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... that's annoying. Sms relay has stopped working for me for a mysterious reason. Call relay works however :/
Not that surprising knowing that most Europeans use credit cards that use PIN codes which are already very secure. But I'm sure that once European consumers realize that Apple Pay (and others) are superior to physical cards (auto renewal, single transaction token) and not merely gadgets that only remove the need for an actual card, they'll understand.
 No big loss. They are part of the UE and they have to play by the rules.
Seriously, iPads should have stereo speakers by now!
That's called an Apple TV.
Very odd. At first I thought iPods, then Apple TV.
MacBooks are truly expensive at the moment for what they offer. I bought a Macbook Pro in 2011 and it was less than 1900$ for 500 GB of storage and a 15inch screen. If I want the same thing now, that will cost me at least 2300! Sure the tech has changed and all, but in the end, if I want a 15inch computer with a lot of storage for less than 2000$ I can't have it from Apple. I don't think that's normal.
16% of tens, which are clearly not the target consumers, seems a lot to me.
Are you a giant or something? The iPhone is a phone, the iPad is a tablet. People don't place call holding their iPad to their ear. 4.7 is too big already. I'll probably use an iPhone with that size already, but only because I won't have a choice.5.5 is monstruosly gigantic. The phone looks oversized and that makes it ugly even if the design is great if you don't look at the size.People who buy a 5.5 phone probably don't own a tablet and will never truly know what a great...
The iPhone 6 Plus is just a totally lame phone anyway. This is just one more reason not to buy it. I can't wait to see people looking like idiots while they place a call with it.
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