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Then it's that ! They probably mean that they have a lot more to cover. It was just in front of our eyes! :p
Uhm no you didn't. You came out of it when that picture came out, not months. I'm 100% sure of that, that's something I can't forget.   It's not like it's a big deal now.
Oh and it's actually this : little = iPad Mini
learn   http://www.theverge.com/2013/10/21/4852132/history-of-apple-event-invitations-and-hints
Coming from the guy who saw this : and still said that the phone was going to be called iPhone 6 that's funny
  No surprise really.
I'm happy because as far as I'm concerned, it was love at first sight with iOS7, which seems rare even between Apple fans. Really, I have probably only one critic on the design and it's about the Safari icon. Function-wise search in maps still needs work and Siri needs to be faster, more reliable and have the same functions in all languages (it's too bad I can't search for movie showtimes in France for example).
Well, the Macalope is a spectacle by itself. It's just great and very funny.
Apple was sued by another California man who alleged that the Cupertino company secretly conspired with the Italian mafia to threaten him into becoming a fashion model. Really? Ahah that's great.
There are a few legitimate problems on iOS7 on 5S.   - buggy with iWork apps... very soon to be replaced so no big deal at all - my 5S crashes at least once a day, and that's not acceptable to me, but it's probably just problems with the 64 bit architecture, so it'll probably get soon better - inclinometers badly aligned. I'm lucky mine is off by just one degree in one dimension only, so I can still use it the other way, or just subtract the degree. This is the biggest...
New Posts  All Forums: