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And when did they begin using the S? Oh right, the year the 3GS came out.
Just like banking in general so that's great!
What's funny about that second slide about 'lock screen efficiency' is that Apple ended up stopping using the more rigid slider to allow swiping across the whole screen to unlock. From Apple's pov, sliding across the whole screen is now better. Samsung, who was only intent on copying Apple, didn't even think that their original implementation, or a variation of it, might have been superior to the slider. That's because they weren't actually looking at making stuff better.
But it looks super cool!
Maybe an answer to the Galaxy smartwatches called 'shoo shoo!' Edit : they are not even good watches so 'smartwatches'
They probably know something. iWatch announcement at WWDC?
Wow. Seriously, what drugs are you taking? Stop the medication immediately and go check a doctor. Is there a single letter that makes sense in your comment?
Am I? 
I wouldn't trust any analysis from any analyst, be it positive or negative.
Maybe the reality distortion field operates a lot on many here but, no, Yahoo and Bing search are still terrible compared to Google search. I recently tried to look for a specific website with vague terms on the three search engines. Didn't find it on Yahoo, was on second page on Bing and was the second result on Google.
New Posts  All Forums: