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 It is incorrect to suggest that Romneycare and Obamacare are the same plan, drafted by the Heritage Foundation.  It is true that the Heritage Foundation proposed the mandate, but that is about where the similarities end.  As for the conservative reaction, it's hard to judge...because while Romney was a Republican governor, the GOP in MA isn't exactly conservative.  I don't recall the nationwide reaction (from my perspective) being very positive.  Many conservatives...
 The fact that they essentially eliminated the filibuster for judicial appointments doesn't both me.  I've never felt that either party should be able to stop nominees with 41 votes.  That being said, my real issue is the rank hypocrisy of Reid, Obama, Biden et al.  They are all on record slamming Republicans for even discussing the option.  Some go so far as to call it "the end of our democracy."   Yet somehow, they get away with it.  Hell, Obama blatantly lied about the...
 I don't see why you need to be adversarial about it.  I also don't think anything sammi or I posted indicates corporatism wasn't at play.  If I did indicate that, then it wasn't my intention.  Obviously corporatism played a major role.  But, so did the raw pursuit of control and political power, a leftist-progressive mentality, and total buffoonery with regard to understanding economics.  
 I don't disagree with most of that, actually.  I really just meant from most liberals on the board, who seem to support Democrats without question.  You're not among that group, of course.   I do disagree that Obamacare is "right wing."   I understand some of its components have been supported by Republicans in the past--namely the individual mandate.  But, the program is much more than that.  
 1) 85% of Americans had health insurance before this debacle.  That's hardly "widepsread."  And, among those without insurance, there were millions who either didn't want or didn't need it.   People who were quite poor qualified for Medicaid in most cases.  The very rich could afford not to carry health coverage or only minimal coverage.  That's why the number "48 million" is so misleading when it comes to "people without insurance."  The number is more like 20 million....
If this doesn't show our how broken legal system is with respect to patents and IP, I don't know what does. Any layperson with half a brain can see clearly how Samsung not just infringed, but wantonly copied Apple's designs. It's so obvious that it's comical. I recall the evidence Apple submitted, where Samsung itself had written comparisons of the products and notes indicating how they should copy Apple's designs. The fact that this is still going on is ludicrous.
I love how the liberals here have gone into total hiding, especially on this issue.   I need to take a moment to gloat.  WE TOLD YOU SO.  In fact, this is worse than most of us predicted.  
 I and many others said the numbers didn't add up.  There were not enough jobs created to lower the unemployment rate from 8.1 to 7.8 percent.  It takes 150,000 jobs a month just to maintain employment.  We need 200,000 jobs a month to steadily gain.  It's clear the data was manipulated.  Shocker.  
Funny, the "conservatives will have egg on their faces" crowd has gone silent. The Emperor's nakedness is now apparent to all, even liberals. Obama's lie is so blatant and obvious that anyone with a shred of intellectual honesty knows it was deliberate. What I've been wondering is whether or not this is all intentional. Obama is on record as supporting universal socialized medicine. I've long believed that this program was nothing more than a back door to single payer...
 I thought we were supposed to avoid the violent rhetoric?  IOKIYAD.  
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