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Apple rumors on Apple Insider ! What the world has come to! Since when did Apple fans care about details, right? Oh wait.
Apple rumors on Apple Insider ! What the world has come to!
This data is 7 months old. Look at the date in the lower left.
Less than an inch? Obviously I was talking about usage in landscape mode... you know, the way people watch movies on the iPhone most of the time. And the argument doesn't work on iPad whatever the orientation. 
 So let's stop using speakers altogether ! More seriously, it's not because it's not YOUR usage that it's not MY usage. I like listening to videos by myself while I am at home and whether it's on my iPhone or my iPad I get mono sound which totally SUCKS. If you want to argue that stereo isn't needed I'm not even going to answer. I want stereo and I'm disappointed that Apple hasn't added it, looking that many other manufacturers have for a long time. I'm sure they'll do it...
Your question was idiotic to begin with. He answered your question so don't be like that.  Well, a second speaker to make it stereo certainly would be cool. Maybe not that important on a phone, but seems like compulsory on a tablet.
I still don't like those bands, and I don't like the lens like that. I'd still buy it if I needed, it still looks great from the front and side.
I read the post minutes after it was posted abs absolutely understood that he wasn't serious. Anyone who thinks otherwise needs to have their head checked. I can't believe this no-news has been reposted everywhere.
Interesting but frankly, this is a game meant to be played on a big computer screen.
If only they could bring back the colored logo!
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