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 My pretense?  No, sir.  It's your pretense.  You don't wish to discuss, you wish to lecture.  I thanked you several times for certain explanations and acknowledged several points.   In turn, you've not budged an inch.  You don't believe there is any data manipulation happening, and that all reported cases have been "debunked."  That is utterly laughable.  You refuse to acknowledge the very real financial and political interests involved in promoting catastrophic global...
No, I'm done. Done with the condescension and attacks. Go on believing the world is ending. If only we dumb redneck inbred non-scientists could follow.
I'm done with your bullshit. Go insult someone else.
muppetry,    Great.  So happy that you find them reasonable.      For example?    I'm not blindly disagreeing, certainly.  And I think I do understand the basic mechanism you describe with respect to AGW.    Examples, please.    I'm not sure I see the frustration.  The only thing I've done is state that observed warming has not yet had any real, negative consequences, and that the inaccuracy of previous models makes me question the current models' predictions.  Is that...
 LOL, are you kidding?  Why?  You might build to order one that expensive, but Apple is not going to nearly double the cost of its pro notebook line because the processor architecture gets updated.  
 Right, BR...because I'm a religious conservative (who rejects science, of course). You lose any and all credibility when you go there.   By the way, C02 does not cause warming.  Historically, it follows warming.  What muppetry and others have claimed is that human emissions will provide another source of emission, and that a sort of feedback loop will form, causing warming.  This hasn't happened, and we don't know why.  I'm sure you'll claim to, however.  
  Sure.    So a predicted increase in GAT of say, 2 degrees vs. an observed increase of .5 degrees is not significant to the overall trend?     See, that is what I mean by speculation.  It seems the only time the Warming Enthusiasts like yourself look for variables that may counteract AGW is when their predictions fail miserably.      Let's stop there, because at present, that statement is utterly false.  You just stated that there are minimal observed impacts at present....
 Didn't realize that, but still tempting.  
muppetry:   Statistically, perhaps.  But what about realistically?  What real consequences have we seen from the supposed .5 degree increase in GAT over the past 100 years?    I accept the validity of the science.  What I do not accept that the notion that statistical significance=real world significance.  What I do not accept is the blatant speculation as to why there has been little to no warming in two decades.    Right, and we're going to base major policy changes on...
 The first thing worth noting about that video is the end.  It states that variations in C02 "produce" warming.  We know this is not the case.   Beyond that, let me ask you something:  Why is the Earth not warming as predicted?  According to your hipster-narrated video, the greenhouse effect should be so intense that we should see some serious, potentially catastrophic warming.  Why has it not happened?  
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