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That Apple embraces wearable devices is fantastic. They have the potential to revolutionize this sector, and everyone else will follow as usual. I hope that it's a device that works on its own and I'm a bit worried about how to place a phone call. I'm wondering which other material they would use.
  You may feel like you have reached the maximum knowledge possible by claiming to be agnostic, but be careful that may not be enough, there is always something new to learn and you could still change your mind.   Well, if you look into it, proves do exist that god does not exist in philosophy. And especially that the soul doesn't exist and that there can't be influence from the immaterial to the material.   I learned that thanks to iTunes U (see how I'm back to the...
It's shocking to me that people have to swear on the Bible for a public office.
  I already need to stretch my hand right now on my iPhone 5, and I've got average hands. It looks worse on the blackberry yes, but I hope that J. Ive will do a great work and simply take that back button at the bottom, as it is in all android phones, it's a lot easier that way.
Too bad, the phone looks great and I love the gestures they added for closing apps. If only Apple could bring that touch-sensitive bezel with a few easy gestures!
It's funny how people feel entitled to tell him what he can or cannot say. Just the few first posts are full of aggressiveness and anger. Chill.
I see them increasing the screen size IF they keep the current phone size. Bigger is just ridiculous.
I noticed I had to type File:/// and not file:///. Crashes spotlight too. Hope they patch this very very soon. 
This has nothing to do with Apple and everything with the super B..  
Great video! And yes, not anybody can achieve that quality. And more money doesn't mean good either of course. This small video is better than the entire series of Transformers imo.   This is just another video game bubble waiting to burst. http://www.nxistence.net/2012/05/09/the-video-game-bubble/
New Posts  All Forums: