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 But you've done little to no research.  What you have presented shows, at most, correlation.  I have presented several figures which directly contradict what you've posted.    Not really, no.  The U.S. has many guns, and many gun deaths.  We know this.  What you're doing is presuming that correlation=causation. The next step is to take the position that "guns are too easy to get," so we need more restrictions or a handgun ban.  That's when the wheels really come off the...
Great statistics.  Of course, they don't tell us anything other than "the U.S. has a lot of gun deaths."   No point in investigating why that is the case.  Better to just watch Yosemite Sam cartoons while nodding to one's self "yes, Americans."  
 The latest data I can find says 110 million Americans hold passports, or more than 1/3 of the population.  So you're entire point is hilarious wrong.     Why the hell are we still talking about George W. Bush?  I've got to hand it to you Bush-haters.  You never stop.  I'm not even defending him, yet you just keep heaping it on.  You don't like him.  We get it.  Of course, it might be nice if you look at--you know--the guy who has been in office for the past 6 years...the...
    See my previous post if you'd like to deal in facts and reason.  You're a caricature here.  My point in the post you went back and quoted was merely that we've seen your kind before.  It's nothing new.  I've been hearing (reading) idiotic views on America like yours for the *15 years I've been here. *No doubt you'll look at my registration and claim that "November 2001" doesn't constitute 15 years membership.  Then I'l have to explain that to you too.  
 Oh, I'm listening.  I'm just laughing at the stupidity and repetitive nonsense I hear.  
 "Where we are today" is obviously not something on which we agree.  You seem to think the problem is that Americans are just stupid.  I don't share that view.    What is it with you goddman Europeans and your obsession with traveling the world?  And how do you know that George Bush "wasn't interested" in "anywhere else?"  Your view is again a typical and shallow view influenced by your "more cultured" media that loves to push the notion that Americans are a bunch of...
 I think someone can't read.  The thread isn't about your  view of what's wrong with Americans.  It's about what's wrong with America and its economy, culture, politics, etc.  No one cares about your tired, cliched blaming of George W. Bush, who hasn't set foot in the White House in 6 full years.  No one cares about your shallow and stereotypical view of Americans or our country.   Just like President Obama...no one's listening anymore. 
Marv, does this now apply to the iPad version too? Because unless it's changed, that app became non-functional after 30 days. That's what I was talking about. And by "free," I mean free to the end user. Nothing more. If I can still use an ad-supported version after 30 days on both my phone and iPad, great.
Defend it all you want, Kasper. I deleted the iPad version as soon as the trial ran out. I'm not paying a subscription to access free content which can be had by booting up Safari. I'd love to see the numbers on how many folks have actually paid.
 EXACTLY what I'm saying.  They are not going to introduce a "new" 4" model.  They will just update and rename what they have.  
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