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Other than Wii, I don't see why Nintendo would do anything else. Apple and Android own mobile gaming now, and for the foreseeable future.
 I couldn't have said it better.   The fight generated something like $400 million, and I believe that was with gambling.  They are going to go after a few dozen or even a few hundred Periscope USERS who streamed their TV sets?  They are going to go after Twitter?  LOL.  Come on. It's a terrible look for the industry and for boxing, and is reminiscent of the idiotic behavior of RIAA, pre-iTunes store. They already tried "making an example" of individuals.  It simply...
There is no reason for it not to work. That's like saying my 6 year old MPB can't access the Internet now. Not supporting new features or new software updates is one thing. Removing advertised functionality remotely is wrong. And I don't even use it on Apple TV.
I own a Gen 2 Apple TV. Breaking apps/removing them when they work perfectly fine is unacceptable. It may even be illegal. There is a huge difference between "not supporting" something and deliberately removing a capability in a functioning device....remotely, even.
Went through watch NBC at a hotel yesterday (for the Derby) and guess what? Mysteriously didn't work. Something else is going on here.
 My wife and I have a 2010 Flex with Sync.  It is awful, and before MyFordTouch.   I don't even bother with voice control.  Want to pair a phone?  No problem, except it treats your iPhone's calling and bluetooth playback features as separate.  That means you can have the phone connected via bluetooth, and you still have to select "bluetooth devices" to play music, especially if the phone is not listed as the primary under favorites.    Granted, the system is still better...
Exactly what I was saying yesterday. The total number of phones shipped is meaningless because of other factors here. First, their "paired down" phone offerings still include over 30 distinct models (down from 52). A lot of these phones are frankly cheap pieces of trash with low selling prices. Secondly, look at the trend in profit and mobile sales. Sales are down 21% from a year ago, and profits are down an astonishing 58%. The trend within the trend is worse,...
 More? Um, Apple literally made 2,5 times as much last quarter.  And Samung making billions is not indicative of the health of their mobile division, whose profits have been plunging.  Their profits fell 74 percent in the mobile division at the end of 2014.  74 percent!  The bottom line is Samsung has major issues with its mobile business.  It's just that they have deep enough pockets.  How long do you think they will be able to survive losing profits like that?  If trends...
 Exactly!  Indeed.  Or just really crappy smartphones.  It's amazing...Apple sells what...4 models of phones?  The 6 and 6 plus are basically the same phone with a different display and a few other tweaks.  So they really sell three models.   Samsung sells literally dozens.  According to CNN Money, Samsun released 52 "unique" smartphones in 2014 alone.  Holy crap!  I mean, that is truly amazing.  
Seems like the rating is pretty low (3.5) compared to what you actually wrote. The cons also seem really minor and picky. I would think the final rating would have been 4.5 or 4.
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