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Just got a 2015 Azera. Love it. But as far as I can tell, CarPlay isn't enabler yet. It's got the new 7" display, but I think it will need an upgrade via SD card. Integration is much better than on my 2013 (got out of a lease early).
Ridiculous. He didn't disclose anything of substance other than the very nebulous "accelerating iPhone activations." What the hell does that mean? When wouldn't that be true? No way the SEC says anything other than "hey, watch what you say to private parties."
 I'll give BR some credit here.  I can understand why people would be intimidated by seeing a dude with an AR-15 hanging outside a Wal-Mart.  I don't think he was taking issue with all open carry or concealed carry.   As for Crowley, just, wow.  He clearly hasn't thought this one through.  
 You didn't answer my question.    Someone needs to learn about hypothetical questions.  That's not a choice.     That is positively delusional.  Your worry would be a shootout at the OK corral as opposed to, I don't know, a lone gunmen holding everyone hostage and possibly shooting you in the fucking head?  Bullets flying everywhere...jesus.  They would all be aiming at one dude.  And people with concealed carry permits are generally good enough shots that they aren't...
 Legal gun owners with concealed carry permits don't commit violent crimes.  They would stop those who have illegal obtained weapons and or suffered a mental breakdown of some kind.  Let's look at this choice:   Restaurant 1:  Gun Free zone.  No one other than police may carry a gun inside the store.   Restaurant 2:  Welcomes and encouraged concealed carry.  You know for a fact at least 50% of the patrons are licensed concealed carriers.   The police response time for both...
I've moved from opposing financing to supporting it. But those data plan prices are freaking crazy. I pay $30 for unlimited data through AT&T. Right now I can't see giving it up unless I'm forced to.
If you're talking about carrying an AR-15 into a Wendy's, I agree.  It's sort of a stunt.  I would, however, feel safer in public knowing several patrons were concealed carriers.  
 Define "inappropriate location."  I know that I, for one, would probably feel safer.  Everyone I know who owns a gun or guns is highly trained.  And how have "gun free zones" worked out recently?  
 But Tallest, that will NEVER happen, you BIGOT!  You're just afraid of CHANGE!  There is no slippery slope!  
 I see.  So you are saying that the right to keep and bear arms was not an individual right as conceived by the founders.  In fact, their intent was only to allow people to have rifles and the like to form a militia when called.  Let me ask then:  What other rights are not actually individual rights?  Or, is it just this one?  Is freedom of the press only for large newspapers?  Is the right to assemble only for political parties?  I can't wait to read what other amendments...
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