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 First, you can shove the attitude.  I've been posting here since you were sucking on your thumb, watching Animaniacs.   Now, to the issue:    I don't think you understand what "free market principles" means.  You seem to be implying that it's some absolutist position or complete laissez faire capitalism embraced by who you describe as "right wing nuts."   I am saying that it is contrary to free market principles to "demand" all of the things you support.    Sounds great,...
 Hey Fellows...I've been away for a long time myself....good to see you.  
 Unrealistic, because it will never happen politically.  Contrary to free market principles by stating the right to tax income earned outside the United States in business transactions having nothing to do with the United States.     A race to the bottom---by removing obstacles for investment?  WTF?    You seem to love when governments "demand" things.  I don't think a lack of backbone is the issue.  It's stupid, anti-business investment policy that's the issue.     In a...
 Please explain how organizations like True the Vote are violating the spirit of the law, then.  They didn't just go after Tea Party Patriot groups.  They went after voter education groups in many cases.  
 Umm, it's not an assumption.  Liberal groups were not targeted.   http://oversight.house.gov/release/new-oversight-report-debunks-myth-liberal-groups-targeted-irs/ http://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2014/04/confirmed-irs-agent-testifies-no-liberal-groups-were-targeted/ Those aren't neutral sources, but in this case they really don't need to be.  We know that conservative groups/Tea Party groups and even voter education/anti-election fraud groups were targeted.  We know...
 We aren't even there yet. The claim was that an equivalent $40 Billion expenditure would solve world hunger.  In fact, not even that...the claim was the there mere act of the U.S. reducing our defense budget by that amount would solve the problem.  There wasn't even any follow-up on where that money would go!
 If you think that statement could possibly be true, then you're part of the problem.  You're claiming that if the United States reduced its defense budget by about 40 billion dollars, we could end world hunger.  Laughably stupid in so many ways.  
 That's stupid.  
This is bad for consumers, certainly. As a Prime member, I love paying $100 a year so Amazon can tell me I can't order certain things at all.
 I don't agree.  jimmac brings this up for one reason:  gloating.  He LOVES that we didn't find WMD in Iraq.  He also paints a picture where every conservative who supported the war was wrong, and that somehow them being wrong makes them wrong about everything for the rest of their lives.  He doesn't read, but I've posted many times that the belief that Saddam had WMD was nearly universal at the time, from conservatives to liberals, from the GOP to the Democrats, from the...
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