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Best product I've ever owned. Bought on day one, still using it several hours every day. It's truly an amazing product. I actually dropped it for the first time on the floor this week, but it fortunately didn't break. But yes, it's getting pretty slow with iOS 7 on some tasks. I was surprised to recently learn that iPads before the Air were thicker and heavier than the 2.
Imagine if that picture actually showed a tablet. Looks nice, doesn't it?   I'm more and more convinced that a bigger iPad running iOS with windowed apps would be great.
Wow, really, I'm so disturbed by that bad iPhone 6 design that a real iWatch news is what I need to feel better.
Now that it's clear that it's fake, I'm really reassured.What about people saying that I would buy this in a few months? Turns out, some of use Apple users don't blindly follow Apple.
I agree it looks fake. The pictures have something reminiscent of the rendering by Martin Hajek. And here it is : http://www.martinhajek.com/iphone-6-air-maxi-pro/
But the picture aren't from him. They are from someone else's twitter account. I wonder how he knows they are true.
No, that's not me. You must be mistaking me with someone else.
Well,I don't like this design.
All the pictures :
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