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I hope Apple will continue to do this every time after a keynote. That'll teach a lesson to those daily traders.
The sapphire is more likely for the iWatch first, then maybe for the iPhone too. It's incredible how hard it is to find videos on the web making break resistance comparison between sapphire glass and Gorilla glass, apart from the video from Corning. I'd like to know if it is indeed more fragile.
Now that I've used the swiftkey keyboard in their latest app, I'm sold. I want that in iOS. And I even prefer it to Swype. What's cool is that it's completely optional so if people want to keep writing their own words in full they can.
Really? I think this concept looks amazing. It actually reminds me that even if you think that you don't need something, if it looks great, you'll want it. And I'm sure Apple will play on that too.
Yes, why use a curved screen if it's so small? Flat reduces price. And the report that should be taken with a grain of salt is the one on solar power...that won't happen.
That concept truly nailed how Apple products look like. It looks so shiny, rounded and soft. The screen won't be that size, but that may be the best concept I've ever seen. The bracelet is exactly like what I imagined for the iwatch myself. Just a big ring. What's simpler than that?
He has the same voice as his father.
Ah ok. He sat on it...Ah she's a she.On the original article, someone commented :
Ah yes, I see the doors one the sides in the first picture?
How will they do when it rains? The first few meters in the store will be soaked if they don't close the doors.
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