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Marv, does this now apply to the iPad version too? Because unless it's changed, that app became non-functional after 30 days. That's what I was talking about. And by "free," I mean free to the end user. Nothing more. If I can still use an ad-supported version after 30 days on both my phone and iPad, great.
Defend it all you want, Kasper. I deleted the iPad version as soon as the trial ran out. I'm not paying a subscription to access free content which can be had by booting up Safari. I'd love to see the numbers on how many folks have actually paid.
 EXACTLY what I'm saying.  They are not going to introduce a "new" 4" model.  They will just update and rename what they have.  
 No.  I'm saying that it's not "returning" to anything.  They are still selling the 5c and 5s.  They'll basically just update one of those and offer it with a new name.  
I love this article, because it details the next step in Microsoft's stupid, stupid, STUPID Surface marketing strategy.    The Surface is a decent product to be sure.  It has some real advantages over an iPad, and a few over a MacBook Air. But here's the problem:  The Surface's competition isn't the MacBook Air.   But don't try to tell Microsoft that.  They are married to their "the tablet that can replace your laptop" strategy.  They are going to MAKE that be the...
 LOL.  Windows phones?  Tell me, where?  I've never seen one used by a real person.  I kid you not.  Ditto on the Surface.  
Totally idiotic prediction. They won't be "returning" to anything. They might keep a revamped 5s/c/whatever around with a new name.
 Exactly.  Apple has zero motivation to make the Apple TV Android friendly.  One doesn't need an iOS device to use it as is.  Why in the world would you make your biggest competitor's product work better with one of yours?  
Obviously a hit piece. As mentioned above, these suppliers don't work exclusively for Apple. These conditions and much worse are commonplace for Far East suppliers from my understanding. Singling out Apple is grossly unfair. In fact, I think Apple should INDEED sue. The piece contains information and implications known to be false, and is malicious. I don't know about British law, but that's enough for a libel suit.
All these "just out of Apple Care" failures reminds me:  Make sure you have a personal computer rider on your homeowners or renters insurance.   You're unlikely to get a major repair covered out of warranty otherwise.  
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