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And, according to rumors, their own iRadio will be more akin to Pandora than to Spotify. Google music is a very good mix of personal library and streaming. People can listen to whatever artist they like, and they can add specific artists, albums or songs to their favorite, making them appear in their standard library. That is a feature I've been waiting from spotify since its launch. Right now you can only star songs, not even albums or artists. There's no easy way to...
They keep on hiring a lot of people to answer that demand of professional applications.  The bigger they get, the harder it will be for the executive team to control everything. 
I don't know what you mean by "android's weather clock". Android itself never had a weather clock, HTC phones did. And they just changed it.
  They don't want you to send files from your computer to your phone. They want those files to be automatically synced. We aren't there yet, but we're getting there.     Welcome to AI, it's nice isn't it?     Totally. It's incredible that people are attacked for having an opinion and the only answer they get is "you are WROOOONG". It's like kindergarten.   I don't really find iOS stale, but it's mainly thanks to the many apps that are available. The grid can be a little...
Nice article. When reading about Apple building those huge headquarters made of glass, it's difficult not to understand, at least a little, how the company can be seen as some kind of 'big brother'. I'm not implying anything bad, just imagining Tim Cook having a conference in a huge room, with glass and metal all around him, in this perfect building, the world practically at his feet.
If iRadio is more akin to Pandora than Spotify I won't find it very interesting.
http://forums.appleinsider.com/t/143315/guidelines   1. No personal attacks on members of AI.   Another proof that you fail miserably at your job as moderator.
I was going to say wooohoo but BEIGE?
So what? That shows they think Apple's ideas were good. So what? No one cares.
  I don't think so. They music streaming service looks great and offers something my beloved spotify doesn't : simply arrange songs by artists like in any music library. Voice search on chrome looks great, as the fact that now the search behaves just like search on Android, and you can now use pronouns as you can in Siri, which is certainly good. Google Now is very promising, and them saying that they want to achieve a system that works just like a computer in Star Trek...
New Posts  All Forums: