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Right, because he "saved the economy" from what could have been worse. Got it. Roosevelt? He PROLONGED the Great Depression, sir. Unprecedented enemy? You mean the one he dismissed as late as last year? No "coordinated" attacks sounds like a Clintonism.
An economy teetering on the brink of another recession, record number of people not in labor force and on assistance, 35 million uninsured, 18 trillion in debt and deficits as far as the eye can see, and a brutal enemy we don't have a strategy to fight, according to President Selfie. Benghazi. IRS. Stoking racial division. Should I go on?
Thanks for that.  This is where my issue with accuracy comes into play.  If you look at the chart here (from your NASA link), you'll see the uncertainty, both in the instrumental temperature record, and the reconstructions.   While I understand the statistical unlikelihood of all the reconstructed data being 'high' and the instrumental record being 'low,' consider the entire graph for a second.  The rate of change does appear to accelerate during the measured record, or...
As you can see, jimmac hasn't changed.  "Just wait until we get a woman president."  It's like he thinks such an event would drive me crazy.  Just wait, SDW!  The world's changing, you dinosaur!    As with many others, jimmac won't stop to consider any other reason to vote for her.  You know, because voting for "the first..." worked out so well last time. 
Well, I decided to go another route.  After realizing how simple it was to just upgrade my machine to an SSD, I did that.  I have a mid-2009 2.8GGHZ/4GB/500GB Macbook Pro.  I replaced the HDD with a Samsung SSD for less than $200, including the USB to SATA cable.  I used the free version of Super Duper to clone the drive.  All went well, and as I sit here and type on it now, it's like having a new computer.  It's faster than ever, and even shows more available RAM at all...
Ah, you're alive.  Thank God.   Of course Obama is going to talk about what happened.  It's what he said and when he said it.  By contrast, I thought his statements on the SCOTUS gay marriage ruling and his subsequent eulogy yesterday were very good and appropriate.   As for Clinton:  You may well be right.  She will be a formidable candidate, certainly.  She also has many flaws, and is not unbeatable by any stretch.  I can't wait until you explain why in the name of ****...
 Yes, I have.  We obviously have more than other nations.  I never claimed otherwise.  My list is a good reason for gun control?  LOL.  I'm not against gun control.  I'm against ineffective and unconstitutional gun control.  I'm against focusing on the wrong thing.  We can start by making sure we close as many background check loopholes as possible and improving our mental health.  But that's just a small part of it.  We have a cultural problem, and I don't mean an...
We have gay APPS section now? LOL. What's next? Will they start offering apps and other content by race? How about a section for Jews?
I beg you, staff writerrs: Please examine your love of the terms "looms" and "purported." It's getting a little ridiculous.
I said "she may be the former" [businessperson]. My comments were more in regard to her recent comments on feminism and discrimination
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