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They didn't say that they aren't disputing it, they say that they are not talking about it. It's not the same thing.
3-4 years ago Numbers was ridiculously difficult to use even to make a simple graph from a table. Select the right values to use as x or y was too complex. It's now a lot simpler than it used to. But apparently they still have a lot to do.
Blasphemy! Why didn't you just use stocks? :P 
What about resistance to impact? Is it more or less resistant than Gorilla Glass? Diamond, for example, is very fragile to impacts.
These new apps look and work great. The removal of functions is not acceptable, even if they want iOS and Mac apps to be totally cross compatible. And some functions could still exist while not being shown on iOS (like the side ruler)
Some legit remarks, a lot of manipulating the reality. Sure, multiple windows is compulsory for pro work, but they still don't understand that iPad isn't made for that, and they should concentrate on the 'easy' making of consumer devices before pro. Or maybe not, to each company its preference.
Then it's that ! They probably mean that they have a lot more to cover. It was just in front of our eyes! :p
Uhm no you didn't. You came out of it when that picture came out, not months. I'm 100% sure of that, that's something I can't forget.   It's not like it's a big deal now.
Oh and it's actually this : little = iPad Mini
learn   http://www.theverge.com/2013/10/21/4852132/history-of-apple-event-invitations-and-hints
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