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 Yes, I have.  We obviously have more than other nations.  I never claimed otherwise.  My list is a good reason for gun control?  LOL.  I'm not against gun control.  I'm against ineffective and unconstitutional gun control.  I'm against focusing on the wrong thing.  We can start by making sure we close as many background check loopholes as possible and improving our mental health.  But that's just a small part of it.  We have a cultural problem, and I don't mean an...
We have gay APPS section now? LOL. What's next? Will they start offering apps and other content by race? How about a section for Jews?
I beg you, staff writerrs: Please examine your love of the terms "looms" and "purported." It's getting a little ridiculous.
I said "she may be the former" [businessperson]. My comments were more in regard to her recent comments on feminism and discrimination
Wow, sammi. All I did was speculate about the reasons we haven't been tough on Saudi Arabia. I didn't say we should or shouldn't do anything. All I said was that if we consider Saudi Arabia and ally, and if there is evidence that there was unofficial involvement in September 11, then it's understandable why we wouldn't want to go after them.As for me, I have no love of Saudi Arabia. I'm with you..**** them. This is one reason I want to see the United States become energy...
First, I don't think you understand what a strawman tactic is. Put simply, it is advancing a deliberately false argument in order to knock it down in front of other people. "SDW says XYZ, and here's why XYZ is stupid!" That's what you tried to do there.Secondly, I think you misunderstood my point. AT&T and other businesses don't get away with "bad behavior" because we need their services so badly. They "get away" with passing on costs (all costs, including business...
This seems to be the ultimate strawman thread, wouldn't you agree? Every time either one of us posts about passing on costs and how business operates, someone shelves another argument into our mouths.
Taylor Swift is really starting to think of herself as a savvy businessperson, and celebrity activist. She may be the former, but she looks ridiculous as the latter. The debate concerning streaming and breaking up albums was over more than 10 years ago. It was over as soon as iTunes became a huge success. As for her activism, if I have to hear her $250 million net worth ass complain about how women are discriminated against in the industry, I'll lose my mind.
  Could you support that?  A half degree over 100 years is a much higher rate of change than previous time periods?    Makes sense.    Understood.  I suppose the question then becomes how big the margin of error is with respect to the time line.    I'll have to look around more.  The notion was raised on some skeptic site, but it appeared to reference another source.  I'm a little pressed for time at the moment.    
Yeah, it's all the fault of the private sector...the ones who actually create jobs. Got it.Spare me your third grade understanding of economics and strawman arguments. Try actually reading and learning to reason.
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