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  Guns stolen from home listed on Journal News' Gun Owner's Map.       Lawsuit in 3...2...1...
    Tim Cook is dishonest, but for all this time you've had three different screen names without telling anyone?    
  I know it's not a hardware issue.         I think it's really a shameful tactic.  And understand...there are no "unlimited" plans anymore...even for those of us that are grandfathered.  If you exceed the cap, they just throttle you instead of charging you.  So the part about what "unlimited" use would do to their network is bogus (no offense)         It's one reason I didn't switch to VZW.  I went with AT&T when I got my first iPhone (a 3G).  I stayed around for the...
Wait...so since I've grandfathered in to unlimited data, it doesn't work for me?
  The fact that you pretend that's why there has been no budget is what's telling, actually.  
  Which Republican polices deprive people of food, shelter and/or medical care?  
  That's what I was thinking.  
Obama will take 23 "executive actions"               I don't have a problem with most of the above.  The ones that concern me are in bold.  I was nearly certain he would go much further.  Perhaps Congress convinced him that trying to say, reinstitute lapsed legislation without them was not going to go over well.   It's mostly the mental health provisions that concern me.  From what I gather, my doctor can now ask me if I own a gun...I don't know about that.  I also don't...
    Yes, obstructionism.  I'm sure he bears no blame for the first two years of his term, where he had total control.  And I'm sure the 2010 elections were just about partisanship, not about a reaction to unmitigated failure.         Only you could blame the GOP for not passing a budget in a chamber they don't control.  Only you could justify the WH breaking the law.    Unreal...this guy hasn't even TRIED to pass a budget since he's been President, and now he wants...
  I don't see that it's a "solution," but it's not a problem either.  It's a target practice game.  It's not much different than freaking Duck Hunt.  
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