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The big fuss is that with 16GB they shouldn't put useless stuff in it.
I dont see why Gruber finds this surprising. For years now the september event has been filed with a pretty long and boring repeat of new iOS and OSX features. That time that usually span for 30-45 minutes can easily be used to showcase a new product. Sure there are two new products here but in the long run having two keynotes per year is largely enough.
What to say other than : LOL
Wow, that is so low. Is this really their answer to the Apple Watch? Lame.
Yes she is idiotic, but so is Google voice search in which Google spent billions too. That shows that making a good virtual assistant is hard and that this pretentious guy is telling nonsense.
Actually a simple google search by date shows how there were no rumors of Samsung watch before the rumors of the Apple watch started appearing. It was approx on March 3rd 2014 if I remember correctly. The months before no one talked of a Samsung watch but right after the Apple tumors, so many websites talked of a Samsung watch. Pathetic.
I think it looks really nice. They probably intended to copy Apple for different things and we should see more of that ice the entire UI is shown. But the design of the hardware is nice.
It works with international flights. Click on the airport's name and it will zoom in. Tap on the plane symbol and it will zoom on the general view.
**** Unbox Therapy.
An opera? What could they possibly find after that? A boys band with his name?
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