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Took me about ten tries to sign in to iTunes for the first time on updated Mac. That was an hour ago. It just didn't let me in...no password error.
I just can't get past the complete lack of physical resemblance. It's not necessary for an actor to look identical to the source in a biopic, but man, I just can't help thinking Bale or DiCaprio would have been far better. Hell, bring Noah Wyle back. I can't help thinking that Kutcher would have been great if he did this movie instead of the other.
You're probably right about it not being worth the risk.  Then again, I was experiencing some hanging and slowness (mostly in Safari) after my upgrade to the Samsung Evo 850, and after some research decided to enable TRIM via Trim Enabler.  Little did I know that later in the day, Apple would allow me to turn it on via Terminal.  In any case, all such problems appear to have ceased.  As I posted above, I am unable to find a confirmed case of people running OS X with...
 It's a little over my head tech-wise, but from what I gather the problem is not something that's occurring in consumer applications running on OS X.  The thread took a turn towards the MBP and third party upgrades, like the one I just completed.  From what I can tell, I can't see any issues for people who are exclusively running OS X with standard drive configurations (e.g. no RAID, no Fusion drives).  I could be wrong, but I read both the article and many of the...
Wow, thanks for that, really. After treading looks like more of an enterprise problem due to different file systems. Shouldn't affect me, I don't think.
Ha. Just turned on TRIM before the update via a software patch. Upgraded my 500GB HDD to a Samsung Evo SSD.
Minor slips of the tongue?  Like clearly not understanding what Memorial Day is?  Like mispronouncing "Corpsmen" three times in the same speech? Like comparing his bowling game to the Special Olympics?  How about "the Cambridge police acted stupidly?"  How about "I've been to 57 states so far?"  How about his oft-demonstrated complete inability to form an articulate sentence without a teleprompter?  I have a feeling you weren't and aren't so generous when it comes to the...
Ah, the neutral arbiter has arrived to point out biases, except for his own.  
 A profound lack of imagination.  LOL. As for gaffes, I think you you suffer from a profound lack of observation.  
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