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Last link is broken.
Because typing on the ONE toggle to disable location services on iOS is sooo hard!!
The screen would still light up actually. The notification light is if you missed the screen notification.
That image always makes me dream about a larger iPad that would look just like that. It would be great.
It's only been less than a year :)Times seems to pass quicker when we miss something we like in a OS.
iOS 6 looks so old now. How could we have liked that?
People will find a way to complain anyway.
I don't know why, I'm not surprised by this. They probably changed the way it works in the background and all current libraries probably aren't compatible with the new version that will come out. The next version may be the final one so maybe this is the one and only reset.
I have no clue as to how Apple intends to differentiate itself from Android Wear and the Moto 360 for example, outside of the use of sensors. Is the iWatch truly going to be way ahead of the competition this time? Will many people buy it? One thing I'm confident about is the design. I'm sure it'll immediately look a lot better than any other smartwatch to date.   Can't wait.
In all objectivity, I thought I'd have a terrible battery with my 5S. It's actually pretty good and lasts from 8am to 10 pm with normal usage.  A collegue of mine told me just today the he has less than 1 day with his pretty new S3.
New Posts  All Forums: