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I want to see the sapphire glass. This is the real thing, I feel it. Looks very thin. The white parts are probably for a test model only.
What's awesome about them? The screen is the best in some models, but heir designs are often ugly compared to others.
If it includes Apple products it is unfair.
Imagine if the contrary had happened and Office was first release on Android. People would say that : - open always wins - you can do real work only on Android - it's a proof Android is better than iOS - Apple is doomed Yet now I see no one saying that : - too open is bad - you can do real work on iPad - iOS is at least as good as Android - Apple wins More than 15 years ago when Steve Jobs introduces Office for Mac people said Apple was in a bad position and needed...
I doubt they'll use the Mini design. The iPhone is still their flagship product, new designs are introducted with it. They are not just going to add sapphire without using it for doing something different.
Microsoft implementation was really a good find. Simple and effective. Not super-useful but if someone wants a keyboard with their tablet, their solution is the best.
Yes, probably a different kind of implementation, but the idea itself isn't new at all, and I don't see what this patent adds to what other apps have been doing before.Nothing essentially new anyway.
I can't wait for sapphire displays. For such an almost-perfect object as an iPhone, having even a small scratch can be extremely frustrating. I recently did a 1 inch scratch on my 5S while cleaning it with a cloth. There must have been a micro dust of sand or whatever. Fortunately, it's really a very very light scratch, only visible at a certain angle, and I don't see it if I don't look for it. Still, it's a terrible first world problem! Also interesting to see that 300...
That's certainly unexpected.
What is power saving mode on iOS?
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