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And what about the right to upgrade the RAM on your PC so that it can run the latest programs well? Apple is clearly going in the direction opposite to that.
That's cool, I'm impatient to see what new stuff it'll bring about. Also impatient to see some new Nexus phones.
I wouldn't call that an "issue". It's bug, nothing very important...
Maybe that's normal.
This has nothing to do with IR for remotes though.
  That would be a way to do it, but it's not very elegant. The user shouldn't notice when Siri is learning about his speech characteristics.       "Darling, I'm leaving you, I think our sex life is no longer what it used to be" Sent from granma to granpa.
Very clever invention! That's a patent I'd love to see working! Adapting voice synthesis from metadata could happen in a first moment, then, after people get used to the tech, voice recording for synthesis could be used. The phone would need to be extremely secure though, I wouldn't want speech patterns for all my contacts get lost in the wild.
Get ready for sonargateTM
That's cool for them. It would be fair if those products were just a little less expensive.  
I frankly don't see where the hell those stats come from.
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