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Let them all copy Apple without limit. Then when Apple disappears because people copy all its stuff, judges will wonder how that happened.
II'm not certain. It's a big city and people have a very short attention span. Some are going to be curious but most will just pass. It's a good location but the billboard is at an angle with the street, the view is on a little square.
Here is one picture from Paris, located near the Pompidou Museum. It's my favorite of the series but unfortunately it's not very visible behind those trees, no text is visible so people don't know it's an Apple ad.
I actually find it pretty great and artsy. Best image of Apple Watch yet.
Having dual cameras makes a lot of sense. Outside of 3D, or post-blur, which could be nice but a little gimmicky, dual cameras allow for making much better photos with smaller lenses. If the phone gets even thinner they'll need that tech eventually, maybe even with three cameras.
Are you saying that the bulge isn't a problem?Apple does makes misteps sometimes, the camera bulge is one, there's no point in denying it. It's no big deal, they'll correct it the next time. The iPhone 6 is a nice phone and I see what they wanted the phone to feel : slick and rounded and monolithic. But to me the bulge breaks that feel completely, it's a small detail but it ruins everything, the phone really doesn't feel the same as a whole because of it. Again, no big...
It's just faster.
I'm sorry but my 5S is very far from obsolete we imo even looks better than the 6.
Force touch with a circular context menu would be nice.
No need to claim to be an analyst to know that growth will eventually stop. Apple can't possibly sell more phones every year. But then I fail to see why or how would sales suddenly drop... Economists and bankers are the worst. People who believe that having followed a course on 'economic science' makes them specialist on everything. Economy is a pseudo science.
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