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 Browsing is slow. Sometimes it slows down so much that I can't tap anything and must wait for several seconds (a small eternity) for it to react again.I think it's meant to stay like that. I'll uninstall a few apps and give it a little more memory to work.  I have an old restoration file.
 My bad, sorry. I had read they had removed 1 cm in your comment...
 I think I've had 5 or 6 in the past five years. The last was like two years ago.
Maybe they are planning on making sapphire sandwiches and offer them to the masses.
Ahah he has the same smile funny
I hope they put it close to the toilet in a hidden part of the center.
I for one am interested to see what they'll come up with. Google isn't Samsung, they have some imagination of their own. I may be interested in a smartwatch, and I'm very curious about what sensor Apple will include in the end.
Yes, just like that iwatch concept. Looked nice, but in practice doesn't make sense.
Exactly. Those people will remain convinced that fingerprint scanning is a gimmick, simply because they haven't experienced it on an iPhone.
I'm getting really good at prediction. I knew that this fingerprint sensor wouldn't be reliable and wouldn't work with one hand. Now the Verge confirms that. It wasn't hard, I just used my head knowing how swipe sensors work. But apparently fandroids where incapable of doing the same... And a heart rate sensor on the back... No comment Their new watch with a curved display doesn't look back. It's incredibly close to that recent iwatch concept video, even in its...
New Posts  All Forums: