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I see a lot of changes in those watch faces since the introduction. Nice.
I'm gay, and I find it very funny when I read straight people say that being gay is widely accepted, that everything is fine and that we shouldn't even be talking about it. At the end of the day, those people are straight, they are ignorant and should get informed. Even coming out with family and friends can be very difficult and impact people psychologically.
I understand completely why Cook wrote this article, and it's great, but are there really still people who ignored this? I thought we had the same discussion like a few months ago, and that was ancient history then already.
Well booohoo
Quote:  Argh! Those two things are extremely annoying!
... that's annoying. Sms relay has stopped working for me for a mysterious reason. Call relay works however :/
Not that surprising knowing that most Europeans use credit cards that use PIN codes which are already very secure. But I'm sure that once European consumers realize that Apple Pay (and others) are superior to physical cards (auto renewal, single transaction token) and not merely gadgets that only remove the need for an actual card, they'll understand.
 No big loss. They are part of the UE and they have to play by the rules.
Seriously, iPads should have stereo speakers by now!
That's called an Apple TV.
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