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Here's a refresher:As I said before, I have been using 3.1 on Windows and my experience has been consistent with that of most other users, including the testers at PC magazine.
Yeah, melgross. Who are YOU to comment on other people's experience with Safari on Windows. Didn't you know only Clive was allowed to do that?
Well, Mozilla should be worried. Once the average user learns that they can get a blazing fast, stable, uncluttered web browser like Safari, Firefox will become a niche product for the uber geeks that have to have a bunch of toolbars all over the place. Is anyone aware of a single instance where John Lilly complained about any of the third party apps that try to instal Firefox under your nose?
Yes, I have been using Safari 3.1 on windows also and it's much better. Clive At Five needs to get his psychic powers checked.And PC mag's empirical tests agree with out experience.
Why is it such a big deal if apple does this with Safari? Everybody else in the windows world has been doing this ad nauseam with stuff like google desktop and a bunch of adobe software. Seems like Mozilla is feeling the heat now that windows users finally have a browser choice that is not bloated, memory hogging and slowww
What iPhone compatible push email solutions are there? Apple touts Yahoo mail which I'm sure must be great for Windows iPhone users but it doesn't support Safari. And don't tell me to use Firefox because I'd sooner switch to Windows. It makes no sense whatsoever for Apple to have Yahoo provide push email for the iPhone when all Yahoo has for us is an outdated web 1.0 mail service. It's kinda like buying a BMW but being forced to drive it on wooden wheels. Gmail does not...
The amount of spam I get has not declined significantly since I started doing that.
Improvements to .Mac? Let me guess: - jack up the price $50 for a basic version - you have to pay $200/year for a premium version if want to keep your email - generous 80 MB extra space - they'll remove the Groups feature - maybe they'll reintroduce the anti-Virus program - free FreeVerse game for all members - new Garageband JamPack sampler an upgrade like this would actually be outstanding considering .Mac's history
I use a MacBook now, but I would be all over a 13" Mac Book Pro if it was as thin and came with an aluminum enclosure and a real graphics card that could drive a big external display. I would pay not 1800, but 2400 for something like that. 2500 if they throw in the backlit keyboard.Apple's current portable lineup is terrible. Mac Book Pros at 15" and higher are not exactly portable. The 13" MacBooks are, but you don't want to take them off your desk because that enclosure...
good point, and I am glad Apple is working closely with both google and yahoo., but still you can't deny that .Mac is very neglected and totally not worth the money anymore when you can get a more reliable email services for free from yahoo and 5 times bigger web drive for free from AOL.
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