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First, no..I don't care what anyone thinks.  But secondly, he posted this as the crux of his argument:  "The bottom line is that the Second Amendment had nothing to do with an individual right to bear arms."   The only response necessary to such a statement is that it's fucking idiotic.  It's so unbelievably stupid that such a statement is beyond comprehension.  It's like arguing the Sun isn't actually hot.  So, think whatever you'd like.  I've got better things to do.  
Your line about having a passport. I've seen other people here pull the same crap. Oh, and as for the language, you're fucking welcome!
 You were being sarcastic, obviously.  And I posted what I did to send the clear message that your point was too fucking dumb to even debate.  Goodbye.  
Sometimes engaging in substantive debate with someone is a waste of time.  This is one of those cases.  His argument is fucking stupid, so much so that I won't even bother debating the point.  The end.  
 They come from being indoctrinated into radical Islam, in most cases.     Yes.  Yes they do.  Economic circumstances have little to nothing to do with terrorism.    You actually believe lack of opportunity is the root cause of terror. I have a passport.  State.  The U.S. State Department.  Surely, even a non-U.S. citizen understands this is a common way to refer to that department.  I wrote that because one of the idiot spokespersons--Marie Harf--actually parroted the...
In this case, that's what it is.  I won't even get into further.  It's so fucking stupid that I don't know where to begin.  
 Fucking.  Idiotic.  
 I didn't claim Congress was blameless.    You're betraying your bias in support of his proposals here. They were oh-so-reasonable and would be oh-so-effective.  Welcome to politics.  You have to work to build relationships and work to build support.  Obama refuses to engage with lawmakers. He simply beats them over the head when they don't do exactly what he wants.    Tell me, what is my position?  I said that our right to keep and bear arms has already been infringed....
You sound as delusional as the idiots working at State. Providing opportunity and a future. Jesus Christ.
I'll add my condemnation of this supposition to the pile. It's completely absurd on many levels. Even the comparison to Arab Bank is ridiculous. The government would have to show that Apple knew specific users were engaging in terrorism, and show negligence by looking the other way. There are some good examples here of how crazy this logic is if carried forward to other products. Under the standardfor criminal and civil liability the authors describe, any company...
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