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Are you a giant or something? The iPhone is a phone, the iPad is a tablet. People don't place call holding their iPad to their ear. 4.7 is too big already. I'll probably use an iPhone with that size already, but only because I won't have a choice.5.5 is monstruosly gigantic. The phone looks oversized and that makes it ugly even if the design is great if you don't look at the size.People who buy a 5.5 phone probably don't own a tablet and will never truly know what a great...
The iPhone 6 Plus is just a totally lame phone anyway. This is just one more reason not to buy it. I can't wait to see people looking like idiots while they place a call with it.
I'm worried that next year when I want to replace my 5S there won't be an Apple phone that I can use one-handed. I'm also afraid that some people here will tell me that I need to give up already and that I don't need it.
That means journalist will now issue corrections saying that all this was a non-story. Or maybe I'm naive.
Having privacy is being above the law? These people are crazy and need to be stopped. We are already in a dystopia.
How the **** is this possible? How can they screw up so badly?
The second one is really funny.
I'm surprised no one said that yet.   I know people don't like that but I feel it's compulsory every time there's good news, or any news, about Apple.   Doomed.   There, done.   Now could someone who isn't banned from Macrumors go there and post that, if they haven't already. I can't imagine how negatively they must be talking about this.
No China? Limited supply?   Extremely impressive !   I might find it too big, it's a huge success for Apple.   Am I the only one hoping they will continue on keeping a smaller version around, even if less powerful than the main iPhone? Maybe C versions could remain small?
 But eventually one year it will be smaller or at least equal, it's has to be, it's mathematical. Same with sales. But then people will say "Look! No more growth!"... I fear that day because some people will be sooo annoying, and I think it might come soon.
New Posts  All Forums: