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They won't boost screen res on the Mini just yet, buyers of the first one would be very unhappy about it. I think they'll wait until november.
Looks great, can't wait to have it.
Waze Siri
This patent is obvious. Looking at the notification bar patented by Google, this goes just a little further. Putting all settings on the same page? That's trivial. They won't get this one. Imagine if everybody patented every invention when computers first appeared...
Please bring color! I know that Samsung are doing some colored phones, but I bet they'll release a full array of colors (that match those of the iPhone in a very close way) if it arrives.
That store was just begging to be robbed. The service entrance (just the back entrance that goes on a smaller street behind) isn't very secured. I was once passing that way and they had just piled like 500 kg of iPads in front of the entrance with no security but a seller who was taking all inside. A few guys with bad intentions could just have punched the lone guy and fled with a few iPads. And that was in broad day.
  Thermodynamics add a level of abstraction to the uncalculable physics underneath. So heat energy is in reality just a form of kinetic energy.
As usual it's very difficult to see what this patent adds that's new to existing motion controllers. The WiiMotion Plus or the Playstation Move are already very precise.
  I wouldn't even call it a win. A win isn't when you think you won and everybody else thinks that you are an idiot... iPhone 5 Back to the article, I think contrary to some that a screen just a little curved like on that prototype could be a nice idea. But that will never happen because it takes too much space.
  There's nothing else than music information that's sent to Google's servers. If they were sending anything else the EU would already have blocked it. I understand that can be too much for some, I personally wouldn't care if they knew what I listen to, and google is pretty clear in their privacy policy :     What's important is that it's free. But again, I prefer streaming/caching on Spotify for 10 euros/month.
New Posts  All Forums: