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I disagree in that while the GOP was certainly partisan (particularly in rhetoric), they did negotiate. At least, they tried. Obama refused to negotiate in good faith..ON ANYTHING. He mocked Republicans from day one, backed out of previously agreed to commitments, etc.
 I haven't been around much and just realized this thread was still going.  Now the narrative is that "even the military" thinks climate change is a threat.   I am literally laughing out loud right now.  Of course the "top brass" consider the dire predictions made by the climate scammers a threat.  They are horrific:  Rising sea levels.  Population displacement.  Mass death and destruction.  Brutal competition for dwindling resources. Mass extinction!  Major climate...
 That was epic.  I think it was seanj_psu or someone who was all-in on HD-DVD.  The HD-DVD crowd was so angry that Blu-ray started winning the battle and constantly crowed about how technically superior it was.  When it became clear that HD-DVD was doomed, one of them just posted something along the lines of "either way, I'm going to keep watching my HD-DVDs--which is the best format on the planet."   LOLOL.
 Agree with all but a "cooperative" Congress.  That seems to be Obama's mantra...that if Congress would just do what he wants, we'd all be fine.  But it's not about that.  Congress isn't supposed  to be cooperative.  It's not the way our system is set up.   The problem is as you describe it later on in your post.  There is no spending strategy...no discussion of national priorities, no discussion of what actually works fiscally.  It's all R vs. D. and what you "support"...
 Not even close.  We had threads go near triple digits if not beyond.  
Dumb.  As bad as when the person of the year was "you."   
 That's what I thought, too. 
Zuckerberg can't hold Cook's jock strap.  He's a kid who invented something cool.  Now Facebook is practically Orwellian.  Of course he's going to mock Cook's comments...his whole financial empire rests on exploiting data.  
I think it's pretty clear from Apple's track record and M.O. that the reason AppleTV isn't being updated very often is that they are waiting to splash into the market with a true "Apple TV."      It's been reported before that Jobs had figured this out before he passed.  As he knew then, the problem is that it would take years to line up the content deals and remake the cable/sat business model to work with the product.  Apple can design an amazing product quickly and...
New Posts  All Forums: