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And does one of the controllers function for Player One and the other for Player Two?  I have no problem getting them to connect, just seems like they both work for player one only, and player two has to use the Siri remote.
I also bought two Nimbus controllers, but have yet to figure out how to make them Player One and Player Two. Seems like I can use one for Player One, but player two is always only the Siri remote. Do I have to "forget" the Siri remote each time I want to use a second controller? or does that even work? What am I missing? Is there a way to have two players both using Nimbus controllers? Anyone have luck using two Nimbus controllers for two player games? Thanks.
So I managed to get my two Nimbus controllers to connect finally (had to be just inches from the Apple TV) but they BOTH then function as player one. With the Siri Remote working for player two. That's stinks. My wife and I each want to use a better controller. Huh. Hope they can fix this in a future update.
So many posts here, but I'm trying to figure out if you can use TWO wireless game controllers with it, instead of the remote. Player one and Player two... Or is everything one player only?
 Can you just say "SIRI- mute"?  (or "unmute")
Whenever I see an industry banding together to fight for some consumer "benefit", I have to wonder; why aren't the consumers the ones complaining loudly that they are missing out on something... probably because the consumers really don't care anymore and the industry is just trying to save itself from going extinct. Buh bye, radio,
Can you still upgrade the RAM yourself?  Apple doesn't show the bottom of the Mac Mini anymore on the website (that I can find) and someone else wrote they thought the new RAM type required that it was soldered and not upgradable...  Anyone?
When's the last time Apple promoted anything as being "big" or "plus-sized"? Seems unlikely...
What's a Zune?...
iTelly iSet iBoobTube (or iTube... anyone remember what a picture tube is anymore...) iBox (or iDiot Box) iVid iLook or the most creepy.... iWatch
New Posts  All Forums: