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Fighting over phones? What a ridiculous concept. Everyone knows iPhone is better anyway.
Will it be in Europe before I die?
I think (hope) he was being sarcastic.
Samsung wishes this was a April's Fools... but it's not. :D
Why should he be angry? This makes no sense.
I was joking :D
Yes, but we can add to what you said that thanks to its increased thickness over the 6, the 6C could use a flush camera.:P
It's almost certainly going to come with Apple Pay. If Apple indeed goes along the 4 inch route for the C series that's great and it will be my next buy for sure.
That's probably why true believers have hindered the advancements of science and social progress for a thousand years and that black rights, women rights, gay rights, even animal rights, have been recognized thanks to secular thinking developed in the past 300 years.
 America is an always changing country, it may be the only country that is so clearly turned towards change in the world. It's not a country for white people only, or for catholics only, it's for everyone. Saying that if you don't like something in the US you have to leave shows a deep misunderstanding of what the USA are and is completely in opposition with American values. In the USA, if you don't like something, you fight to change it. I am not American, and yet I find...
New Posts  All Forums: