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Am I? 
I wouldn't trust any analysis from any analyst, be it positive or negative.
Maybe the reality distortion field operates a lot on many here but, no, Yahoo and Bing search are still terrible compared to Google search. I recently tried to look for a specific website with vague terms on the three search engines. Didn't find it on Yahoo, was on second page on Bing and was the second result on Google.
Can't you even read the page? Normal, large, etc... have nothing to do with resolution.
I'd like a 4.1-4.2 screen. One that fits on a phone the size of the current iPhone. Not bigger. This 4.7 model already looks too big to me. I just want a slightly wider screen. My Nexus S had a perfect width. About that pool, I think people can't judge until they hold the device in their hands, so I'll wait to pass judgement. After all, Apple products are meant to be touched and felt.
Why would they block MS on this. People will be able to open passes on their windows phone, Apple doesn't lose anything.
I don't understand... the green grid on your image doesn't fit with the screen. If this is it, it's too large for my tastes, I hope they keep the 4 inches model.
Well duh! Spotify just issued an update this week and it's better than ever. Nothing in the world comes close to it. Apple has probably been hindered by its huge contracts with music labels to provide a real streaming service. But they will eventually make one, it's the obvious progression of things. Even then, I like Spotify so much and have spent so many years tuning it to my preferences, that I wouldn't switch to iTunes streaming right away.
 Eventually they should. What better way to interact with the user than also with emotions? I think the best way Apple could do it is by using emoticons. It's so simple that it fits Apple perfectly. People use them a lot, and they are universal. :-) Apple certainly needs to make their heuristics and data detecting systems much better.  At a glance information like in Google Now is the future. There is still a lot to do in this department, so I'm sure they'll be part of the...
 Uhm... ok....  Almost. If the stand and bezels are ugly I won't buy it, even if it's the best screen there is.Panasonic TVs look nice.
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