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Apple buying Adobe would be amazing. They are two very successful companies and their business model and organization might be difficult to unify though.
It does actually if you had taken the time to examine the page.   http://www.telegraph.co.uk/technology/picture-galleries/9818080/The-20-bestselling-mobile-phones-of-all-time.html?frame=2459012
The debluring option is included in photoshop. Amazing tech.
Agree to everything you said. The best way for them to keep a dominant position is the same as always, keep making good products. All other rules aren't important. Market share isn't important either.
I was referring to actual application function. And no, adding a plus sign to a button isn't skeuomorphism. A plus sign isn't a skeuomorph. A pen icon isn't a skeumorph either, it's just an icon. And a skeuomorph can't be an icon. Shadows on knobs, that's skeuomorphism.
This has to be the most beautiful Apple store I've seen. The grey and white of the walls and ceiling nicely counterbalance the orange-brown of the tables. Waiting 35 hours to enter a store is beyond lame though.
"Skeumorphism refers to design elements that are made to resemble real-life objects" that's just half of the definition the other important half is "without actually carrying any function"
  It works well on Blackberry.  When swiping on the homescreen you don't usually touch the border of the screen. Swiping from the top was taken from Android and it's not a practical way of doing it, it's impossible to do easily with one hand on the iPhone 5 for people with average hands. At least they must redesign it, it's the ugliest thing I've ever seen on iOS on iPad, with Siri on iPad. I don't think settings should be on the notification panel, those are two separate...
You are right, it's not astonishing, but it's still incorrect. A lot of people still don't understand what a skeuomorph actuallly is :           or this definition which applies well to what Apple has done too much in iOS :         So :   red yes green no     A button is some kind of skeuomorph, but it retains a utility. It can become unnecessary if the icon that was on the button can be used in its stead, just like with the play button of iTunes.
New Posts  All Forums: