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Well, it kind of is the point, actually.  Given that many people find the quality of satellite totally acceptable at 40 kbps (proprietary), and given that iTunes was at 128kbps (AAC) exclusively for years without many serious complaints about sound quality from consumers, it certainly doesn't seem likely.  With your background, I think you're really overestimating the average listener's ability to discriminate in this regard.  Once you add in the relatively low quality of...
Can't wait to get my hands on one of the new 1.7 gigabyte processors!
Got it. Yes, we agree.Got it. I agree with that. I'd go even further though and suggest that on most car audio equipment, people won't hear much if any difference between 128 and 256 AAC. That was my original point in response to the story.
Let's just say you're "a little" beyond my knowledge and experience level with audio hardware.  :)  Thanks for the descrip
It's puzzling that you have such a strong preference fro 256kbps AAC over 128kbps AAC.  Isn't that what you were saying?  Obviously 128kbps MP3 isn't going to touch AAC at 256 or 128 or even 92.  My only real point of contention is the notion that your "shitty stereo" (I've had plenty of those) is more likely to let you hear the difference between 128 and 256 AAC than a better system.  
I appreciate the paper, but you're trying to demonstrate something I'm not arguing.  The paper shows listeners prefer CD quality to MP3 at various compression rates, up to 192kbps.  I've never argued otherwise.  What I'm saying is that with AAC, most listeners will not hear a difference between 128kbps and 256 kbps on consumer equipment.  There is a huge difference between lossless and 192kbps, agreed?  It's no surprise that many would hear it.   Your statement about the...
You're nothing but a troll.  You started insulting trumptman and I before you even got into the discussion.  I have no time for people who do that, nor for those who deliberately mischaracterize what others say.  Goodbye.  
Polarization via omission.  And gross negligence.  
LOL.  People are nuts.  I know I'm nowhere close to that level in any sense.  Incidentally, what is your home setup comprised of?  
What empirical research?  Please provide a link or two.  Regardless, we're not talking about mp3.  We're talking about AAC.  128kpbs AAC is, in my experience, superior to 128kpbs mp3 in normal consumer listening conditions.  The point here is whether most people will notice a difference between 128 and 256kpbs AAC on the equipment they have.  I say it's doubtful.  You're talking about consumer level car audio, headphones, ear buds, and home systems...often over bluetooth....
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