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So many people happy. I'm happy too. But how legitimate are the opinions of people who used to doubt the judgment of Koh in the first place?
Is this happening with the beta?
Thanks for the info. Are there apps that aggregate iBeacon data already in the AppStore? I too think that having to download an app to receive the notification removes the point.
 Great videos. You just found prior art. :P
It's funny that all of Apple's patents are made with MS Visio. Couldn't they use one of the countless apps available out there who do the same?
Yes, knowing that several other companies are trying to bring new design both in software and hardware out there. It's just that they can't compete with the gigantic marketing machine of Scamsung.
That laptop... Why put the trackpad on the left? It doesn't make sense. About the spreadsheets. Numbers can't be used for spreadsheets just a thousand entries long. It's too slow to load. http://mjtsai.com/blog/2013/10/27/numbers-13-performance/ Minutes vs seconds for Excel. And it becomes unusable really quickly when adding lots of data. No company will use it until it can compete with Excel.
One of the best parts was : "A stylus! We are going to use a stylus, right?.. No." Others could have thought of the touchscreen. Jobs realized that they couldn't use a stylus. It would have made the iPhone a little like many other phones. Multitouch is truly the one thing that made it successful, if we oversimplify everything to a minimum.
Jobs looks so young in that image! I remember first coming to AI to see that keynote. 7 years already! I know you are out there Ric.
So no purchases with this anyway! You don't want to buy an app just because you are looking at the phone! FAIL Oh and if there's someone from macrumors, let me tell you for once, **** your website that uses samsung fans as moderators.
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