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Quote: Android Pay isn't an upgrade from Wallet, it works in a completely different way, which is the Apple Pay way. Of course Google was developing fingerprint support before Apple but they are now 2 years late. Makes sense... NOT.
 I'm already paying them, but I don't like it. Flickr has been free with 1TB for what, 2 years now?  I still think iOS looks and works way better. Android still feels extremely rough, and Lollipop is as Fisher Price as XP.
This and new Now features were the only interesting points. All the rest was copy and paste on Apple, down to the way Android Pay looks. It's the same UI! Apple should at least provide something like 100GB for free. Hoping they announce it.
Deserved. Concentrate on driving.
If Apple wants to succeed in search, they need to take it very seriously. Unfortunately, the way search works in Maps is still a catastrophe. Typing the name of one of the biggest towns in my country shows me a store a hundred miles from here named as the city. On the other hand, asking for a store close-by will often show me all the stores of the chain in a huge area but not the store I am looking for. So I'm not sure I can trust Apple for this.    Microsoft tried to...
That face, those hair, that necklace... just bad.
It's a fake drawing, it's invented.
This is fake. Look how the placement for volume buttons and lock buttons change.
I can't believe AI is falling for this marketing PR. When Apple surpasses Samsung (there were rumors about it) no one said a thing. Now this 'news' comes out right when Samsung shows a new decline in yoy sales.
I don't care about Samsung. I think things should have been clearer for the public. And Apple should have ever said that it would be available in early 2015. 24th April isn't early 2015 no matter what Cook says and most people won't receive theirs before half 2015. It's no big deal, but Apple clearly bent to the pressure of people asking for a date and as a result did bad communication.
New Posts  All Forums: