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I agree with him and almost everybody thinks that it's a little outdated. I wish Apple would embrace sensitive bezels. One swipe from the bottom and up would open the app-tray. Keep your finger on the screen after the swipe and move it left or right to change app icon (or preview) then lift it to switch app directly. Swiping left or right on the bottom bezel switches apps left/right. One swipe from the left bezel might open a notification tray (like on blackberry), much...
The music and dancers are nice, but this has nothing to do with phones. It's just glitter and gloss.
You could crop those screenshots, it would look more serious that way.
They've done a lot of marketing and some nice watches lately here in Europe.
Another 'prediction' that we'll remember? I like Swatch
Yes, but this affair is more than 10 years old. The law may be stupid, that doesn't change that you have to respect it, then after maybe try to change it.
  Justice never punishes people for what could have happened, always for what actually happened. And most people are just totally misguided, that doesn't mean they deserve to die.
Dolphin is the best browser I tested on iPad.
I hope they bring color. That might be a good motivator to upgrade (it's just appearances but still). It would be so funny to see Samsung follow and bring lots of colors out (not just the current white, black and red)  
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