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 That is technically incorrect.  They have in some situations.  One happened when they released the iMac G5.  They moved everything to Intel 3 months later.  Special situation, but this may be as well.  It's clear that this latest upgrade is placeholder for Skylake.  As someone who is looking to buy this summer, I don't know what to do.  
When I bought my iPhone 5, I nearly switched to Verizon, which I had years ago. I almost did the same again with the 6. This is just one more reason I'm done with AT&T when I get my next iPhone. Their network is a total pile of crap. I drop calls and data transfers all the time. Coverage is inconsistent across the western Philly suburbs and exurbs. There are spots at the end of the Main Line (Paoli, Malvern) that have had dead zones for a decade. Come on.
It might surprise you to know that I generally agree with that thinking. I've been critical of those who scream at Apple over upgrades they expected but didn't get, claiming they "need" them. My problem here is that Haswell will be two generations old by this October. I was all over the board telling people that there was no way Apple would introduce Skylake MacBook Pros before early next year or possibly even the middle of next year. But, this was predicated on the...
 I've got to say I'm pretty disappointed.  I was certain it would be a Broadwell chipset, and so were many other astute observers.  That said, it is a significant upgrade.  I am in the market or soon will be.  My dilemma now is that I've waited so long already...why not wait for Skylake?  
Maybe I'm not being clear. I'm saying there is no way Apple launches a 15" MBP with Skylake in October. Yes, some chips will be available in August, but not the ones needed for the MBP. You can't even compare the MacBook 12"---it's a totally different intended use. It's like comparing the low power Core M in the current MacBookwith Broadwell MBP chipset. I also highly doubt you'll see a Skylake refresh for the 15" in December or January. Apple will often wait a year...
President Selfie strikes again.  
 First, Skylake is not going to launch in August.  A few months ago, we thought so.  The consensus is we're talking October, because Broadwell isn't even well established yet.  It may be ready, but it's not going to ship.   Secondly, we're still talking about hundreds of thousands if not a million chips.  It's nothing to sneeze at, even if Apple could get their hands on enough of them.    You're contradicting yourself.  My entire point is we would not see a 15" Skylake...
I really wish it was Christian Bale. He has the appearance, voice and range to play him so well. Fassbender just don't look enough like him.
 Skylake won't even begin shipping until October.  That means it will be early next year before Apple could include them in the quantity they'd need.  They won't update to Skylake until this time next year.  
Other than Wii, I don't see why Nintendo would do anything else. Apple and Android own mobile gaming now, and for the foreseeable future.
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