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Their integration of POI data in calendars is great.
You mean you "couldn't care less".Saying that Steve didn't need to say he was straight, that's homophobic.
No one is 100% gay or straight. Your view of sexuality is restrictive. There are not too poles but an array of sexualities.
The success of the tablet shows that most people don't need that. Apple needs to find a way to convince people that they can do on a tablet most of the job they do on a laptop. How many people still use their laptop just for surfing the Web? The main problem the iPad has imo is the storage which is still too small for it to be used as a main computer. 
It runs Windows...of course it's crap. Windows 8 still uses icons from XP and most settings menus haven't changed since 1998. It's a horrible mess, not at all optimized for touch. 
 Yes, but for 99% of people they do enough. That's why most people have stopped buying desktops and buy laptops.There's a place for the iPad as well there, I think. Apple doesn't even need to provide a keyboard, they only need to do a bigger screen and those who need a keyboard will buy it separately. Most apps on OS X are already touch ready : look at the Messages app, simply add a virtual keyboard and it works.
Just like a laptop wasn't supposed to do a desktop's job?
I don't think that what Microsoft is doing with resizable windows is the right way to go. We have windows that work great in OSX. I think that Apple needs to wait that iOS apps work perfectly in a window in any size before creating an iPad Pro.
I see a lot of changes in those watch faces since the introduction. Nice.
I'm gay, and I find it very funny when I read straight people say that being gay is widely accepted, that everything is fine and that we shouldn't even be talking about it. At the end of the day, those people are straight, they are ignorant and should get informed. Even coming out with family and friends can be very difficult and impact people psychologically.
New Posts  All Forums: