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My brother is an IP lawyer and former patent examiner. I sent him the video. He is probably laughing his a** off right about now. It's like the video in the movie "Dodgeball."
Uh, how can they tell there is no True Tone flash from those photos? And the protruding lens? We're looking at low res photos of computer displays...one with a photo and the other with a diagram. The protruding lens might just be for diagram visibility purposes. The other is unclear.
 I actually forgot that sig was up there and changed it.  The reference to "I've seen this movie before" was just slang of sorts.  I wasn't being literal.    It's probably semantics at this point.  I suppose you could call it a "chemical" weapon.  Then again, you could call TNT a "chemical" weapon too. The point is it's not like using nerve gas.  Agreed?     Which I do.  But like you, I have a viewpoint.  The difference is that I acknowledge mine when making statements....
It looks great. And I'm never buying it. $99 a year is completely absurd. As a teacher, I can buy full Office for Mac for what...$150? Why in the world would I subscribe to Office 365 for $100 a year?
 You've gone from boring and pedantic to babbling.  Let me know if you'd like to actually contribute to the thread.  
100 bucks...a year?! LOL. Piss off.
 I didn't claim I know everything.  I've just seen this movie before.     I've concluded I have just enough energy and motivation to get into this with you.  Just enough.   I am not defending the use of the compounds you've referenced.   However, they are not "chemical weapons" per se (especially the former). They are not necessarily intended to kill, though both do some nasty things if humans are exposed.   Contrast this with mustard gas, VX, botulinum toxin, etc.  They...
 When you're here as long as I've been, you sort of chuckle when you see a list of US military actions presented like that. Do you think that somehow supports your ridiculous claim about the US running around "destroying" countries? Your statements about the US being a "rogue state" are equally predictable and laughable. They frankly bore me. I've seen these words written time and time again by several posters over the years. Agent Orange. Jesus.
Wow...if this doesn't illustrate how screwed up Blackberry is, I don't know what does. I understand it's a contract. But let me ask...what is the point of taking this to court? The guy doesn't want to work there anymore. What are you accomplishing by holding him? Read their statement. It sounds like it's a case of "Let's show him who has the biggest balls!" What financial or work-product incentive could there possibly be? It's a little different in my field. One...
 Selfishness is, in fact, the problem.  Just not the kind you're thinking of.  And who is willing to "destroy" other countries?  Sounds like you're thinking of Russia to me.    That word you're using...I don't think you know what it means.  
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