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There is absolutely no need for apps to be stored on the Mac, and no need to arrange them from the Mac. iTunes should only be for music, video, etc... The Mac App Store could have a section for mobile apps for people who want to absolutely buy from there.
  I lolled.
That's not Google's fault, but Samsung and others' fault. They will have to change since the average user is beginning to understand that non-Nexus phones aren't that well supported. That's also why Google is apparently going to do a few Nexus phones at the same time.  
His info seems outdated.
Everybody has their own usage. I use mine mostly on landscape so that the text is bigger on any webpage, and I watch a lot of videos and pictures on it. The keyboard is also bigger and easier to use that way. Most new tablet users probably prefer seeing a landscape tablet than a portrait one, coming from a world where almost every screen is on landscape. And of course they are trying to convey that this will replace the laptop, and I think it will help a lot. iPad came...
And what about the right to upgrade the RAM on your PC so that it can run the latest programs well? Apple is clearly going in the direction opposite to that.
That's cool, I'm impatient to see what new stuff it'll bring about. Also impatient to see some new Nexus phones.
I wouldn't call that an "issue". It's bug, nothing very important...
Maybe that's normal.
This has nothing to do with IR for remotes though.
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