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OT I like how your name is MightyMike yet you don't seem to know the name of the boxer who bite off said ear :P
Why not just an aTV with HDMI inputs? Most newer equipment can be controlled through the HDMI cable, thus allowing your iphone/ipod/ipad to become your one and only remote.
I use my ipod touch more than my Macbook. I can lay on my back and browse, download, read, facebook, play games, etc. Although I have really sharp eyes :P
I have to agree. Looks like ipod touch buttons, but iphone front (speaker, 3g logo) of course non-contract 3g on a touch would be pretty sweet! Put the speaker in for skype, vonage, etc, oh yeah!
screen variances blah blah blah. It's a tablet, not a photo production studio. Your eyes will adjust. What I would like, no matter the screen is the ability to make tweaks for color temp, saturation, contrast, (all the setting found on any TV sold today) I'm sure people could figure it out considering they probably own a TV. Maybe they already have this somewhere. I did a quick search of the app store, nothing, settings nothing
Here's an idea. You want to give your kid the password to an itunes account. Get a PREPAID credit card. When it runs out it runs out. I once got a $20 prepaid visa and opened an itunes account. Due to apples "days later invoicing" i was able to purchase over $100 worth of content without even trying. I just figured they'd cut me off. Their loss. Thanks Apple
Justintv app It's in the app store Check it out sometime Maynot be everything cable is but check it out. (Video quality various quite a bit though)
What's with people and the 6 device limit. The limit applies to TB devices ONLY. If you plug a FW Drive into your TB port, you can then connect (in theory) 60+ other FW divices up to that. Its the same as putting a FW PCI-E card in your Mac Pro! If you want to run 12 SATA drives go ahead. Plug in two SATA controllers and raid away. Hell you can't put more than THREE PCI-E devices in a Mac Pro.
An iPod 3G would be great! That would coincide with the rumors of there being a bigger version iPod. A bigger screen to fit the radio behind.
Google exist in the market soley to give apple competition to avoid any sense of a monopoly. Apple gets premium market, android gets the rest. Steve and that guy from google had lunch a year or two ago in which jobs said something along the lines of "someday they'll figure out what we're doing" This is how it is. It's almost like a friendly competition between the two companies. Sometimes they have to pretend to be enemies. As 2pac told biggy, it's just business,...
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