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It works with international flights. Click on the airport's name and it will zoom in. Tap on the plane symbol and it will zoom on the general view.
**** Unbox Therapy.
An opera? What could they possibly find after that? A boys band with his name?
Damn protruding camera !!
This will affect hundred of millions of people and last for years. It's a catastrophe. AHAHAHAH
I've switched to Apple Music and adapting to its UI, coming from the Beats Music app which I think worked great.   One thing that lacks from Apple Music is the ability to quickly return to the playlist the current song is playing from. If the playlist was deep into the 'new' section, good luck finding it back to read its description !   In the Beats app the 'now playing' tab was actually a two-faced panel : one showing the current song, the other showing the album or...
Congrats ! You've managed to quickly comment about homosexuality and pedophilia in the same thread !
Is this kind of comment accepted? Do people need to ask for your authorization to post?
I find all these colors sad together. I miss the old bold colors.
Yes, they keep on saying they put the interest of customers first, but this decision only serves to make Apple more money and has only a negative impact on the user. It doesn't make sense. Make only two models with the minimal at 64 GB, that would be big.
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