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  SJO SOP.  
  Are you claiming there aren't wasteful items and pork in the Sandy bill?  Are you kidding?             Typical Democrat.  When you don't have an argument, paint your opponent as a cold-hearted bastard.         Now that is deplorable.  Your baseless accusation is deplorable.  As is your exploitation of storm victims for political gain.             I see.  So the GOP took issue with a $60B bill because they "care about their own agenda."  It had nothing to do with...
  Your posts and non-dicussions are now bordering on spam.  Goodbye. 
    No.  That's what you're saying I'm saying.           Most schools don't.  Period. 
We disagree on most things (particularly faith), but I did have to laugh out loud at the Emperor Palpatine thing.  I was just showing a clip of musical performance to my students.  The Pope was in the audience, on his thrown, surrounded by cardinals (or whatever).  One of my kids said "Is that emperor from Star Wars?"  I lost it.  
  Tell me...what is "the system?"     I don't think I'd say that...maybe "for those who have insurance and/or for those who can afford it."       Access is another debate, but the care provided is the best in the world.               But tonton, you oppose making costs affordable because you oppose the solutions to make that happen.  A public option is perhaps the worst of all worlds...it will vastly increase demand and thereby cost.          I'm not twisting anything....
Says a lot about you--calling someone stupid for getting something wrong. Your post has been reported. Good day.
    I don't agree his campaign was dishonest.  In fact, Obama's campaign and Presidency were and are the most dishonest I've ever seen.  Obama lied to your face, and still is doing so.           I don't know if they are "unbiased," but they turned out to be correct.       I see.  Much easier than making an actual argument, hmmm?        I am getting less due to the payroll tax cut expiration.  To be fair, I should note that I'm poking fun at Obama supporters who are...
    I don't know that I'd blame religion exclusively.  The problem with the comparison is that the culture, history and values are completely different 
  Made much worse by our leaders, specifically President Obama.       How do you support that?         You can be robbed anywhere...maybe less likely with a gun, but a knife?       In fairness, there are some people like that, but I don't know any of them, nor have I ever met anyone who does.  I've seen some video clips of people with lower socio-economic backgrounds (particularly from the deep rural South) espousing some of those views.  There's no evidence he's a...
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