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Sorry, that wasn't trolling, that's my opinion. The protruding camera is terrible. The 5.5 inch phone that's bigger than some other 6 inch phones is bad too.I repeat my point : you look like an idiot when using that as a phone. But hey, apparently you constantly carry around a headset, that seems so practical...not!I make sense, it's just that you don't want to understand. You are the guy that uses two iPhones at the same time, does THAT make sense??
That's way too technical for me
I've finally seen the 6Plus and I'm sorry but it's just horrible! Its size makes it horrible. And the plastic bands on both models feel cheap. Just like the camera. Worst iPhone model ever imo. And I totally agree with Apple II, huge phone exist only to please people who can't afford a tablet and will never realize how great a tablet experience is. Oh and to everyone who uses a 6Plus : you look like idiots when placing a call.
Nothing original. The Nabaztag had the same principle and was way cuter and funnier. That said, I can't wait for Apple to do their box that includes the same functionality. Ask it to read the news and it does. All it to call someone, to make an appointment, and it does. It's the future.
OSX is THE best OS in the world, without a doubt. Those extension options are just amazing.
Their integration of POI data in calendars is great.
You mean you "couldn't care less".Saying that Steve didn't need to say he was straight, that's homophobic.
No one is 100% gay or straight. Your view of sexuality is restrictive. There are not too poles but an array of sexualities.
The success of the tablet shows that most people don't need that. Apple needs to find a way to convince people that they can do on a tablet most of the job they do on a laptop. How many people still use their laptop just for surfing the Web? The main problem the iPad has imo is the storage which is still too small for it to be used as a main computer. 
It runs Windows...of course it's crap. Windows 8 still uses icons from XP and most settings menus haven't changed since 1998. It's a horrible mess, not at all optimized for touch. 
New Posts  All Forums: