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Now we hope that Apple will provide different exchangeable cards. I wish they sold a card meant for gaming. I dream of a 2000€ Mac Pro!Totally agree, I thought the same. It's truly a beauty.
Oh no! You pushed the button? You don't have to!
For the price of a Chromebook, I think an Android tablet is of better value.
Maybe my comment wasn't clear enough. My friend wanted to send a local file to an always on networked drive so that her TV could access the movies. But there is no way to use a NAS on a Chromebook. So no movies.
You can do a Keynote like presentation on ChromeOS?You can't even mount networked drives on Chrome OS. It is impossible to do. People who use those have extremely simple needs. Not a bad thing per se, but more an more people use always one drives to play movies on their tv. It's impossible to do on a chromebook.
How many people who got/bought an iPad were looking specifically for an iPad? Almost 100%. How many who bought a Chromebook were looking for one? Certainly a lot less. These people will realize how limited ChromeOS is at the moment and a lot of them won't buy it again.
I'm baffled. Is this April's fools? I've seen only one friend with a chromebook, and she hates it. It can't even connect to a network drive.
Great news! Oh and the PCI SSD is upgradable too.
The simplest Kindle is a success because what it does, it does very well. There is no better way to read for someone who doesn't care about losing the paper book feeling.
Wow, plans in the US are extremely expensive. As I said, I have 5GB data, unlimited SMS/MMS and calls (unlimited calls to all landlines in the world), tethering, visual voicemail and conference calls for 24€/month.No one has noticed that in the US, but what T-Mobile is doing is mimicking what Free Mobile has done in France. Even their presentation style, the language they used and the style of the CEO doing the presentation was copied from that of M. Niel of Free who broke...
New Posts  All Forums: