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Horrible photoshop ; of course if Apple is going to put the home button into the screen, they are also going to put the speaker and camera under it too.
I think that's right.
I've seen several people saying the presentation had been bad. I feel we've seen two different keynotes. It deserved the "one more thing".
 I see little disruption possible with a radio station. They presented it as such and didn't overhype it imo.
Latest Taylor Swift album missing.   Wow, this feature is great ! Apple really worked hard to make their service better.
 It's in the 8.4 beta only. Update arrives at the end of the month.
Because they can do it themselves without rushing.
What did you expect exactly? It's a radio station. I think it's fine.
Of course few media are going to talk about this. Or maybe they will and turn it into something negative following the rule : what is good for Apple is bad for Apple.
 Well, that the majority won't pay seems obvious to me. Do we really need to argue about that?
New Posts  All Forums: