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Apple is DOOMED!
 Totally agree.  Pinning it one guy and initially releasing his name?  Wow.  
I haven't updated yet because neither my iPad nor my iPhone have enough space!  I need to clear space to install.  I'm pretty taken aback at the size of the update.  Over 6GB for iPad and over 4 with iPhone.   Given my iPad mini is only 16GB, that's pretty large.  Even my 32GB iPhone 5 doesn't have enough room.  
Samsung makes good products, especially the Note. But as has been discussed, it's not all about specs. This is what company after company can't seem to figure out. The mass market does not inly care about specs...they care about the total,product experience.Comparing Apple's previous ads to Samsung's is silly. Yes, they poked fun. But that was never the crush of their strategy. They focused on great products and telling people about the,. Poking fun was secondary.
Read the article referenced about the changes in Facetime. This company is nothing but a Patent Troll House. They filed the original suit the very same day the patent was awarded. Having a former patent examiner in my family, I know that process likely took years. That means this was their plan from the get go. Check out their website: http://virnetx.com/ They don't DO anything. They do, however, have a press crawl on the right hand side. Latest entry is August...
 Oh, stop.  You know full well he was referring to specs in general mattering, especially as a justification to call a product "better" than its competition.  Apple makes products that seem to be more than the sum of their parts.  That has been their model.  What he's saying is that Apple has never tried to go spec by spec or feature by feature.  They focus on upgrading them over time, but are more intently focused on the overall user experience through design, look, feel,...
http://nypost.com/2014/09/14/leo-v-science-vanishing-evidence-for-climate-change/ A Geologist explains why.... The evidence is clear:  The ice caps aren't melting.  The sea isn't rising.  The temperature isn't rising.  Extreme weather is not occurring more frequently.  This, despite Co2 measurements increasing dramatically over the past century.   The only thing that the hysterical, hyper-ventilating climate change enthusiasts have left are Hail Mary passes such as "the...
Honestly, I don't know why Samsung even tries with these ads.  I really think they make ads so Samsung employees and fanboys feel better.  I doubt they have any real market impact.  Just advertise your product and stop trying to "compete" with Apple's brand.  I swear, these people don't learn.  Microshaft tried the same thing with Zune.  Now they're doing it with Surface.  They run these ads disparaging and mocking Apple's products.  All it seems to do is make Apple even...
Boo hoo.  "I woke up in the middle of the night to order and I couldn't! Then they were sold out!"   Cry my a freaking river.  Everyone knows that not even Apple can handle the insane demand of pre-orders.  Wait a month or two, you babies.  
 I don't think it's a structural issue, nor do I think that's even possible politically.   What I think is that we need to elect new leaders in the House, Senate and Presidency.  
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