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  I watch parts of it, mostly their debate parodies (which are great).  
  Agreed in principle, but your examples are flawed.           That's a suspect statement.  First, you don't know that to be the case.  It's nothing but unsupported opinion.  Secondly, Nixon was corrupt, but he was also a very good President in many ways.  Nixon was an amazing politician despite his off-putting personality.  He was brilliant.  He essentially ended the Vietnam war and used triangular diplomacy to great avail.  The economy was relatively strong.  So I'd...
  What?  Testing a nuclear weapon doesn't show capability?  I don't think that's what you mean, but...what do you mean?     As for the next step:  Looking at where we are now, I'd say the next step(s) are as follows:     Make the "red line" clear for Iran.  Make a public statement to the effect that crossing this line (be it enrichment levels or what have you) means that the United States and Israel will use all means necessary to stop Iran from acquiring nuclear...
  I'm saying it's comical to watch BR pretend to be a religious scholar for the purpose of attacking religion.  Hilarious, in fact.        My ilk?  Who is that and when do "we" rip Islam?  And because  there is other criticism of Islam, you feel it's OK to only target other religions?  I shouldn't be surprised, I suppose.  I mean, you liberals do love making things "fair."       You realize you just made an incredibly bigoted statement, correct?  
  Pathetic and desperate.  First, the Romney/Ryan logo appears to be a sticker.  Secondly, the campaign immediately and strongly denounced it.   Last...given that we know there were "racist" plants at Tea Party rallies, I wouldn't be surprised if this was the same thing.  
  Beat me too it.  Can't wait for BR et al to respond.  
  Classic BR.  
  Reasonable answer, though I still don't believe we know everything with regard to their program.  We probably know a lot, but if we're off by even a small amount, it could lead to them crossing "the red line" so to speak.  Obviously testing is a dead giveaway, as you say.  But once they've tested a weapon it's far too late.  We need to prevent them from acquiring one.  So far, the sanctions, despite being effective at harming their economy, don't seem to have deterred...
Oh look, BR started another thread attacking religion.  And surprise!--he also tried to use the Holy book of *that religion to make a case against it.         *Does not apply to Islam. 
  I'll acknowledge there are people who have used religion to craft policy on all those issues.  However, I'd ask you to acknowledge that many people differ with you on these issues for other reasons.  For example, I am opposed to gay marriage, though my position has nothing to do with my faith.  The same applies to any differences we have on drugs, alcohol, prostitution and abortion, not to mention education.     But here is the problem:  What you claim is a movement to...
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