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  We are already seeing this yes. But I'm confident that 'big' productions will still be made a lot.
  No, it's not a question to find 'sad'. If you like it, cool. To answer your question, there is a way to establish the quality of videogames, just ask those who know videogames. IGN, Kotaku, EUROGAMER, any game website. It's not a matter of being hardcore, just of people who are well placed to judge, and it's possible to judge games as any other art form to an extent. I don't see a problem in having games like those currently on iOS on my TV. What's worrying me is the...
Games are not just lans and acne. You are accumulating stereotypes. What you are describing is a world with only casual games. That would be a success for sure, but for many it's a nightmare. We need great games, and great games cost a lot to produce. And I don't know why you are talking about the Wii. Do you think Nintendo could sell Super Mario Galaxy (a great game) at 2 dollars?   Your argument is like saying 'let's only do 2 minutes long youtube videos. Movies are...
I disagree with his statement. I still think that games available on iOS for the most part differ in scope and quality to what can be found on consoles or pc. Apple could win in the game department on TV if they released a very powerful TV/box where existing and famous developers could bring the latest and greatest games. Until then, for many people, like me, playing AAA games is almost never on iOS games.
Making people pay for sms has always been a scam. Cell towers constantly communicate between them and it doesn't cost a thing.  
Wow that's a lot. In France we have packages at 30+15 euros for internet router + tv + unlimited calls on landline + unlimited everything on mobile.   http://translate.google.com/translate?sl=fr&tl=en&js=n&prev=_t&hl=en&ie=UTF-8&eotf=1&u=http%3A%2F%2Fmobile.free.fr%2F
I pay 20 euros a month for : 3GB internet with tethering Unlimited calls to all mobile phones in France, US and Canada Unlimited calls to all landlines in 150 countries Unlimited SMS/MMS 150 TV channels included
It's not iron that we need from meat the most, but complex proteins. It's possible to only eat vegetables and eggs, but you really need to like soja beans.
  Of course you can. Japan is running out of red tuna for example and the species is going to be extinct if we all continue eating it that much.
This idea that the actors need to enter into the skin of the character they interpret in real life has always been ridiculous to me. I heard many great actors say that it was ridiculous and acting was just a job like any other, no need to pretend to have your life changed because of a part. But if that works for him, fine.
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