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 No one is.  That is one of the prime reasons the Founding Fathers enshrined the individual right to keep and bear arms.    You just made the argument yourself.  You are again conflating the concept of an individual right with the written reason it exists.  Remember, the Bill of Rights is an affirmation, not a conferral of rights.  
Yes, where is their outreach for Christians?  Conservatives?  Mormons?  That kind of diversity doesn't matter.  
You know, it never ends with people who think like you.  Anyone who is not a straight, white male is a victim of oppression--by straight, white males.  Diversity for diversity's sake is the problem.  Apple and all other companies should recruit for talent.  It only makes sense to recruit in all possible areas, including traditionally black schools.    But to you, everyone is a minority worthy of special protection.  What he was asking in terms of "where does this end" is...
 No, that would be the racial agitators and hucksters.  Most people don't need to talk about race, because they don't care.  I live adjacent to a town that is predominantly black and latino.  Much of the town's population is at the lower end of the socioeconomic scale.  I see people holding doors for each other, saying "please" and "thank you" and "have a good day."  I am white, upper middle class.  I never encounter racial tension on either side.  I have several neighbors...
It's not "mighty white."  The U.S. is about 63% white.  Apple is 55% white.  Facts are wonderful things.  
I didn't claim that.  Not exclusively.    No, it doesn't.  Unless you can cite legal precedent where it has been interpreted as such.    The Constitution means what the USSC says it means.  So yeah, I'd say his comment is idiotic from both originalist and modern perspective.    I'm not outraged nor feigning anything.  His comment is idiotic, as the right to keep and bear arms is clearly and unquestionably an individual right.  It was in 1787, and it has been reaffirmed as...
 It is actually completely idiotic.  The 2nd Amendment is part of the Bill of Rights.  The Bill of Rights affirms (not confers) the rights of individuals.  In this case, the individual right to bear arms is supported by the need at the time to form a well-regulated militia.  Obviously, we don't need militias anymore.  But the actual individual right to bear arms as affirmed has not changed.  He is confusing one of the reasons for the right to exist with the right itself....
First, no..I don't care what anyone thinks.  But secondly, he posted this as the crux of his argument:  "The bottom line is that the Second Amendment had nothing to do with an individual right to bear arms."   The only response necessary to such a statement is that it's fucking idiotic.  It's so unbelievably stupid that such a statement is beyond comprehension.  It's like arguing the Sun isn't actually hot.  So, think whatever you'd like.  I've got better things to do.  
Your line about having a passport. I've seen other people here pull the same crap. Oh, and as for the language, you're fucking welcome!
 You were being sarcastic, obviously.  And I posted what I did to send the clear message that your point was too fucking dumb to even debate.  Goodbye.  
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