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Seriously? I think that serious people that have studied this stuff agree that a cellphone or a computer has no influence on place systems, let alone the compasses.
Yes, the trackpad is totally ignored by anti-apple fanboys, but it truly is an amazing piece of tech. The hardware and the software behind it are essential to making the OSX experience so good.
Right now, the simple act of making a graph out of data is complicated. Inverting X and Y axis isn't intuitive at all and the data analysis doesn't work well. I thought they would bring a new version soon, I hope this doesn't mean that we'll have to wait more.
  Microsoft, they have good idea but they often fail at executing them.
We are already there in a sense. You can stream a movie or even download it as you watch it. It's just that most servers aren't that fast.   It's good that companies innovate and in the future we are probably going to use this kind of technology, but I don't see how it could change our behaviors on the web radically. Right now, there is no point in having this. I can download a whole HD movie on my cellphone in less than 15 minutes, I don't see how 5G is going to make...
  One of the links given in your link is this : http://madebymany.com/blog/apples-aesthetic-dichotomy very interesting for those here who still don't understand the difference between skeuomorphism and metaphors applied to icons within apps.   Although I disagree with the end which says that 'metro' is so good. Metro LOOKS good, but is quickly tiring.
I forgot to check Versailles! Sure, flyover is great. I think that the quality of terrain 3D mapping made by google and the quality of their satellite images is very good. Checking the Himalaya and most remote places is a lot better in google maps still. They can't possibly use flyover for the whole world, can they? I still think it's too bad that Apple and Google couldn't settle to share some data. Maybe if Apple could use streetview. The problem with flyover and...
Hopefully! It's compulsory, they must be aware of that.Last time I checked Paris in France is a little larger and more famous than Paris in Texas, so I assume that the app could also take that into account when I'm doing a search from France, with the map centered on Paris...you know, like all other map services do. I don't think that's too much to ask. And I just entered 'starbucks'.Again, have you tried searching for googleplex? Good luck.I always said, even here, that...
I want Japanese cities. Kyoto and Tokyo. Brasilia, Marrakech, Venice, Istanbul, and the towns you gave are pretty good too.Venice is a must.I think this is great, and very useful to access contrary to what some say. I don't understand how anyone can say that it's complicated to use.
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