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I laughed out loud at this story. Really.
  Is it a strawman?  Do you seriously mean to tell us that you don't think Federal spending is what's most important wrt economic growth?  This would be a contradiction of pretty everything you've ever claimed.  
  I think you'll find that evolution deniers have hit a brick wall when it comes to educational decisions.  Case law is becoming more clear on that subject.  I can tell you that as someone who has experience with and a certain amount of knowledge about school law, as well as someone that lives and teaches in the Commonwealth where the case I referenced took place.     I don't see why you lump "climate science deniers" in with those who deny evolution, nor do I see the...
  It's amazing that you'd call this "a giant lie" while ignoring all of the blatant lies our President and administration have told.  At worst, the Romney ad was somewhat misleading.  Meanwhile, President Strawman continues his lying, misleading and naked partisanship on a daily basis.  Oh, and don't forget about bankrupting and weakening the nation.  But hey, that's probably outweighed by a fucking political ad.  "LIE OF THE YEAR!"  
  Give it a rest, BR.  Seriously.  
  It's scary that you think Federal spending is what is driving the economy.  
  So he compromised on the income level....fair enough.  Anything else?  Let me ask...why did he insist on rate increases when the same amount of revenue would have been raised through eliminating loopholes and exemptions?  
  I've felt this way for a while I think...it's just crystalizing now.  Perhaps it's last year's election being over.  I liked Romney and think he would have been a good President.  I also think Obama is a disaster.  These two facts caused me to get very invested in the process.  I think that this clouded my perspective a bit, particularly on the Congressional side.  Since the "fiscal cliff" negotiations got moving after the election, I find it hard not to yell "this is...
tonton, let's assume you are right for moment.  Let's say that in a given nation, gun violence is lower because there are severe restrictions on gun ownership.  Now, let's look at the U.S.  Even assuming you are correct, it's a moot point.   There is no way such a policy (legislative or otherwise) will be upheld in the courts, because we have this little thing called the 2nd Amendment.  To pass the kind of restrictions you and BR (and others) advocate, the 2nd Amendment...
  We are screwed, and it's not just because Obama won.  All that will do is make the train go a little faster.  If Romney had won and the GOP took the Senate, the train might have stopped or slowed, but it wouldn't have changed tracks.     What you fail to see is that no one is proposing real solutions.  Even "radical" proposals like the Ryan plan are milk toast compared to what needs to happen.  We need massive spending cuts across the board, total tax and entitlement...
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