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I really think she doesn't care.
We can wish for a big iOS8 update with lots of new features. Maps still needs a lot of work even at the most basic level. If I look at 'supermarket' in my sector, it shows me a supermarket several miles away. Google accurately shows dozens of supermarkets and smaller shops around my position. Oh and I still miss Streeview a lot. I used it again a few days ago and I had forgotten how great it is.
Apple needs a good Spotify competitor, not just Radio. An on-demand streaming service for music and video is meant to happen somewhen. A 15-20$ a month for unlimited everything would be amazing!
800 million users. 40 billion notifications per day. That makes 500 000 notifications per second. One notification per user per half hour approximately. Sounds right.
Too bad Apple chose not to agree on the human rights group and, maybe even more of a problem for them at the movement, on a response to the NSA scandal.
Are your fingers often wet or greasy?My fingers are never greasy, just saying.
I have absolutely zero problems with it myself. Impressive tech. Once a week maybe it doesn't recognize my print at first, and generally it's then that I have to touch two or three times the sensor.
Some comments are extremely insulting against not only gay people, but also other minorities that have suffered and are still suffering and being discriminated just because of their difference.People saying that white man are discriminated, the nonsense! I've never been discriminated because I'm white. I think I'll always have a hard time imagining what it feels to be discriminated just because you look one way. Some people look nice and all, they talk to me and I know...
Well, at least this thread allowed me to put some people on my block list. Apple in General has little to do with this subject but it's important to me. People who don't understand the 'open' nature of Apple miss a big part of what the company is.
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