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  Good point.  
http://www.wnd.com/2014/06/irs-chief-scorched-as-liar/   These videos are pretty amazing.  I don't think I've ever seen Congress go after someone this hard in public.   Ditto on never having seen such evasive and absurd answers.   If anything leads to impeachment, it's going to be this.  These e-mails are the new 18 minute gap in the Watergate tapes.  
 And I'd like to be able to print money.  Neither will happen, and neither is a very good idea.  
 Sure it is.  But I said "exists in reality."    Yeah, good luck with that.   What are you going to charge him with?  Who's going to charge him?  In what venue?  Criminal justice proceedings require the violation of a criminal statute.  As many times as Obama has broken "the law," I'm not aware of any criminal statutes he's broken. That doesn't mean he can't be impeached, but detained and charged with something?  Not going to happen.  
 I don't think the concept of a citizen's arrest exist in reality, to be honest.  It might be nice to think about, but what are you going to do...detain the President until the police arrive?  And then what?  
"Fair to the class?"  That's not your decision, judge.  The plaintiffs' counsel agreed to the settlement.  Obviously they feel it's fair.  Anyone who doesn't can opt out and pursue his own litigation.  
South Dakota legislators pass Obama impeachment resolution.    Doesn't mean anything officially, of course, though I do think it shows the movement on this issue over the past month.  If anything does it, it will probably be the IRS scandal.  These missing e-mails are really bad news for Obama.  Republicans and Democrats alike are fuming.     As impossible as I thought impeachment was a few months ago, I have to wonder what the Democrats might do given their panic over...
 I'll go further:  It really depends on the nature of the defect.  Apple may be legally responsible, depending on the circumstances.  For example, what if a company knowingly released defective products and then refused to replace/repair them right after the warranty ended?  A class action lawsuit might be filed.  Depending on outcome (settlement or trial), the company may be held legally responsible.    What we have here, as I said, is a situation that really falls...
 Excellent points.  Hillary remains popular with the Democratic base.  But remember, this is the same base that tossed her aside in favor of Barack Obama.  The Clintons never got over that, and never will.  It has caused her to become even more defensive and combative in interviews, as has been demonstrated recently (speaking of which, her team clearly coached her big time for her recent Fox News interview, where she came off much better than she had the first few weeks of...
That's exactly what I'm been saying...that Congress has low overall approval, so it's misleading to just talk about GOP congressional approval.As for your predictions: It absolutely matters what people think about Obama. You yourself believe that the outgoing President plays a major role in what happens in the election. You stated that real reason Bush beat Gore was the sins of Clinton. How is this different? Just as Bush's unpopularity in 2008 played a major role in...
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