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Meanwhile, KitKat is present on 1.8% of Android phones. Lol https://developer.android.com/about/dashboards/index.html From the same link, there are only 12% of Android phones with 4 inch screen or bigger. Even worse, there only are less than 2% android phones with a 4 inch screen or bigger with a PPI higher than 300.
I've actually seen a lot of negative hands-on. People aren't excited about their new phone, even on Samsung boards.Knowing that the S4 sold less than Shamesung expected, I wonder if that means the S5 will sell even worse. I'd say it will.
You can't really compare the terms Crapple and Scamsung. Apple products aren't crappy. But Samsung IS a fraudulent company, and even a trial showed that.
That would be really funny.The first unscratchable campus in the world!
Oh, that sucks.
 Browsing is slow. Sometimes it slows down so much that I can't tap anything and must wait for several seconds (a small eternity) for it to react again.I think it's meant to stay like that. I'll uninstall a few apps and give it a little more memory to work.  I have an old restoration file.
 My bad, sorry. I had read they had removed 1 cm in your comment...
 I think I've had 5 or 6 in the past five years. The last was like two years ago.
Maybe they are planning on making sapphire sandwiches and offer them to the masses.
Ahah he has the same smile funny
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