You're "lynched" when people discuss it. See what I mean? No. Of course you don't.
Gotcha. George Bush took more days of holiday than any other president in history. But that's OK. You don't say a single fucking word about that. That is no grounds for criticism. Nope. Barack Obama, on the other hand, is an evil shit and an incompetent layabout, even though he takes less holidays. How thrilling to be so full of hate.
Trumptman. 1) Which of the following presidents took MORE days of holiday at the same point in their presidency? A) George W Bush or B) Barack Obama. Choose one. 2) Which American president, since Ronald Reagan, took the MOST DAYS OF HOLIDAY at this stage of their presidency? (Hint: it is ONE OF THE PRESIDENTS IN THE PREVIOUS QUESTION.) 3) How heavy is water? To carry? For die-hard Republican hacks?
Arg deleted. Tra la la.
What the fuck are you talking about.
I love the way it's suddenly "class warfare" when someone dares to point out that poor people are getting fucked.
Nope. They'll completely be at a loss."What will we do now that large-scale democratic civic structures have been abolished?" they'll ask each other."I'm going to get a job in a mine," says one bad person. "I'm going to join my children in the arms factory", says his bad friend."Ah, things were so much easier when we had to raise all that money and run for elected office."
And furthermore, governments don't simply exist to "stop bad people." They do things like replace the bulbs in street lights, and fix pavements, and run the coast guard, and whatnot. Stop rich people building an open cast mine in your grandmother's garden. Cigarette companies marketing Camel Teddybears on the school premises. Stupid evil shit like that.
New Posts  All Forums: