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Their data is probably impressive, but their maps are ugly. Can someone tell me if it updates the search results as you pan around the map? That's one feature Maps is lacking.
They used people to test the service and now to thank them who don't have ML they force them to upgrade.
Just by looking at this forum it's easy to see that it's much more than 1%.
  Can you tell me what is the color of the Apple logo at the entrance of the Apple campus? With streetview it's easy.
  Street view
  It doesn't have ads, and it looks neat actually. I prefer its UI to Maps. It uncluttered and light.
Some things work great, like Schengen.
  Lol no. Euro is not a ruling.
  You can arrange tiles how you like, and most apps have an image for icon. You can choose which program to put in the start menu. That's called choice. You can turn that every way you like, but iOS is far from giving users that freedom. I think the UI is very user friendly and enticing.
New Posts  All Forums: