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I love how the liberals here have gone into total hiding, especially on this issue.   I need to take a moment to gloat.  WE TOLD YOU SO.  In fact, this is worse than most of us predicted.  
 I and many others said the numbers didn't add up.  There were not enough jobs created to lower the unemployment rate from 8.1 to 7.8 percent.  It takes 150,000 jobs a month just to maintain employment.  We need 200,000 jobs a month to steadily gain.  It's clear the data was manipulated.  Shocker.  
Funny, the "conservatives will have egg on their faces" crowd has gone silent. The Emperor's nakedness is now apparent to all, even liberals. Obama's lie is so blatant and obvious that anyone with a shred of intellectual honesty knows it was deliberate. What I've been wondering is whether or not this is all intentional. Obama is on record as supporting universal socialized medicine. I've long believed that this program was nothing more than a back door to single payer...
 I thought we were supposed to avoid the violent rhetoric?  IOKIYAD.  
What a tool our President is.
I had a problem with both iMessage and SMS. I reset the network settings, turned iMessage off and on, and then made sure the "send as SMS when iMessage is not available" option was turned on. No problems now.
 Apparently.  The cognitive dissonance is amazing.  He talks of red lines and then, in the same breath, says he wasn't elected to start wars. He's a bumbling fool.  
 What are they?    To be fair, no one is talking about doing that.    I tend to agree, though  I don't think he views it like that.  I think it's all about ego.  It's all about him saving face.    I agree about the power vacuum.  In strictly strategic terms, I'm not sure I agree with the possible consequences you lay out.  It won't help our relations with the Muslim world, nor with Iran in particular.  But I actually think the chances of it blowing up into a regional war...
  Yeah, I saw that.  Hillary and Obama were calling Assad a "reformer" a few years ago, too.  My take on what happened is this:  We were fine with Assad (and he with us) until this civil war got going.  He used brutal force.  His forces committed war crimes by targeting civilians.  We started supporting the rebels covertly, with some openly calling for them to be armed directly by the United States.  The rebels became more effective and organized, and Assad started to...
  I see you've vomited into the thread again.         Conservatives aren't really protesters in general, with the exception of the Tea Party wing.  As for chemical weapons, there are a lot of possibilities as to what happened.  I tend to believe that Assad did use chemical weapons, and that the admin knows this.  Of course, it could all be bullshit...but I'm placing that aside for a moment.     My real problem is how the entire situation has been handled by the bumbling...
New Posts  All Forums: