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That would be great an coherent with Apple's strategy to date.
I'm not American and even I know that's not how the first works.That said, this decision is stupid. Are we going to erase parts of our past like that? Remembrance is necessary precisely to avoid those things to happen again. A confederate flag in a game about history has its place.
Yes, what the Billboard guy said doesn't make any sense.
I see absolutely no point in doing it like shown in the image. Samsung had the opportunity to create a new bold design with the S6 and instead they partially copied the iPhone border and used the curved screen like they would use a flat screen : they didn't even try to blend it with the bezel like Apple did with the  Watch. If Apple uses it for mere aesthetic reasons (and what other reasons could there be), I hope they do something better and curved the screen completely...
Imagine all the tens of ... dozens people who will buy this !
Horrible photoshop ; of course if Apple is going to put the home button into the screen, they are also going to put the speaker and camera under it too.
I think that's right.
I've seen several people saying the presentation had been bad. I feel we've seen two different keynotes. It deserved the "one more thing".
 I see little disruption possible with a radio station. They presented it as such and didn't overhype it imo.
Latest Taylor Swift album missing.   Wow, this feature is great ! Apple really worked hard to make their service better.
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