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 I wonder, maybe that's what I've actually scratched on my 5S. The point would be to avoid big scratches. As long as someone does scratch it to a diamond ring, it should be fine.
Poor Koh, forced to listen to the same testimonies again, for 25 hours!
40 years?Maybe you don't realize the potential Oculus has. VR and AR will be everywhere within 20 years max.
Perfectly reasonable way to think. The smartwatch may be very good, but maybe not many people will be interested in it. I might be interested, but I'd be very surprised if it was as big as the iPhone or iPad. And if they sell well without changing everything again, it will be fine for sure. But anti-Apple pundits will use it as an excuse to say that Apple isn't the magical company it was supposed to be before.
Great article. Makes me think of The Macalope a little.
When I meant that I wanted to 'see' sapphire glass, I just meant I wanted the iPhone to have it... I had thought people would tell me what you said.   The lack of true-tone flash is dubious, but I don't see any obvious indication that it's a fake. It's still very early for mass production, maybe they are doing some tests for build only, before looking at materials. Well, if it's fake I'd be happy about it, that protruding camera looks terrible.
Of course there is a reference. The Lightning port and headphone jack. It seems 1-1.5 mm thinner than the iPhone 5.
I want to see the sapphire glass. This is the real thing, I feel it. Looks very thin. The white parts are probably for a test model only.
What's awesome about them? The screen is the best in some models, but heir designs are often ugly compared to others.
If it includes Apple products it is unfair.
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