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 Nah, they'll be silent.  That was my first thought.  Where is Obama.  Where is Harry Reid?  Where is Pelosi?  Where is Schumer?  Durbin?  Where are all the "progressives" who rail against executive compensation?  Oh wait...it doesn't count because Apple's corporate culture is in agreement with their politics.  
You didn't explain how their votes are weighted.  Presumably, the guy who gets 50,000 votes gets twice as many "super" votes counted as the guy who received 25,000.  Right?     Interesting idea, though very complex.  What would be the point of elections?  Wouldn't it lead to literally thousands of people "winning" elections in a single district, many of whom have votes that really don't count anyway?  Also, the idea for the Senate is wholly inconsistent with our...
This is an older thread, but I still find the OP's post odd.  It's like he's pining for his childhood perceptions or something.  We're dealing with someone here who obviously was completely taken in by Steve's reality distortion field.  While he's criticizing Apple, what he's really doing is projecting.  He's older and wiser, and doesn't have the same emotional connection to the products and Apple's mystique he once did.  That's not Apple's fault or Tim Cook's fault...it's...
 4.7 inches is  still a significant increase.  Hold up a ruler to your iPhone 5 (if you have one) and you'll see what I mean.  It makes the phone considerably larger.  5.5" looks ridiculous when doing that same test.   I don't disagree that sales will improve with larger models.  I'm just saying 4.7 would be all I'd want.   As for the iPad, yeah...I'm wifi only.  It doesn't bother me though, because there is wifi anywhere I'd be where I'd really want to use internet...
 Thanks.  That's a little better, but it's still a lot of money once a few years goes by.  As you said, iWork is a better deal.  And when it comes to real word processing, I really don't use an iPad anyway.  I need the feel of a traditional keyboard for that.  
 I doubt it's better.   It's a decent product to be sure.  It still doesn't compare to Office for business productivity and compatibility.  However, I won't spend $100 a year as an educator just to be able to edit docs on my iPad.  It's really aimed at businesses, I think.  In my opinion, sales are probably going to be dismal for anyone outside of corporate America.  If they went to a tiered system with different one-time/subscription prices for home and business users,...
I'll take 4.7. More than big enough for my phone. I have my iPad mini for anything else I want to do with a larger screen.
 What? Both sizes? Total waste.
My brother is an IP lawyer and former patent examiner. I sent him the video. He is probably laughing his a** off right about now. It's like the video in the movie "Dodgeball."
Uh, how can they tell there is no True Tone flash from those photos? And the protruding lens? We're looking at low res photos of computer displays...one with a photo and the other with a diagram. The protruding lens might just be for diagram visibility purposes. The other is unclear.
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