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 Selfishness is, in fact, the problem.  Just not the kind you're thinking of.  And who is willing to "destroy" other countries?  Sounds like you're thinking of Russia to me.    That word you're using...I don't think you know what it means.  
 Cheney was never accused of "corruption" by anyone credible.  He had no stake in Halliburton at the time.  And Halliburton was one of the few companies in the world that could do what we needed in terms of reconstruction.     My posts?  Which ones out of the 15,000 or so?  I've been posting and debating here since January of 2000.   Somehow I don't think I'll be offended by you being "puzzled."     Yes, and the tone is set from the top.  Granted, it's not just Obama.  He...
Non-story. Just a coincidence. Of course, I love watching the "greatest paper in the world" look like fools.
 Hey bud.  Long time.  Anyway, what's wrong, you ask?  I think a lot of it comes from a lack of leadership.  Specifically, whether one agrees or disagrees with the President on the issues, there's no question that he's not exactly the best spokesperson for America.   Part of this is his view that America is too powerful and too influential.  He views us an empire that needs to be knocked down a few pegs.  He almost never espouses the greatness of America.  He doesn't make...
Some good comments here. It's clear Apple is doing what all corporations do, and all smart people do: minimize tax liability. I mean, is anyone honestly shocked or even mildly disappointed here? Apple's responsibility is to its SHAREHOLDERS. Paying more tax is not in the interest of its shareholders, whereas paying less tax (as long as its legal) definitely IS. As macaholic_1948 said...change the law if you don't like it.
Cool feature, but misleading headline.  "Snoop?"  Total sensationalism designed to drive traffic.  It's voicemail call screening.  That's all.  
 That's a ridiculous and needless comment.  I didn't support the bill for several reasons.  However, it was not an "anti-gay" bill, nor does this veto suddenly prevent discrimination.  It is already legal under AZ law to discriminate against gays.  That is simply a fact.  The intent of this bill was to give businesses added protection from being compelled to violate their religious beliefs (as has happened in CA and NM).  Having said that, it was redundant and created...
What a stupid and biased headline/article.   I'm not sure I support such a bill, but it's not a bill that "legalizes discrimination."  Under existing Arizona law, gays are not a protected class.  It's already legal to refuse service on those grounds.  This bill simply clarifies that businesses are free to claim religious expression as a reason for refusing service.    This is a result of cases around the country where some businesses are being forced to serve gay...
The market is so absurd. Apple had a ridiculous quarter...again. They are selling iPhones and iPads as fast as they can make them, and sold nearly a million more Macs than a year ago. But the quarter was "disappointing" because analysts "expected" more. If I had the cash, I'd buy too.
That doesn't seem to be true. It doesn't say anything about having to trade in a phone.Option. And it also says nothing about paying full price for your next device.
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