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He was being facetious.  Oh. My. God. 
  You're so full of it, it's laughable.  Sarah Palin used this map:         This map is clearly talking about targeting Democrats for defeat in ELECTIONS.  It makes no mention of guns, holding guns to their heads, holding them hostage, or anything else.  It simple uses targets to illustrate where they are geographically.   And, in context it's an ad for a Political Action Committee.  Get real.     Now to be honest, I'm fine with someone saying they'd rather see her use...
New York rams through most restrictive gun law in the nation. Bans ALL high capacity clips, regardless of manufacture date or current status and requires registration of existing "assault" weapons. http://usnews.nbcnews.com/_news/2013/01/15/16515653-new-york-passes-major-gun-control-law-first-since-newtown-massacre?lite.
  Your justification of this is absolutely laughable.  This is the same guy who called $9 Trillion in debt "unpatriotic."  This is the guy that railed against the debt limit going up.  A protest vote that didn't matter....LOL.  Anything to excuse the fact that he's nothing a partisan hack.  
Anyone truly disabled would qualify.       Again, if truly disabled an unable to work, they should be taken care of at a level that is dignified.      There you go...you admit you didn't need to retire.  But now you're complaining about not getting COLAs fast enough.  The fact is you retired because you thought you could.  That in itself is fine.  But don't you dare turn around and complain you're not getting enough money from SS.         Wow, you really are ignorant. I...
In his recent press conference, Obama covered topics such as executive orders relating to guns, as well as the coming debt ceiling fight.  At one point, Obama said:          What happened to avoiding violent rhetoric?  Funny, neither Obama nor Stenny Hoyer seem to be too concerned about that.   Hoyer recently said that the GOP's actions on the debt ceiling amounted to threatening to shoot your own child.        Of course, Pelosi made reference to taking people hostage...
    Idiocy like this is much more of a problem than the guns themselves.  
  You have it wrong.  Another gun law would not have helped.           Actually, I think opinions like that are a danger to national security.  
  I may not be an expert, but I do have "a clue."  I do know that people here come from all over the world for treatment, particularly from Canada--which has a single-payer system.           I know there are positives, depending on where you are talking about.  I also know there are many problems...ones that you ignore because you support universal care.  
  Let me tell you a little story.  About 3 years ago, my father was at a party, talking to some of the other guests.  In the group was a very liberal woman, who was spouting off about this and that.  My dad ignored all of this...until it came to social security.  This woman complained that her father was turning 65, and wasn't going to get enough from SS to live comfortably.  She argued for more benefits, asking "what is he supposed to do?"   Finally, my father had...
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