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 I was about to post that this was a reasonable argument for a bigger change in June, but then I saw it was from 2012.  I don't see how that applies.  He was just introducing what is now the current form factor and design. The current 13" model is not a new generation, just an evolution from the 2012 introduction.  Namely, it has the ForceTouch trackpad and Broadwell.   Speaking of Broadwell/Skylake, I did a little light research on timing.  Broadwell only began shipping...
I have to echo the other comments here. The review is really off-base. An Apple-centric publication taking issue with a new accessory interface? Complaining about not owning a USB-C adapter? Your article is called "What it's like to use 12" MB as your main computer." Let me get this straight...you tried to use a computer this way, knowing full well it has a new connector...and you didn't buy an adapter? Anyone who used it us a main computer would buy an adapter. ...
That's absurd. Apple and the music business part ways? Are you on crack? The DOJ? Come on, man. The DOJ does t get involved in petty disputes.Incidentally, Tidal sucks. It's overpriced. That's why it's failing.
 I'm not assuming that at all.  I don't know about "huge."  That's a subjective term.    Agreed.     OK.  I don't doubt it will be significant.    I think that's overstated, but even if not, does that translate to the MBP improving by leaps and bounds?   Not necessarily.  In fact, I'd bet most users wouldn't see much of a real world difference, especially in a rev A Skylake machine.    OK, I agree to a point.  But here's the thing:  The 15" MBP has not been updated in...
   You guys are amusing.  Other than having the latest and greatest, for what do you NEED Skylake?  You'd rather have Apple go 18 months without an update to its flagship notebook?  Delaying the upgrade another 6 months would be insane.   It would suppress sales of existing models big time.  People like me, who are in the market for a new 15" machine this year...we're just waiting to get the most for our money.  As someone upgrading from a 2009 MBP, I can tell you that...
I'll be watching this one closely as I'm due to upgrade my 2009 MBP. I'm sort of a prosumer level person, so I'm not set on a major upgrade. Just want to get the most for my money. Moving away from the HDD and to SSD will be huge for me.
sirozah: " If Apple is not working on such a hybrid device, they are going to lose this market. " LOL. I'm sure Apply will take your completely uninformed opinion on the matter to heart. Apple is not selling fewer and fewer iPads. Good lord.
This is total nonsense.  Anyone that understands the "clean energy" scam and how power is transmitted also understands why.  
There is no way Apple is going to actually build a car. Why would they? They will probably develop a system to be USED in cars. No reason to make anything when there are dozens of companies with a hundred years experience making cars. Just make the electronic guts.
Dumb.  All of it.  The product is dumb and last-century.  The lawsuit is dumb because Blackberry is pretty much non-existent at this point.  Guys, I realize you want to capitalize on all you have left, namely patents.  But it's over.  Close up shop, sell your IP, and buy houses in Florida.  
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