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You are describing a nightmare. We all think we are more clever than we actually are, it would be worse with this. That kind of life would be so pretentious.
But there are some very solid philosophical arguments that deny the supernatural. Like the fact that the supernatural couldn't possibly interact with the natural, simply because it's 'supernatural'.
I'm sure it would. I would use a watch like that. But it would have to be truly groundbreaking and sport some functions we haven't thought of. If there's one company capable of nailing it, it's Apple. I hope they take the time to 'just make it work'. Siri is great but is still light-years from being that super-quasi-AI that we need. And they really need to do something about her voice, Google now sounds a lot better. And a watch is better than glasses. Google says that...
Someone on the Verge called the Samsung one the Photocopier at 1, Redundant Loop. I try to be objective here, and having some knowledge in architecture, I think the building is ok. The park at the bottom and around it is nice, but those floors partially covered in plants just look like something a student would do in first year. Nothing very original ('let's put plants!'). Apple's spaceship has a very basic shape too, but its huge proportions and the way the exterior...
Good for them. Their UI innovates and the design of the phone is certainly original.
Firefox seems to have been coded properly in this department.
When I talked about motion capture that was what I was talking about. Facial motion capture to be precise. Just a look at the trailer shows a level of emotion and realistic characters never attained in games anywhere. And I agree emotion is primordial for some kind of games. You talked about performance and writing. The problem is that performance can't be transcribed without a lot of tech and power. I still have to see a tablet game that arrives to the level of PS1 games...
  Well of course it's a mix of both. If it weren't, we would still be playing on Amiga, but we are not. One of the most acclaimed games this year, and one of the most original ever, Journey,  is simple in design but still needs a lot of tech to achieve that 'simple' look.     Beyond : Two Souls, is an upcoming game that sports extremely impressive motion capture acting, including by Ellen Page and Willem Dafoe.     And what about The Last Of Us?     It will take...
It has nothing to do with beaming, it's just a control via the internet.
The fact that Google is doing worse doesn't change that this was bad. If people hadn't noticed that could have been used for bad purposes.
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