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1. Susquehanna poll has Romney up 49-45. Sample was likely voters, 48% D, 42% R.2. Ohio is 49-48 average, well within the margin.3. VA is gone, and I think you know it.4. Gallup back up to 52-45 Romney as of today.
  LOL. You complain about ad-homs while trashing believers like it's your job.  Hysterical.  
  LOL.  Half a percent in a month, despite jobless claims being back up this week?  Despite the past number making most sense?  LOL.   As for Gallup, you're just speculating.  There is virtually no difference in a 1% decline.  The point is he's over 50% and the incumbent is not.  Even former Mondale campaign manager admits that if Gallup is correct right now, it's over.    Hands, if you understood anything about statistics and data as they relate to reelection campaigns,...
  What a joke.  Republican or Democrat, it doesn't take a genius to understand the administration knew the attack was pre-planned and not related to the video when they repeatedly and directly claimed otherwise.  That is the issue that matters.  Intelligence failures, intelligence vagueness, or even mistakes are understandable.  Lying is not.  And we have proof of lying.  
  WTF?  LOL.  
  That is a bald-faced lie.  
  Ha.  You sound like Gingrich.  "He just said at least four false things. Go to my website to find out why."  Really, BR...you're being so lazy.  Tell me which things are discredited and false.  Or just acknowledge what I think you know deep down:  Obama is a failed President.  
  Really, which things?       Because they were.  Do I need to list them for you again?  Yeah, I think I do.     Failed stimulus $2.7 Trillion healthcare bill No budget from Senate in 1,250 days Trillion dollar+ deficits four years in a row Broke promise to cut deficit in half Massive increase in welfare programs, food stamps, etc. Real unemployment of 11% Failure to negotiate a SoFA with Iraqis, Iraq now on fire. Failure to take military's recommendation...
  False.  There is plenty of oil.  In fact, oil may not even be a finite resource.   
  What an explosive story.  Of course, it doesn't compare to a business owner telling Obama business has been "terrible since you got here."          So everyone has to serve in the military to "serve" the country?  What does "we shouldn't be protected against any religion at all" mean?  Does that mean someone should be able to convert you against your wishes?           Wishful thinking, Hands.  Go look at the RCP map today.  Romney has taken his first electoral lead....
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