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Wow, thanks for that, really. After treading looks like more of an enterprise problem due to different file systems. Shouldn't affect me, I don't think.
Ha. Just turned on TRIM before the update via a software patch. Upgraded my 500GB HDD to a Samsung Evo SSD.
Minor slips of the tongue?  Like clearly not understanding what Memorial Day is?  Like mispronouncing "Corpsmen" three times in the same speech? Like comparing his bowling game to the Special Olympics?  How about "the Cambridge police acted stupidly?"  How about "I've been to 57 states so far?"  How about his oft-demonstrated complete inability to form an articulate sentence without a teleprompter?  I have a feeling you weren't and aren't so generous when it comes to the...
Ah, the neutral arbiter has arrived to point out biases, except for his own.  
 A profound lack of imagination.  LOL. As for gaffes, I think you you suffer from a profound lack of observation.  
 Roosevelt prolonged it in the sense that his work and government spending programs didn't aid economic growth.  I suppose "prolonged" might be a little harsh, I'll grant you.  I would stop at giving him credit for the eventual recovery.  More on Obama below:   The US economy is not "significantly richer," whatever that means.  Sure, the official unemployment number is better.  But it's highly misleading.  The U6 number is extremely higher--over 10%.  The Labor Force...
I know GoodFellas is on cable today, but could you rejoin the rest of us in the real world?  Thanks.  
 I can insist that because it's true.  Roosevelt's programs did not help matters.  World War II did.  Obama has presided over the worst "recovery" ever.    I see.  So because we've had more singular attacks and (e.g. Ft. Hood and Boston Marathon), they don't count.  Both were committed in the name of extremist Islam.   .And what are the USA's reactions as a whole to Obama?    Please, show me the "repeated acts of racially charged violence."  Neither the Trayvon Martin,...
Sigh. Always with the race card, implying those oppose Obama must do so because he's black. It couldn't have anything to do with "the police acted stupidly" or "If I had a son, he'd look like Travon" or constantly talking about how many times he was judged on race, or similar statements by his wife. Obama could have been a shining example of racial progress in this country. He could have lifted up black youth in particular. Instead it's "too many times law enforcement...
New Posts  All Forums: