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I understand. Yes, most artists have been using musical ideas already tried centuries ago. What's most important now is less the technical aspect (not always though) and more the meaning. Frankly classical music isn't very deep imo on that and each piece deals with only a few emotions at a time, even if maybe with more subtlety. 
  Michelangelo. He wasn't english :)
Björk just made a new album, try it !
What if the next product Apple presents is an iBook running iOS?
 No need to go hyperbolic. Indeed it's a good question why it took them so long. Probably they had more important problems to sort and were looking for a better solution than just displaying pictures in a regular pattern like Google does. I'm impatient to see what the result will be, street imagery is one important thing missing from maps now. Add a better search, transit directions and point of interest search and it will be perfect.
Rob Enderle...how can someone claim to be an analyst and not see what this is ? High res street view imagery applied as textures is coming to maps.
Ah ah Looppay Sends over the air something that's not supposed to. Doesn't yet use tokens. Stores card numbers on the phone. And since it's not NFC, the phone needs to be manually unlocked, the app launched ecc... No one is going to use it.
Lyrical is still much better then.
 Because Apple doesn't have enough money? All that you are saying sound so un-Apple. It's not up to us to pronounce stuff perfectly and to change a sentence so that Siri gets that we are talking about tea.
Off topic but looking at that image, isn't the 5S beautiful? It's like a block of aluminium.
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