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 The only fact I am asserting is that the Earth is not warming significantly and/or abnormally.   There is, of course, some variation (say within .5 degrees), but that is entirely normal from a historical perspective (and certainly from a scientific historical one).     You're starting to get personal and condescending now, but I'll put that aside for a moment.  Are you seriously asking for a study about studies being manipulated?  LOL.  We don't need a "rigorous study,"...
 That's an asterisk.  
 Um, what does that prove?  That's Greenspan's opinion.  It doesn't serve as evidence of anything you posted.  It's simply the former Fed chair's opinion.  It's certainly noteworthy and debate-worthy.  It doesn't do anything for your conspiracy theory, though.,  
 I am not here to defend him.  However, we are not talking about opinion.  We are talking about facts.  The facts are that temperature data has been manipulated for years.  There are multiple examples of this, and I think you know it.   You guys can keep posting the term "peer-reviewed" all you want.  It won't magically make the facts different.  The Earth is not warming appreciably despite the best predictions of the best scientists and computer models.  The theory of AGW...
 We won't.  And do you have any idea how much we spend on federal highway funds?    That's because you're ignorant.  We spend less on defense as a percentage of GDP than we need to.  Defense is one of the only areas of spending authorized specifically by the Constitution.  And you want to cut it because "we don't need" that many aircraft carriers.    I'd love to see some support--ANY support of this theory.  By the way, the Bush tax cut did not lead to less revenue, it led...
Just this morning, we see the kind of thing that the Warmists ignore.   The Biggest Science Scandal Ever  
 Clearly it's because Republicans hate the environment.  I'm sure it has nothing to do with the conservation movement being hijacked by radicals and hucksters.  Right?  
 "The position of the Republican party, and conservatism in general used to be 180 degrees in opposition to today's stance." Wow.  Really?  Just a little leap there?  
 You're spot-on without knowing it.  The point is that there is no publicized "dire list" on the  Church of Global Warming's side.  But such risks are very real.   But the powers that be do not care about risk.  They care about wealth/power redistribution on a global scale.  
 I think that's a false dilemma.  I certainly accept that the scientific theory of anthropogenic global warming is well-rooted in peer-reviewed research.  As I stated, such a theory is supported "in the lab."  However, it is also undeniable that the models predicting the real world global effects of AGW are inaccurate.  Earlier it was claimed that science is prediction.  If that's the case, the science on this matter has yet to be proven right in any sense.    I probably...
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