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DNS has back up, and entries are saved... usually. I don't see why it should take so long. Compared to other computer companies, this interruption is very long and pretty unacceptable, especially for mail.
So unpersonal, so boring and bland. What are they going to sell? Personal data? Or maybe try to recycle the Google Q.
Don't you know that English people spell it 'colour' ?Actually if you don't complain about Apple not innovating enough you get banned there.
Oh Apple... that is so clever !
A round watch face isn't skeuomorphic. Simply because a round to represent a cycle is extremely logical and it works even for software interfaces. The round has a purpose that's beyond just being an ornament.
Let them all copy Apple without limit. Then when Apple disappears because people copy all its stuff, judges will wonder how that happened.
II'm not certain. It's a big city and people have a very short attention span. Some are going to be curious but most will just pass. It's a good location but the billboard is at an angle with the street, the view is on a little square.
Here is one picture from Paris, located near the Pompidou Museum. It's my favorite of the series but unfortunately it's not very visible behind those trees, no text is visible so people don't know it's an Apple ad.
I actually find it pretty great and artsy. Best image of Apple Watch yet.
Having dual cameras makes a lot of sense. Outside of 3D, or post-blur, which could be nice but a little gimmicky, dual cameras allow for making much better photos with smaller lenses. If the phone gets even thinner they'll need that tech eventually, maybe even with three cameras.
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