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Oh Jesus. SJO...can you talk to this guy?
My, my. Quite the little rant you posted earlier. You must have a lot of time on your hands. There isn't much point in going through it all, because it's really just unhinged. Anyone that claims another person is "wrong about everything all the time" clearly has some other issues to deal with. I will say that yes, I was wrong about the election. I fully accept that and have moved on. I've analyzed what happened, my reasoning and the problems with the GOP. More...
Wait...it's all nonsense? LOL. You're in the same bubble Obama is. Even the elite liberal media is all over Benghazi (and the IRS and AP stories). Things are about to get very big.
I love Waze. I'm also pretty sure Facebook will destroy it and try to monetize it to death. Can't wait for the popup that says "want real-time hazard and police reports? Upgrade now to Waze Pro for only $9.99" SMH
Yeah, I missed the part where I called for war. In fact, I seem to remember expressing serious concern that Obama's actions will lead to war. What is it that liberals and leftists don't understand about "Peace Through Strength." ?I don't know a single person who said it would be quick and easy, nor does Iraq really have much to do with this thread. This isn't a call for war...it's a discussion of which policies lead to war, and which don't. It's my contention that the...
 Paragraphs: Again, sorry...it appears to be the browser I'm using. Apparently AI and Chrome don't play nice. As for your paraphrasing, I'm not arguing that we should "puff out our chests." In fact, that's what Obama is doing...mere chest puffing. We should simply lay down clear limits and consequences and then actually follow through.
 Yeah, I'm sorry. It's apparently the Chrome browser I'm using. All my posts are coming out like that. They can't even be edited to add spaces and line breaks afterwards.
 I'ts not the same thing at all. And, as someone who despises all major cable companies with a passion, I can tell you that ala carte channels will simply not work--at least not anytime soon. The reason is that the first channels to fail will be the small, but popular ones...such as Animal Planet. They get revenue, in part, based on monthly fees paid by the cable companies (who in turn charge consumers as part of a package). Brian Roberts, CEO of Comcast, has...
President Obama's weakness, indecision and general incompetence have resulted in many problems to date, from a still-weak economy, to a disastrous healthcare bill, to dead Americans in Benghazi. But there are three situations in the world that may well lead to another major military conflict, and perhaps even a nuclear confrontation: Syria. Iran. North Korea. All three of these situations have been handled in an extremely weak and dangerous way. North Korea's...
  Just to clarify...are you saying that no U.S. citizen cannot be denied his Constitutional right to a fair trial, no matter what the circumstances?              Yes, we are.           We disagree.  There are people who legitimately differ on this point.         Attacking Fox via the Daily Show is just silly.   
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