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I agree with what he's doing but at the same time understand the people who say that he shouldn't involve Apple in such matters. It's a difficult balance to find and I think this battle deserves to be fought under the name of Apple. After all it's surprising to see people who don't see that Apple is liberal at the root.
In that case no one will ever be able to make a movie about anyone without being opportunistic. There was a good story to tell, they told it. The movie does a good job at depicting the character of Jobs and that will expose him to a lot of people who don't know him or even have never heard his name. I think it's pretty good if that happens and reducing the movie to an opportunistic experience is unfair. I haven't seen the movie but I guess it will show that he was a genius...
Thank you for this review. I want to see it now. Evidently Cook should have known better before criticizing this movie that everyone is praising.
Not cool. At all.
Interesting. Here is the article :http://appleinsider.com/articles/06/11/30/apple_seeks_patent_on_radio_transparent_zirconia_ce_casingsApple used Zirconia for the Apple Watch.
LCD would be odd with what Ive said about OLED displays.
Funny that you talk about A/C because in the US it's a catastrophe and New Yorkers seem not to notice how loud AC is in the city all the time. Time to use modern technology !
Also, it's funny to notice how page loading hasn't really gotten faster in the past ten years even with greater bandwidth. By now I'd have thought that clicking any website would open it instantaneously. Ads and trackers make that impossible.
I block all ads, everywhere. Every time I try disabling Adblock I only see stuff I couldn't care less about, ugly ads, stupid ads, ads for stuff I don't want to see. Ads aren't elegant, they disrupt the design of websites. If I don't want ads in an OS why should I want them on the web?
The big fuss is that with 16GB they shouldn't put useless stuff in it.
New Posts  All Forums: