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  I think it looks great. That background is ugly though.
Understood. I'm saying, give it more time. It just officially came out.
  The point of my post was to say that processors have become so powerful that the majority of end users won't benefit from a processor upgrade. The passage from the A5 to A6 brought minimal speed increases to iOS in terms of usability. I'm not saying that raw power wasn't important just a few years back, I'm just saying that the passage to always more powerful processors is of secondary importance compared to just two years back. I don't think that most apps use that...
For me, execution means the way the app works and is programmed, and has nothing to do with lack of support. But if you call it dumb there must be something else, no? I don't think it's dumb.  
Today I read an article that asked if it was really necessary to have such powerful processors inside a cellphone. The race to the most powerful spec is typically what Samsung and others try to do. Apple sometimes seems to want to play the same game unfortunately. The iPhone 4 was already very fast. The difference between the 4 and 5 isn't that important in terms of speed. Sure the 5 is a lot faster, but the 4 wasn't unusable. Current processors give their full power...
Lol don't be silly. It's not like people who own a GS3 can't make a phone call. My Android didn't crash more often than my iPhone 5, and the iPhone 5 crashes sometimes. But it had more lag. That and lack of really nice apps is still the main difference between Android and iOS for me.
  I wasn't saying that he knew better. I was just saying that you responded to his post by calling him a troll. That's a bit easy. Your second answer is much more interesting. Sorry for insulting you.
  Why? I think the execution is not the problem. Lack of support is, for the moment. A virtual wallet like that is going to be obligatory in a few years. Maybe now is a bit early, but why not? It's really practical.
A troll is someone who comes on a forum to disrupt the discussion. Calling someone who's been here for years a troll, that doesn't make sense. Calling anyone with whom you disagree a troll, that's trolling. **** off troll.
  From the article "It's not easy to make the iPhones," and FOXCONN representatives already said that the iPhone 5 was difficult to make. The phones has been extremely hard to find in France for a month, less than thousands sell per day for each operator. And you shouldn't call a troll someone who's been here far longer than you.
New Posts  All Forums: