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I have absolutely zero problems with it myself. Impressive tech. Once a week maybe it doesn't recognize my print at first, and generally it's then that I have to touch two or three times the sensor.
Some comments are extremely insulting against not only gay people, but also other minorities that have suffered and are still suffering and being discriminated just because of their difference.People saying that white man are discriminated, the nonsense! I've never been discriminated because I'm white. I think I'll always have a hard time imagining what it feels to be discriminated just because you look one way. Some people look nice and all, they talk to me and I know...
Well, at least this thread allowed me to put some people on my block list. Apple in General has little to do with this subject but it's important to me. People who don't understand the 'open' nature of Apple miss a big part of what the company is.
The usual nice attention to detail.
Well that's a company that reacts fast to tech news, good.
Well, they're not the only responsible for sure. I hear the Galaxy S4 won't receive the KitKat update in Europe! I find this scandalous, really.Side note : why does Safari crash on my iPad every time I have two pages of AI at the same time?
Samsung has been using swipe fingerprint sensors for years for doors for example. I wonder if they took that much care to be certain that the fingerprint doesn't leave their device though. I hope hackers will analyze the iPhone as much as possible to see if the print can't indeed be sent back to Apple. Haven't heard from them yet, so that's a good sign.
Of course I had verified that page too. Sizes are pretty imprecise.Gingerbread is shown as running on 20% of phones anyway. And that's a catastrophe IMO. Google really needs to do something about those updates.
Meanwhile, KitKat is present on 1.8% of Android phones. Lol https://developer.android.com/about/dashboards/index.html From the same link, there are only 12% of Android phones with 4 inch screen or bigger. Even worse, there only are less than 2% android phones with a 4 inch screen or bigger with a PPI higher than 300.
I've actually seen a lot of negative hands-on. People aren't excited about their new phone, even on Samsung boards.Knowing that the S4 sold less than Shamesung expected, I wonder if that means the S5 will sell even worse. I'd say it will.
New Posts  All Forums: