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Orange is a huge operator. I think they know more about this than you do.
The ones that provide all servers that Apple uses. iCloud is Microsoft Azure for example.
The smartwatch is a lot better idea than this, whether it's Apple or Samsung that release it first. I think Glass will work in certain situations (like professional situations, might be useful for training...) but a lot of people won't want to have that thing pointing at them when they talk to someone, or they won't want to wear glasses or to see stuff in front of their eyes all the time, or they just won't want to look like idiots. Glass is actually going backwards...
Poor people won't get this horrible useless launcher!
You can still hover with your finger. A lot of touchscreens do that now. The GS4 does it, even if it isn't very responsive for the moment.
That's the stupidest idea ever. So if 4 people are watching TV, only one can change channel or they all need a ring? Who wants to carry a ring around for their TV?
That would be great. But wouldn't it be easier to build a common database with google or just use their images just for this? It seems like they'd need to spend a lot of money, time and pollute a lot for something that others have already made.
They aren't just switching textures obviously, so they need to test the OS. They'll obviously add new features too so that people won't complain.
You are mistaking flat textures with removal of textures altogether. Android is pretty flat, yet it's full of textures. And anyway, even a line looks better (sharper) on retina than on a low res screen. I'd love to see an OS with white and grey textures.
That it's behind is actually a good news since it shows how much work they are putting on it. Some people said iOS7 wouldn't be redesigned. They were wrong. I can't wait, never been so excited about a redesign since Leopard.
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