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  I agree, it seems a bit too much. But if I remember correctly, the EU gave them several warning, and they had the chance to respect the law. They obviously didn't. I thought this story had ended long ago.
They aren't that idiot if they managed to steal so many. Dishonest yes. And the device can't be tracked if it doesn't have a wireless connection. They can take all the time they want formatting it. They are going to sell them anyway so they don't care.
August? Too early. September at minimum.
I smelled pepper-spray once, from a distance, that stuff is horrible. Never experienced anything like that before.
NFC or some kind of always-on exchange protocol may be really cool on this. We'd be able to pay with the watch on our wrist.
I didn't get your last sentence Sol...  
You are describing a nightmare. We all think we are more clever than we actually are, it would be worse with this. That kind of life would be so pretentious.
But there are some very solid philosophical arguments that deny the supernatural. Like the fact that the supernatural couldn't possibly interact with the natural, simply because it's 'supernatural'.
I'm sure it would. I would use a watch like that. But it would have to be truly groundbreaking and sport some functions we haven't thought of. If there's one company capable of nailing it, it's Apple. I hope they take the time to 'just make it work'. Siri is great but is still light-years from being that super-quasi-AI that we need. And they really need to do something about her voice, Google now sounds a lot better. And a watch is better than glasses. Google says that...
Someone on the Verge called the Samsung one the Photocopier at 1, Redundant Loop. I try to be objective here, and having some knowledge in architecture, I think the building is ok. The park at the bottom and around it is nice, but those floors partially covered in plants just look like something a student would do in first year. Nothing very original ('let's put plants!'). Apple's spaceship has a very basic shape too, but its huge proportions and the way the exterior...
New Posts  All Forums: