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A good product may or may not sell. That's what my entire point is. The Surface 4 appears to be a fine product. But I'm certain it's not going to be significant compared to the iPad. The Zune was a good product, too. It failed. So has Windows phone, though I don't think that is very good. The only think Microsoft ever made hardware-wise that eventually succeeded was the Xbox. And that's because they were able to leverage their developer relationships and pour tons...
I'll give it more credit than that.  The problem is the same one M$ always has.  They think there is a "tablet" market, like there's a laptop market.  But there isn't.  There is an iPad market, and an iPad alternative market.  iPad is a household name, like Coke.  No one shops for "cola," just like no one shops for a tablet.  They did the same thing with Windows phone and with the Zune.  They end up putting out some good products, which are in some respects stronger than...
I forgot to mention that I did have some weird graphics anomalies during recovery.  It wasn't as severe as yours from what it sounds, but Iw as getting flashing and ribbons of this and that.  It all went away once the install was complete.  Things are running well now, but I still have long boot-up times during restarts or what not.  
 You're absolutely missing something.  In this case, it's not the goods that were fraudulent, it was the money itself.  You could sell me an iPhone for $500, and I could "pay" you.  You get the notification and give me the phone.  Then you realize I have NSF and you're out the phone.  
 This is music trivia, not music knowledge.  
You shouldn't need install discs.  What are you running?  You can install over WIFI in recovery mode.  
You don't need to register for R/C models though, which is all drones are. They just have cameras and a somewhat better range. It's not an unreasonable recommendation, but it's probably useless. People up to no good (e.g. criminals) don't follow laws.
Ridiculous lawsuit. The precedent for a successful suit here would be disturbing. Would DVR makers no longer be allowed to have ways to skip commercials? They are able to block access for those with the software. Problem solved. By the way, I'm on the side of those saying ads have become more than intrusive. They are ridiculous. They make mobile pages unusable at times, with multiple ads and banners. I like the idea of suing them for using my data without my...
 Agreed.  And the Apple is Doomed people will keep on complaining.  See the recent Forbes article about the "failure" of Apple's iPad.  They defined an entire market category and are making money hand over fist.  But Apple is screwed.  Apple has figured out that just not that many people really need true "pro" capabilities, including so-called pros.    I tend to think you're right, but we'll see.     Based on what?  That Apple tends to lead market segments?  The...
Yes, yes you are. Part of the process is showing you've not infringed, but also attaching the validity of the other party's patents themselves. Take it from someone who has a family member who is a firmer patent office examiner and now an IP lawyer.
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