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Long battery life my butt.  I love my new iPhone 5, but it definitely is a power hog compared to my iPhone 4.  It might not be different from the 4S, but everyone I know with an "S" complains about how often they need to charge it.   Don't try using GPS without a car charger, or using apps/internet at full screen brightness for more than 90 minutes....let's jsut sya that.  
  Thanks for sharing your opinion.               You haven't asked, so forgive me for assuming you were not.             Are we really going to get into a debate about what constitutes a dictatorship?           I believe I showed that by giving some examples of actions that are tyrannical.           Everything?  That's unlikely.         Yes, with a qualification.  I'd say it's more than the number of actions, but the nature of those actions.         I listed some of them....
  Oh come the **** on.  "Selfish, jingoistic twats?"  I find it hard to believe you honestly think that.  I also find it hard to believe you actually think Obama deserves reelection.   
  No, the polls are flawed when they are flawed.  I've shown (as has trump) specifically what the problems are.  Care to discuss that?        Actually, 2004 was the one year where the votes didn't break as hard for the challenger.  They were closer to 50-50.  In every other election it's been closer to 80-20.  
  Let me translate:  1.  Romney and Ryan are going to hurt the poor by cutting food stamps for people that need them!  2.  Bush!  
    Dude, get real.  You're talking about maybe a dozen phones out of 5,000,000.   Their quality control is actually amazing.  
  I understand what it means perfectly.  It certainly applies to your strawman-esque tactic of claiming I won't accept "anything" as far as tyranny is  concerned.   And in terms of the examples that have been provided, I have not "hand waived" anything.  I simply don't feel they qualify as tyranny.    Interestingly enough, you still don't seem very concerned as to what I do think constitutes tyranny.   It seems that since you are dedicated to deriding my position and...
  1)  I don't consider those actions tyranny.   That much is correct.    2)  Hypocrisy much?  You are accusing me of not making a real argument, and you post...that?  LOL. 
    Cute image.  Also, completely inaccurate. 
    Even Rasmussen has used flawed turnout models at times.  And no jimmac, this is far from denial.  I'm telling you that the numbers they are using are absolutely, objectively insane.  Many are using Dem samples that are 20% above 2008's record Dem turnout.  The same applies for demographics.  Rasmussen had this very issue, predicting black turnout at 14% of the vote.  The problem?  It's been 11% for every year except 2008 (including 2010, the most recent national...
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