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 It's in the 8.4 beta only. Update arrives at the end of the month.
Because they can do it themselves without rushing.
What did you expect exactly? It's a radio station. I think it's fine.
Of course few media are going to talk about this. Or maybe they will and turn it into something negative following the rule : what is good for Apple is bad for Apple.
 Well, that the majority won't pay seems obvious to me. Do we really need to argue about that?
 So? The 99% number still came out of his ass.
Yes, that's what happens when I comment before reading the whole story...
If thicker means camera no longer sticking out I'm in !
What happens when you use the Fuse button (I imagine it's made for Beats accounts) ? Can't wait.
People prefer the S3 to the iPhone 5S? World has gone crazy.
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