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Agreed. But this is just coming out after 5 months! And no update will be made for the first gen!
No way???!!!!See where I'm from?I meant that they didn't cut one centimeter from the watch, but one millimeter.If them removing one centimeter from a watch that barely measures one and a half doesn't shock you, you need to work on your orders of magnitude.
 You are assuming too much. Yes, Bada was so good that no phone uses it today. What a success on Scamsung's part. They can distribute OS updates? Oh, then why won't the Galaxy 4 support KitKat in Europe? That's a joke?!Maybe they can support that infrastructure, maybe not. But they are not Google. Again, if MS is facing so much difficulty in pushing its ecosystem forward, you truly believe Samsung will be able to? Their ecosystem is obviously a lot weaker than that of MS,...
 You mean 1 mm.
 There's a notetaking app from Swiftkey on iOS.But yes, having tried it, it's amazing. It's extremely fast and reliable. It's something that could be implemented in the current iOS keyboard without disrupting it. And it's optional, people would use it without even knowing they are using a special keyboard. I wish Apple bought that company to integrate it in iOS!
Did you see how news of Samsung forcing a journal to remove a review for a movie against them almost passed unnoticed?
Why not make Windows phones apps? Windows 8 apps. Linux apps?Why not make fridges. Those sell well and Apple could design a beautiful fridge.
In those graphs, you can see that the most revenues comes from third party apps. Apple apps almost bring no profit to Apple especially now that they are free. The fact that they made them free simply shows that they are still meant to motivate people to use an iOS device. If someone wants to use iTunes they can on windows already. Putting it on Android would add some revenue, but remove one of the advantages of iOS, and in the end, it might be worse for Apple.
Yes, because there clearly are so many major apps on that situation. not.And anyway, I don't see why an Android-only developer might be influenced to develop for iOS because Apple makes Android apps. Doesn't make any sense.
Aren't even capable of analyzing your own comment.Apple put iTunes on Windows > pushed people to buy iPods.Apple puts Android apps in the iTunes Store > what do they gain exactly?You all need to get back to Earth. This is the stupidest idea I've heard this month.
New Posts  All Forums: