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Yes, it's horrible indeed. Can't believe Apple, THE Apple, is doing this.
I really wanted 2 GB... Yes, Safari tabs indeed need more RAM. Even on 5S I get reloads sometimes.
Nice ! A new layout for a new phase in Apple's history. Can't believe that we are 3 hours, 20 minutes and 45 seconds away from Apple's keynote !
Of course there is going to be an announcement linked to Beats.
And that's why I don't buy iDevices too soon.
A pairing with the iPhone every day, even if secure, doesn't seem to me something Apple would do. A simple PIN code like the one already in use on iCloud would be enough and not at all annoying imo. Wave your wrist at the machine then type the PIN (the first time you use it after removing the watch). Easy and secure.
Biometrics. A different owner will have different stats.
My thought exactly. Amazing that all those companies that have been using NFC for years are now making smartwatches without NFC ! Once again, Apple will show them the way for something they should have thought about themselves.
Well except they are obviously true since the person who first heard about this had no interest in saying Apple was in it (it's a U2 fan who was following them).
iCloud doesn't store videos.
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