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  I didn't say our "hands were clean."  I said we don't practice tyranny.  Neither of the above are examples of tyranny.  
  First, you might want to learn to spell the name of VPOTUS.  ;)  Secondly, you think that Romney has to defend his record?  You mean, the one where he's been successful at just everything he's ever done?  That record? And Ryan vs.Biden?  Biden can't even carry Paul Ryan's jock.  
  1.  It was no cheap shot.  It was a completely accurate statement.  But hey, how dare he speak out.  He should have just kept his mouth shut, right?    2. Yes, Obama was responsible.  He is the Chief Executive and the statement came from the State Department/Embassy.  If he disagreed, he should have condemned the statement immediately and issued his own.  He is also responsible for much of the violence we are seeing right now.  From day one, he has positioned us in a...
          Your vitriol and insults against all Republicans and Conservatives aside, the simple fact remains that you're just...completely wrong.  The notion that somehow radical Christians (a term which you believe is synonymous with Republicans) are stirring up a hornets' nest is straight out of bizarro world.  You, in fact, demonstrate the same basic misunderstanding of what drives violence and hatred in the Middle East as our President does.  We will not improve the...
Will it be called the MyPhone?  
Ordered m black 32GB AT
  Wow.  I didn't see this before.  You're going to go to that well?  That's what you can come up with?  I'm actually disappointed.  
  Color me shocked.  And who broke the story on advance notice?  The Independent...from Great Britain.  Not a U.S. source.  They simply don't care.  They'd rather spend time coordinating attacks on Mitt Romney at his press conference.  
My issue that my AT
  You've hit the nail on the head....they have different cultures and different traditions.  They are also much smaller states with different needs.  Many haven't needed much of a military or security complex, because we've done it for them along with the Brits.       I find Gallup to be slightly left and Rasmussen slightly right. CNN is a little more to the left.  You are onto something regarding turnout, though.  One of the most encouraging signs for Romney is that...
New Posts  All Forums: