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Bullshit.  He hasn't even sent a bill to Congress.  He just gets on TV and lectures them with phrases like "why wouldn't we do that?" and "Republicans in Congress [insert something about standing in the way]."  His views are wrongheaded and misguided, but the real issue (fortunately) is that he's a shitty leader.  He's terrible at building support and relationships needed to get legislation through.  He just says "**** it, I'll do it by fiat and make it look like I'm doing...
Well, another shooting in a theater, so I guess we can get ready for a new dose of our "soul-searching" President wagging his finger at all gun owners.  
The drop is likely not related in any way. Things are down a bit today in general.
I had both my iPhone 4 and my iPhone 5 replaced under warranty. The 4's camera failed, and the 5 had problems with the sleep/wake button. Each time I clearly got a refurb product, which was fine. It looked new and functioned new. Apple isn't kidding when it says it's refurb products are tested to both appear and function like new products. I don't see how one can claim that they are not "equivalent to new." They absolutely are.
   You love that line.  It's fairly obvious that mini owners are in the minority.  That doesn't mean the product lacks value.  Apple TV owners are in the minority compared to Mac owners, too.  So are Watch owners.  So are MAC PRO owners.  You're making nothing but a rhetorical argument.  
I'm trying to be polite here, but it's really frustrating when you seem to willfully ignore and mistate my point. I've never claimed iTunes was MP3. I don't think you're correct that it was always 160kbps, either. I'm almost positive it was 128 at one point. Either way, I stand by my original point: Most listeners will not hear a difference between whatever bitrate AAC iTunes/Apple Music uses now, and the presumed 256kbps high quality option. Not on most consumer car...
Ridiculous. You think like a Microsoft executive. Don't let consumers choose what they want, MAKE them do what you want. You're assuming that Apple is making $100 less on each mini than they are each regular iPad, which is obviously wrong. Secondly, you're assuming that the only reason to by a mini is price. I had an original mini, and now a 2nd generation mini, and I can tell you price was only one factor. I love the size for how I use it. I find the iPad Air to be...
Well, it kind of is the point, actually.  Given that many people find the quality of satellite totally acceptable at 40 kbps (proprietary), and given that iTunes was at 128kbps (AAC) exclusively for years without many serious complaints about sound quality from consumers, it certainly doesn't seem likely.  With your background, I think you're really overestimating the average listener's ability to discriminate in this regard.  Once you add in the relatively low quality of...
Can't wait to get my hands on one of the new 1.7 gigabyte processors!
Got it. Yes, we agree.Got it. I agree with that. I'd go even further though and suggest that on most car audio equipment, people won't hear much if any difference between 128 and 256 AAC. That was my original point in response to the story.
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