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 It is untrue to state that the GOP's overreach on impeachment had long-term consequences.  They retained control of the House for another 9 years.  The Senate was basically GOP run for most of that time as well.  They won the Presidential election in 2000 and 2004, as well as a massive midterm victory in 2002.  Get real.  
 1.  As Hands explained, he was referencing the Islamification of Europe only.  He is absolutely correct.  2.  You should really get to know the person to whom you are speaking.  Calling Hands "rightwing" is laughable.  You'd know that if you spent more than 5 minutes here spouting off on things that you know nothing about.   3.  The murder rate?  Yeah, that's a simple fix.  I mean, we should just ban handguns, right?  Or pass restrictive gun laws?  It's not like it's a...
 Graham:  Impeachment if He Does it Again That was quick.  That is the first time I have heard a serious use of the word in public.  I still think you're right...it's unlikely to happen.  Then again, even several top Dems and supporters have condemned his actions.  Feinstein, Panetta, Prof. Turley, etc.   Despite my absolute opposition to his agenda and the fact I think he is the single worst President ever to hold office, I did not want to see the nation go through this....
Despite Obama's lawlessness, I would have never predicted this was even possible, politically speaking.  But, with the recent prisoner exchange issue, I'm starting to believe there may be enough bipartisan outrage that it may happen.     Top Ranking Dem calls exchange "dangerous precedent"     The President that Richard Nixon Always Wanted to Be   Senate Democrats Flip    Time:  Whitehouse Overrode Internal Objections     As far a I am concerned, there is more...
I'm an educated man, but I'm afraid I can't speak intelligently about what the hell this headline means.
 On the shelf aging problem?  Highly doubtful.  They are probably just defective to begin with.  
 I don't agree, at least not as it pertains to Apple specifically.  Their history has been to correct problems once they deem it affects a relatively large number of units.  Apple has previously had repair programs for similar issues.  
I find these reports hilarious as well. They are almost never right. These kinds of groups said the iPod would never work, that the Zune would destroy it, that the iPhone would have no market, and that the iPad would fail. I don't pretend to know what Apple will release, but when and if they do, it will probably be another product we never knew we needed and now can't live without.
In my opinion, Samsung's infringement is blatant and deliberate. Apple has enormous cash reserves, and could fight this forever. I actually think their best bet is to Ronald Reagan Samsung into submission. Tell them they will never allowed themselves to be pushed around the courtroom and that they will fight with nearly unlimited financial resources until Samsung gives up. Peace Through Strength.
This product will never see the light of day, at least not outside of China. Lawsuit in 3, 2, 1...
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