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 I agree that a vast majority of Word users use it for baby stuff. They could even benefit from using Pages which motivates people to use better and different fonts. It's just that in my company we REALLY need stuff to work seamlessly. And I think it would be very difficult to move away from the integration of Office with Exchange, and change the whole infrastructure.Apple has to make an effort, if it's not already, in entering in the small businesses. It's already...
iWork isn't competitive enough with Office for the professional world. Word has a lot more features and integration with the rest of the suite. Excel can manage a lot bigger spreadsheets without slowing down like Numbers does. Powerpoint... well, from what I know, that one is a lot inferior to Keynote. And Apple has nothing close to Exchange. It's one of the main reasons people use other MS products. Active directory, Exchange, SQL Server, and Windows Server. Apple doesn't...
6. Good news for others, even those who have nothing to do with Apple, is bad news for Apple.7. Any news, whatever the subject, is bad news for Apple.8. Only Apple needs to innovate.9. Bigger is always better.10. More is always better.
Eheh, that wouldn't surprise me if it were true. Apple is truly the innovation leader. Not 'inyourface' innovation, but true, life changing, everlasting innovation.
I saw it but I meant that he selected the grey option in your window settings
No, there's no way iOS 8 will run on iPad 2. iOS 7 is already pretty slow on my iPad and doesn't use a lot of interesting stuff in iOS 7. I don't see it using even less of iOS8.
 I see you chose to use grey buttons in the finder. Oh and the watch is interesting too :P
Yes, genious move. Hope they do that again every time.
Yes, it'll probably be included on iOS 8. It has just been introduced a few months ago. Let it a little time me it'll get a lot more useful.
Of course I'm serious. I copied that text from Sammobile, and I'm pretty sure it's from a reliable source.Sounds too good to be true, doesn't it? I can't imagine people actually using this.
New Posts  All Forums: