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 Great link. But I don't get you signature. Google didn't copy java, they just used it like Apple used Objective-C.
 lol  What's most incredible is how excited MS fanboys were, for example on The Verge, when this is just another Surface.As if the concept was totally different. It just has a bigger screen, that's all.
This is the version that will destroy Apple TV ! one year later... Now, THIS, is the version that will annihilate Apple TV ! one year later... Ok, ok... THIS, seriously, is the version that will shame Apple TV ! one year later ... .... ......
Yes, FTL is really fun.
 Was thinking about the Mac too. Its chin is very important.
I saw no one reacting to the fact that Siri was opening up. I imagine all apps will soon be able to do that, or maybe next year.
Because you only use one hand with a stylus ??Anyway, I hope this big iPhone isn't real. If it is I don't ever want to see that monster.
Looks real. If it's a fake, the people who made it understand Apple very well. Those recessed buttons make a lot of sense.
No, you didn't understand. I was talking about iOS 6 and it was perfectly clear in my sentence. I don't see how you can say that iOS is going to "eye-candy" when it was worse before.
Yes, I was thinking about that too :)
New Posts  All Forums: