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 I suppose that's true, though I think the larger point is that the threat of extreme data throttling essentially makes "unlimited" meaningless. If I can't reasonably use my "unlimited" plan beyond 5Gb a month, it's not unlimited in reality.    Well, courts haven't for a long time, actually.  
 He's not really using a strawman, just more of an exaggeration.  I think you're missing the overall point, though I agree he's off topic.  As for your rant, are you honestly suggesting that without government regulations, your description of work conditions would occur?  In today's market?  I'm not arguing against all regulation, mind you.  I'm just asking.  
 Well, I finally had a chance to read the entire publication.  Incidentally, I believe I've come across it before, though I can't recall if I read the entire thing.   Let me start by acknowledging the question of "is temperature ever adjusted downward" was off base.  I'm not even sure why I asked it, because obviously there are a multitude of adjustments made for many reasons (urban/rural station balance, elevation changes, even time of day of measurements).   All I can...
That's what bothers me too. I don't see why they even need to grandfather us at this point. Just stop offering the plans when people upgrade. But making "unlimited" in effect limited is why they got nailed.
in principle I agree. Not sure they'd be able to pass on a one time judgement that easily. Either way, I just think it's funny, because ATT sucks.
Muppetry, I'm honestly sorry you feel that way. What I don't appreciate is the consistent condescension your show, using phrases like "you can't even be bothered to…" I have not had a chance to read the entire paper as of yet. I openly stated that. Perhaps what I did not mention is that when I have a few moments, I will sit down and read the paper in it's entirety. Perhaps that will keep your head from exploding, and will allow you to actually discuss some of the points...
Bwahahahahaha.   LOVE it.  I get warnings all the time now.  I don't think I ever get throttled, but their network sucks and I'm probably bailing next time I get a new phone.  
 OK.  Accepted.     I'm not sure why you feel this way.  You've explained the science well, and I at least think I understand your points (particularly in regards to C02  emissions now vs. in the past).  There are simply some points we don't agree on.  More on that in a moment.    I realize what I posted was not "evidence."  I don't think I claimed it was.  It was simply an article to consider.  I'm not sure what you're looking for, though.  You're not going to find a...
LOL! BR just talked about dogma with respect to climate change.
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