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  And yet we still have people that think FDR "saved us."  We still have people running around claiming Obama has held federal spending growth to the lowest point in 60 years, too.  And people that believe that taxation is zero sum/doesn't affect behavior.  
I'm trying to figure this out.  Let's say my wife and I have iPhones and want 4GB of data.  What is the monthly price?  $150?  I pay a little more than that now, but my plan is unlimited.  Then, if I wanted to add other devices (say an iPad) it would be $20/month PER device.      All of the above is exactly why I'm bailing on AT&T when I upgrade to the new iPhone.  Their network sucks.  Their pricing structure sucks.  Their service sucks.  Their coverage sucks.  Back...
  If you think I'm a right wing extremist, you simply don't understand my positions very well.  While I am fiscally conservative and tend to be more hawkish on defense issues, I also:      Think drug use for adults should be legal Think abortion should be legal during the first trimester and in certain other cases.  It should also have nothing to do with the federal government.   Support Social Security and Medicare (though I do think they need to be reformed,...
  Reported for personal attacks.  Incidentally, none of what I posted above was an "insult" in any sense.  You seem to label opposing opinions "insults" regardless of what this opinions actually are.  
  Right.  Another mistranslation, I suppose?  Hmmm. Funny, because Hezbollah (supported by the Iranian government), wants to launch chemical attacks that would kill "tens of thousands."    Iran's leadership views Israel as an "illegitimate state."   
    You know, for some reason I just realized that you're taking at least as much issue with the "legitimate rape" part as you are the medical ignorance.   I was listening to/reading coverage of his comments from various sources today, and just realized this was part of the controversy (I really hadn't followed it that closely).   To me, this particular part of the controversy is contrived and bogus.  It's pretty clear he meant "legitimate rape" as in "a woman was...
  He was an At Will employee.  Apple doesn't need just cause.  If there is no record of such a promise of continued employment, he's got nothing.           Uh, 'this much money" has nothing to do with it.  People sue over such "promises" all the time.  If he didn't have a contract and/or records of such promises, he's screwed.  
  No, it's not.   You should really take the time to look into the Philly situation.  More than 100 percent turnout, tens of thousands of last minute registrations, non-citzens voting, dead people voting, voting in the wrong party's primary, etc.  The evidence is all there if you'll take the time to look.     And none of that has anything to do with basic argument about voter ID laws:  Voting is too important to not have some sort of ID requirement.  We require ID for...
  I should clarify...I think he took it literally, particularly when he posted:        He put forth that interpretation to use it to portray you as "outrageous."     As for the end result, you're right.  How else can everyone to be forced to bend to BR's will?  And don't bother questioning his decisions.  Only idiots, hate mongers, racists, bigots, the ignorant and galactically stupid would do that.  
Sammi..     Yeah...ultra ultra conservative extremists.  LOL.     Guess what you're asking for?    
New Posts  All Forums: