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 So? The 99% number still came out of his ass.
Yes, that's what happens when I comment before reading the whole story...
If thicker means camera no longer sticking out I'm in !
What happens when you use the Fuse button (I imagine it's made for Beats accounts) ? Can't wait.
People prefer the S3 to the iPhone 5S? World has gone crazy.
I see the benefit in that Apple whether it wants or not has to compete with Google on their same terrain for more and more services, and this allows them to do exactly that.What I wonder is how they will monetize this, because they will need to. Google's approach, where ads aren't clearly visible, could be a solution.
Looked for 940 Madison avenue on Maps. This app is still a catastrophe. It showed me a store called "avenue" in St. Louis. Seriously. BTW I live in Europe and the map was initially centered on my town.
 Except there are studies showing how these things are way less distracting that talking on the phone, or using an electronic device to communicate with someone else. It's the abstraction that we need to make to imagine the person on the other end of the line that's distracting.
Quote: Android Pay isn't an upgrade from Wallet, it works in a completely different way, which is the Apple Pay way. Of course Google was developing fingerprint support before Apple but they are now 2 years late. Makes sense... NOT.
 I'm already paying them, but I don't like it. Flickr has been free with 1TB for what, 2 years now?  I still think iOS looks and works way better. Android still feels extremely rough, and Lollipop is as Fisher Price as XP.
New Posts  All Forums: