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  Yes it is. Great for making a video timelapse before a travel.  
If the free market works, as you say, how come we produce a lot more than we need and people are still starving, even in the US? That's a total failure, yes.
Even if it was the best device ever this is just fucking too big. How ridiculous people will look with this at their ear.
I truly can't believe so many people here use cases. Cases are stupid. What is the point of Apple making great designs if you put a case on it afterwards?  
It could be. But the hidden message here is that only women like nice colors because they aren't attracted to black and white, seen as more 'serious' colors. Basically women are uncapable of liking any serious color because they can't be serious. Oppose that to black seen as THE dominant 'color'. And he specifically talked about women. He didn't say 'men don't like colors'. It's subtle I know.
Sexism : Prejudice, stereotyping, or discrimination, typically against women, on the basis of sex. So yes, that is definitely sexism. I know what I'm talking about. You don't obviously.
And to say that only girls are interested in colors is sexist.
Hopefully, been waiting for this for years. I'll take the blue one thanks.
Of course not, but it'd still be grammatically correct, no?
  For sure. Having numbered iPhones makes sense, but they'll have to drop the numbers eventually, when they decide it looks silly. I'm sure they'll go with another convention for their smartwatch.
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