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    Obama never opposed extending the Bush cuts for people making less than $250,000 a year.  I've never heard the Democrats make a push for keeping the payroll tax cut.  Did Obama even mention this over the last few months of negotiations?  Really, I can't think of a single thing he compromised on.  Can you name some others?  
  That is exactly what I meant, actually.  
  Mocking MJ and insinuating he is stupid simply shows that you really don't read most of what he posts.           I don't know who you mean.  Office holders?       What could possibly give you the idea that libertarians have contempt for the American people?  Oh, and newsflash:  If we don't get our house in order, total collapse is exactly what will happen.           LOL!  Compromise?  Let me ask you...what has the Left compromised on?  What has Obama compromised on?...
  That would make him no more qualified than anyone here.  
  I agree a real "safe" is needed.  But let me ask you...would this crime have occurred without the map being published?  Is it as likely to have happened?  
  That's not far off.  Maybe with less screaming, and without the foreign-born part.         Thanks for making my point.  IOKIYAD         What has he done competently?  Can you name one thing?         Who cares about the "Republican cause?"  I care about the American cause.  
  My name's not Dave, marv.  
    You have to be kidding me.  The paper directly exposed them to this crime.  Tell me...what if someone is murdered as a result of this map?  What if there is a rise in crime in neighborhoods with fewer guns as listed on the map?  This paper's actions are beyond reckless.  Speaking as someone that has dealt with a certain amount of liability case studies (and who has family members that do it for a living), I can tell you such a lawsuit has a very good chance of...
  Oh right...my mistake. Yup..same thing as holding a gun to people's heads.   Got it.  
  He wasn't "kidding around."   Do you know what facetious means?  
New Posts  All Forums: