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http://forums.appleinsider.com/t/143315/guidelines   1. No personal attacks on members of AI.   Another proof that you fail miserably at your job as moderator.
I was going to say wooohoo but BEIGE?
So what? That shows they think Apple's ideas were good. So what? No one cares.
  I don't think so. They music streaming service looks great and offers something my beloved spotify doesn't : simply arrange songs by artists like in any music library. Voice search on chrome looks great, as the fact that now the search behaves just like search on Android, and you can now use pronouns as you can in Siri, which is certainly good. Google Now is very promising, and them saying that they want to achieve a system that works just like a computer in Star Trek...
New maps, great search advances, great streaming service. The level of integration is amazing. Great conference.
Aren't they shielded? I thought they were. Most companies don't allow cellphones because it would be annoying to have people constantly talking beside you, and I understand that.
Seriously? I think that serious people that have studied this stuff agree that a cellphone or a computer has no influence on place systems, let alone the compasses.
Yes, the trackpad is totally ignored by anti-apple fanboys, but it truly is an amazing piece of tech. The hardware and the software behind it are essential to making the OSX experience so good.
Right now, the simple act of making a graph out of data is complicated. Inverting X and Y axis isn't intuitive at all and the data analysis doesn't work well. I thought they would bring a new version soon, I hope this doesn't mean that we'll have to wait more.
  Microsoft, they have good idea but they often fail at executing them.
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