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 I think I was unclear.  I meant the iOS remote app sucks.  It's hard to use and laggy after you "wake up" your phone.  The hardware remote is fine.  Funny enough, I never considered programming my regular IR remote to work with the Apple TV (actually I see you can program the Apple TV itself to work with the remote).  I'm going to do that today.  
 I wouldn't say it was "horrible."  I think Kutcher did a really nice job, actually.  He worked hard at Job's mannerisms and really tried to get "inside" Jobs' head.  The problem with the movie, IMO, is that it couldn't decide if it wanted to be a Jobs biopic or the story of Apple.  Having been made in 2013, it started with the introduction of the iPod...in 2001.  What?  Then it jumped around from Jobs and his life, to many of the Apple milestones and events we Apple fans...
 And I was posting here 6 years before you discovered this website.  True story.  I've seen many a troll come and go during nearly 15 years of posting here.  If you're not trolling, then you actually believe what you write...which means you're simply ignorant.   The entire "bendgate scandal" is manufactured.  It's even more so than "antenna-gate."  At this point it should be obvious that Samsung's marketing department is run by a bunch of millennial smartasses who create...
Good. Current remote sucks. Hard to use, difficult to accurately select menu options. I always overshoot and end up going back to the main screen.
 Pardon me, but you're kidding, right?  Do you honestly mean to tell me that you only believe Big Oil and the military industrial complex stand to profit by embracing one side or the other?  This is about much more than financial gains...it is about global wealth redistribution and raw political power.  The United States will bear the brunt of of any "solutions" to this non-existent problem, while the developing world (including China and India) will not see virtually any...
Apple is DOOMED!
 Totally agree.  Pinning it one guy and initially releasing his name?  Wow.  
I haven't updated yet because neither my iPad nor my iPhone have enough space!  I need to clear space to install.  I'm pretty taken aback at the size of the update.  Over 6GB for iPad and over 4 with iPhone.   Given my iPad mini is only 16GB, that's pretty large.  Even my 32GB iPhone 5 doesn't have enough room.  
Samsung makes good products, especially the Note. But as has been discussed, it's not all about specs. This is what company after company can't seem to figure out. The mass market does not inly care about specs...they care about the total,product experience.Comparing Apple's previous ads to Samsung's is silly. Yes, they poked fun. But that was never the crush of their strategy. They focused on great products and telling people about the,. Poking fun was secondary.
Read the article referenced about the changes in Facetime. This company is nothing but a Patent Troll House. They filed the original suit the very same day the patent was awarded. Having a former patent examiner in my family, I know that process likely took years. That means this was their plan from the get go. Check out their website: http://virnetx.com/ They don't DO anything. They do, however, have a press crawl on the right hand side. Latest entry is August...
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