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I wouldn't want to bash MS just because, but they are so easy to bash. I'm still shocked that of ALL the applications I've installed on my Mac, the Office suite is the ONLY ONE that doesn't follow the Apple philosophy. All apps manage to hide all their configuration files into a container, ALL, even those from very small developers. MS developers, well, they didn't care about that, so there's this big folder full of stuff that no user should see. It's baffling. They can't...
 I still think they might increase the overall size of the phone just a little tiny bit. Why go from 4 to 4.5 when you can go to 5 for just a little bigger?
 I work for them, and I don't see what the problem is with it. They go and fight the illegal japanese fishing boats that kills hundreds of whales each year for example. They are they only ones doing it. And it's important. They are the ones showing that it's super easy to access nuclear facilities, even by air.
I don't know what you are talking about. They treat all companies the same. http://www.greenpeace.org/international/en/campaigns/climate-change/cool-it/Campaign-analysis/Guide-to-Greener-Electronics/
I'm impressed. But is Greenpeace only judging on Apple's word? I hope they will verify Apple's claims. And put pressure on other companies to do the same.
 I wasn't really interested in the fourth gen either. The Air however... that one looks very nice. I'm really wondering how they'll update it. I'm going to buy one for my parents very soon.
 I've been discovered?
Seems kind of complicated, and would only work with two apps that behave the same. The main problem is how to make a window smaller without changing the UI that much and at the same time keeping the touch targets and text big enough. MS probably had the same problem with Windows 8, and that's why they settled on 2 (then 3) panels side by side, to avoid the need for a dynamic window resizing. On the iPhone, the horizontal resolution is about half as the vertical. Using...
Impatiently waiting for this update that apparently solves the problem on 2007 and some later Macs with the screen. I know have to jungle between color setting to make moving lines disappear. Very annoying.
 The idea is certainly not very appealing at first. But with good execution I think it might work. I don't know how exactly though. I know iPads aren't made for the same job as Macs, but I can't remove the idea that having at least two windows at the same time might be useful even on a tablet. It truly is compulsory for a lot of pro work. Not pro pro, but light or pro. Like editing two different spreadsheets for example.
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