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  Uh, it's not wealth redistribution he wants?  There.  There ya go.  You know why?  Because he opposes wealth redistribution.  What you are referring to is wealth inequality.   That is a natural state of affairs (or problem, if you prefer).  You favor government "solving" that problem by forcibly taking the fruits of a person's labor and giving them to someone else.  Mitt Romney does not.     Also, ditto on this:           Exactly.  It doesn't matter what Romney...
  You have absolutely no evidence of that whatsoever.  
  iPod touch worked well.  not enough space on iPhone.  Probably will just wait.   
I doubt I'm going to upgrade just yet. My 5 is on order and my iPhone 4 prob doesn't have the space anyway.
iMessages sent to your phone number now appear in Messages on your Mac --This was really starting to annoy me. Glad it's fixed...hopefully.
  It's as I said before...this goes well beyond regular, run-of-the-mill bias.  This is outright advocacy.  The "meltdown" narrative is entirely media created.  Romney has been excoriated for speaking the truth on a host of subjects, from the London games, to Libya to the political realities of the 47% that pay no income tax.  He's said nothing inaccurate or all that surprising.  Hadn't we been hearing for months that the Games had suspect security?  Was the initial...
  I have few problems syncing, especially with iCloud.  My wife just had her iPhone 4S replaced due to a hardware issue.  Thanks to iCloud, she didn't even have to sync with our home Mac.  She had EVERYTHING back on her new phone within minutes at the Apple store.     iMessage has been less reliable, though it will works well overall.  
    Not painful and not surprising.  What he said was 100% accurate as trumptman notes.  Your comments on "off the cuff" and distraction are laughably hypocritical and ironic.  The Middle East and our own economy are in ruins, and the President is talking about Mitt Romney's tax returns.     Oh, and why no front page news when this happened?    
  Have I been asked to identify it, or just agree with you and Jazz?               I don't believe the term fits.   From your link:  "Tyranny is usually thought of as cruel and oppressive, and it often is, but the original definition of the term was rule by persons who lack legitimacy, whether they be malign or benevolent."       Do you believe our leaders lack legitimacy?               I see.  So you're looking at the issue as if it exists in...
Let me get this straight, sammi:  Occupy failed because the "right wing" and its media allies succeeded in portraying it and infiltrating it?  Hmm.  I suppose it had nothing to do with the Occupy movement being unfocused, unrealistic and radical?  Occupy failed because it did have a clear, concise message communicated by reasonable or even just convincing people.  When such a message was heard, it was far too radical for the majority of the public.  And I'm sorry, I...
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