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So they just returned to what was in place a few years back.
I perfectly remember when people thought the Apple tablet would cost around 800$, and no one seemed to be shocked by the price. And now some people say it's too expensive lol
Keep note of all these devices. I wish AI would make a nice comparison once the iwatch comes out. A round design is a nice departure from what all others have been doing though.
I wouldn't say they don't need a larger device. I'd say they don't need to be influenced by others to make it.
Less than 13% of Android phones have a screen bigger than 4 inches :https://developer.android.com/about/dashboards/index.htmlKnowing that Android has, in the US, approx 50-55% of market share, that means that about 7-8% of Android phones in the US are bigger than 4 inches. Compare that with 45% iPhones. So, from what we know now, a large majority of people (90%+ in the US) are fine with a screen of 4 inches.I'm not saying that a bigger iPhone couldn't be successful. If...
A wise change. Offering an iPad 2 that doesn't work that well with iOS 7 and that would probably work even slower with another update gave IMO a bad first impression to people who discovered Apple with this as their first device. iPad 4 is a lot faster and better in every possible way.
Uh I actually quoted the wrong part of your previous post before.
Yes, something like that would be nice, but the file extensions should be hidden. Let the user just see an icon representing the file as well as its name and the apps that can open it.
You are talking about another kind of more complex file system UI.Every iWork app uses a UI that displays files. Extend that simple UI to a single app that shows all files and indicates which apps can open them and that's all.
Well, Spotify offers a lot more than iTunes Radio does. That's what I meant when I said that you can't compare them.
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