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That sounds credible to me. I don't think it's just the economy, either. When looking at this issue of demand, I look at my own usage and buying plans as a starting point. Normally, I'd be planning to buy another MBP at this point (mine is 4 years old, 500GB, 4GB RAM, 2.6GHZ I believe). The machine is getting slow and requires a lot of disk and memory maintenance. However, I'm going to go at least another year with it unless it blows up. Why? Because I rarely use...
I'd love to see Apple and other tech giants team up and just completely bail on the Chinese. Pull out of retail completely and move your manufacturing to other nations. I'm sure South America and the U.S. would love to have you. Better yet, pull out in dramatic fashion utterly embarrass them by writing an open letter calling the Chinese out on their oppressive society and Communist evil.
You're such a sad man. The nation is going down the shitter, and you're gloating. The President is lying, dividing us, bankrupting the nation, avoiding any and all responsiblty, violating civil liberties, breaking the law, intimidating Benghazi survivors, appointing idiotic pro-Iran and anti-Israeli cabinet members and generally wrecking everything in sight. Meanwhile, the Democratic Party is either silent or gloating right along with you. And the GOP is no better. ...
 Hey look over there...the GOP is terrible and Romney lost! What? What's that....Obama has show himself to be the most inept, incompetent and dishonest President we've ever had? We're $16.5 Trillion debt? The world is on fire? Many on both sides of aisle condemned his AG for not ruling out killing U.S. citizens on American soil with drones in the absence of an imminent threat? He ran around the country screaming about the sequester and canceled White House tours...
Stupid. I have a $50 Breathalyzer just for kicks. It's compact and seems to be fairly accurate. No reason to plug a dongle into my phone.
I laughed out loud at this story. Really.
  Is it a strawman?  Do you seriously mean to tell us that you don't think Federal spending is what's most important wrt economic growth?  This would be a contradiction of pretty everything you've ever claimed.  
  I think you'll find that evolution deniers have hit a brick wall when it comes to educational decisions.  Case law is becoming more clear on that subject.  I can tell you that as someone who has experience with and a certain amount of knowledge about school law, as well as someone that lives and teaches in the Commonwealth where the case I referenced took place.     I don't see why you lump "climate science deniers" in with those who deny evolution, nor do I see the...
  It's amazing that you'd call this "a giant lie" while ignoring all of the blatant lies our President and administration have told.  At worst, the Romney ad was somewhat misleading.  Meanwhile, President Strawman continues his lying, misleading and naked partisanship on a daily basis.  Oh, and don't forget about bankrupting and weakening the nation.  But hey, that's probably outweighed by a fucking political ad.  "LIE OF THE YEAR!"  
  Give it a rest, BR.  Seriously.  
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