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Well, they're not the only responsible for sure. I hear the Galaxy S4 won't receive the KitKat update in Europe! I find this scandalous, really.Side note : why does Safari crash on my iPad every time I have two pages of AI at the same time?
Samsung has been using swipe fingerprint sensors for years for doors for example. I wonder if they took that much care to be certain that the fingerprint doesn't leave their device though. I hope hackers will analyze the iPhone as much as possible to see if the print can't indeed be sent back to Apple. Haven't heard from them yet, so that's a good sign.
Of course I had verified that page too. Sizes are pretty imprecise.Gingerbread is shown as running on 20% of phones anyway. And that's a catastrophe IMO. Google really needs to do something about those updates.
Meanwhile, KitKat is present on 1.8% of Android phones. Lol https://developer.android.com/about/dashboards/index.html From the same link, there are only 12% of Android phones with 4 inch screen or bigger. Even worse, there only are less than 2% android phones with a 4 inch screen or bigger with a PPI higher than 300.
I've actually seen a lot of negative hands-on. People aren't excited about their new phone, even on Samsung boards.Knowing that the S4 sold less than Shamesung expected, I wonder if that means the S5 will sell even worse. I'd say it will.
You can't really compare the terms Crapple and Scamsung. Apple products aren't crappy. But Samsung IS a fraudulent company, and even a trial showed that.
That would be really funny.The first unscratchable campus in the world!
Oh, that sucks.
 Browsing is slow. Sometimes it slows down so much that I can't tap anything and must wait for several seconds (a small eternity) for it to react again.I think it's meant to stay like that. I'll uninstall a few apps and give it a little more memory to work.  I have an old restoration file.
 My bad, sorry. I had read they had removed 1 cm in your comment...
New Posts  All Forums: