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If only they could bring back the colored logo!
Apple should bring highlights to spotlight since in iOS 8 it's finally becoming on par with Google now but is not easy enough to discover IMO. From the lock screen searching for a place is now super easy as well as calling directly without having the number. But they should include a 'search with maps' option.
 Most companies use iOS. That doesn't mean that they exclusively use iOS.Apple has a huge growth opportunity here.
Is it just me or is this news HUGE ?
Last link is broken.
Because typing on the ONE toggle to disable location services on iOS is sooo hard!!
The screen would still light up actually. The notification light is if you missed the screen notification.
That image always makes me dream about a larger iPad that would look just like that. It would be great.
It's only been less than a year :)Times seems to pass quicker when we miss something we like in a OS.
iOS 6 looks so old now. How could we have liked that?
New Posts  All Forums: