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  You only believe that because you think they initiated mass data collection.  I don't believe that for a second.  The government, in my opinion, has been collecting massive amounts of data for decades.  Ever seen "Enemy of the State?"  I think the collection methods described in the fictional movie are actually understated.      If that's been reported, I haven't seen it.  And I'd argue it's an insane policy,  A search warrant gives authorities the right to search for...
You are very likely going to have to reinstall OSX. My issue was I couldn't even do that.  I had to remove the drive and have it formatted on a PC before starting over.  Just make sure you have a bootable backup.  
Totally misleading headline. He wasn't suggesting that at all. He was saying women have trouble finding the right music for the right occasion. I don't know if that's accurate, but it's not "some women have trouble with tech."
I am not talking about mass data collection. I am talking about specific, targeted collection with a warrant.
Ha. It's absurd that I support the ability of law enforcement to decrypt secure communications with a warrant?Hippies.
 We're not at war with Islam.  We're at war with radical Islam and it's sympathizers.  As for encryption, we just disagree.  I don't support a system where the government cannot access communications even with a warrant.   That would be like the government not being able to do warranted phone wiretaps in the year, say, 1970--because they couldn't break the encryption.  Creating such a system facilitates crime and terrorism.  It's not unlike creating a business specifically...
 Yes, and America was the driving force in terms of military hardware and personnel.  Britain was on the brink even with us sending them assistance for two years.  America absolutely won the war.     Because we decided going all the way in Korea wasn't worth it.  The North was willing to have a cease fire.    Yes, you can.  And we will.   It will be asymmetrical.  It will involve targeted strikes, special forces, and non-military weapons (e.g. financial and media).   There...
You civil liberties/privacy blowhards are living in a dream world.  The entire fight over eavesdropping/privacy/tapping is bogus.  Nothing electronic is private.  Period.  It hasn't been since the dawn of the internet, and the phone before that.  Whether we like it or not, the government has been conducting mass surveillance for 50 years.  It's the price of living in a technologically advanced society.   Do you honest think you're going to stop mass surveillance?  You...
 Just stop.  The entire point is that Cook doesn't want to release a product like that, and that the products are still separate in functionality.  He's saying that yes, for many users the Pro will be good enough to replace their laptops.  But he also knows that desktops and laptops are still needed.   
"It's trying to be a tablet and a notebook and it really succeeds at being neither. It's sort of deluded." Pretty sure that quote is supposed to be "diluted." Not "deluded."
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