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Preview is used for a lot of files types. Pictures are just a small part of the files types it can open.http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Preview_(Mac_OS)#Supported_file_types
A centralized place where all my files are displayed is essential. No need for more than one level folders. Give the user the possibility to see all the files he owns on every device and filter them as usual, like in the 'all files' section in OSX. That would be great because sometimes it's faster to just look for a file and select the app to open it rather than going into an app to transfer it to another app.
I can't even find local shops with Apple maps. That's the main problem for me. It doesn't understand landmarks well either. And even with the many comprehensive suggestions I've give, there hasn't been a single change. It would be a great surprise if with iOS8 Apple introduced not only transit data, but also a sudden increase in quality. My reference for how bad satellite images are is still Kyoto. I'm waiting until that town stops looking like a checker of B&B tiles and...
They are different kinds of services, can't really compare them.
Making a funnier, more colorful high end iPhone would be a great turn in the market. Most top of the line smartphones are very serious and either black or white. Lumias are nicely colored. It could revitalize the market.
You don't need to change much between accounts. Have iOS connect to two different icloud accounts at once for mail, pictures and everything that is synced. Display the necessary content for each account. Mail can already display several accounts at once. Just hide those that are not necessary in that session. Do the same for pictures and favorites and some other stuff to begin with. I don't think it would use more resources than now.
What do you mean?
That's not the kind of thing I'd patent. If it can help someone it should be accessible to as many people as possible.
Makes sense. Siri needs to get a lot lot better.
 Well of course.
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