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 Very interesting. So it might break, but it's just be on the point where it hit. That would nice.
 That's interesting!
Sure, they just did a total UI a redesign and added fingerprint scanning... how boring is that, right?
Quote: Ahah, nice that you got that. It came to my mind and I just couldn't resist. Sorry :P. I love drama.
You are probably right, but I'm not 100% sure. Seeing that I saw those tiny lines the first time I held it in my hand! I imagine that even non techies could see, even if unconsciously, that a screen with a higher PPI would look better. But yes, it would be a very marginal difference. But we all know Apple is all about detail, so I'm convinced they will increase it to around 400ppi which would be perfect.
Also, that ppi is clearly overkill, but I wouldn't be surprised if they actually use it. The iPhone might need an increase to its ppi to reach a level close to the S4 (which IMO is the maximum ppi I care about) because I can still see some lines of pixels in some conditions.
I find it incredible that they put so much confusion on their models, with a prime and standard version, on purpose. A colleague of mine, who is very tech savvy, bought a Galaxy S3 thinking that it was the top model. It was in fact the model with the slower processor. A lot of people probably think their Galaxy phone has a X-core processor when it actually has X/2 processors. Not that it matters.
Same thing in France. I saw it yesterday but didn't read and realize that it was that, but I just checked and saw the iTunes Radio screen, before it disappeared after a second.
What don't you like about it? I didn't use it a lot since the update, but it looks fine.I don't see how something can regress if they add back features. And it's not like Ive is doing all the work by himself, isolated in his office.
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