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I don't know what's more elegant than a button that does one thing only when you press it once.It's not me who lacks imagination, it's you who don't understand what's the point of the home button. I've seen kids automatically look for that button whenever you give them a phone.I can take my phone from my pocket and have it unlocked via touch-id by the time it's in front of my eyes.I can quickly find the button in the dark.I'm 'reassured' that whatever happens the button...
 You are attacking people for being Apple fans on an Apple fan forum... makes no sense.I'm actually french. The home button is more essential than ever with the embedded touch-id. It's not good because it's old, but because it works. And it's not so old anyway with the touch sensor under it. People are getting acquainted with touch devices, but that tactile feeling is going to help people enter that touchscreen world for a long long time. The home button is an invitation...
 NFC is certainly NOT going to be added, EVER. It's totally redundant or less functional than Bluetooth LE. The camera will probably gain a resolution bump.
Apple will not add sapphire glass on the iPhone just because they can. They are not samsung. Makes a lot more sense on a watch.
You are imagining too much. This is just a rumor. The next iPhone won't have a flexible screen for sure.Horrible, horrible idea. The centered round home button is one of the reasons of the success of the iPhone. It's essential.
That home button is there to stay. The iPhone will probably just keep a chin, like the iMac. It gives it a unique look.
Obviously the home button is here to stay. I agree with people who say that current bezel free concepts are ugly. I think that the rumor of a glass that curves on the sides could be a solution to having a less sharp edge, thus making it look a lot better. But that's just speculation. If Apple does a bigger screen, those huge samsung phones will look even more ridicule than they are.
By big screens I was referring to the current iPhone size compared to the 'iwatch'. Yes, they have probably a lot of big plans for the future. What's good with all these possibilities is that they can take their time to refine each idea and come out with someone new every year. Everyone knows that everything will be different in just 2-3 years, and no one can make predictions. It's pretty incredible.
iTunes Radio is very good for discovering music. Apple still needs to add a service like Spotify. It's meant to happen eventually, both for music and video.
I don't expect it to have glucose and hydration sensors at first either. That would probably raise the price a lot. In subsequent generations probably.
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