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 That's what I thought, too. 
Zuckerberg can't hold Cook's jock strap.  He's a kid who invented something cool.  Now Facebook is practically Orwellian.  Of course he's going to mock Cook's comments...his whole financial empire rests on exploiting data.  
I think it's pretty clear from Apple's track record and M.O. that the reason AppleTV isn't being updated very often is that they are waiting to splash into the market with a true "Apple TV."      It's been reported before that Jobs had figured this out before he passed.  As he knew then, the problem is that it would take years to line up the content deals and remake the cable/sat business model to work with the product.  Apple can design an amazing product quickly and...
 I'm in Southeast Pennsylvania.  The ATT version is very hard to come by in all but 16GB configurations.  
 Funny, I thought I wanted the Silver/white one after seeing it online (I've always had black).  But at the store I decided on the black/space gray.  The silver/white is also really hard to find.  In PA, it's not in stock in Philly, King of Prussia, or Lancaster.  I found one in Newark, DE.  Also paid no sales tax! :) 
Just got my 6 (64 GB) yesterday from an Apple store in DE.  I was trading my locked ATT iPhone 5 32GB.  I was going to order online, but you can't use the Apple gift card credit towards the purchase that way.  Got $180 from Apple vs. $115 from another trade-in site.     Higher capacity phones are indeed an issue.  I couldn't find the 64GB iPhone 6 in any local Apple store according to online stock checkers.  The 6 seems more popular than the plus does at the moment....
Yawn. Another clever, but ultimately useless ad campaign. Micro$haft is and has been in the odd position of having to advertise products that aren't its own, just because they come with Windows installed. The result is a myriad of products that few can differentiate, coupled with increased awareness of Apple's relatively simple line-up. At the same time, they also sell software for the Mac, meaning that even if they can get more people to use Windows machines, they...
Saw it, too.  I was disappointed.  Kutcher did a great job and really worked hard at "becoming" Jobs.  But his dedication and physical resemblance just couldn't overcome the disjointed script.  It's as if the writers couldn't decide if they were telling the story of Steve Jobs or of Apple itself.   There were also huge leaps in time that left one wondering "how did we get here?"   We Apple fans likely know, but the general audience?  Doubtful.  
Who cares. Bose sucks. Totally overpriced garbage, especially in the "premium" home audio space.
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