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This idea that the actors need to enter into the skin of the character they interpret in real life has always been ridiculous to me. I heard many great actors say that it was ridiculous and acting was just a job like any other, no need to pretend to have your life changed because of a part. But if that works for him, fine.
Maybe, but it's not a behavior that has to be encouraged. There has to be a point where it's forbidden. A generation may suffer from it, then society adapts.
I think that if I had the choice, I'd rather have paper material... books. I prefer the way stuff is organized in order and the fact that sometimes to learn something, a book is enough without the need to thousand sources.
Yeah, your are absolutely right, that was a foolish thought.
Even if a phone with a 5 inches screen is ridiculous, I think Apple should do it. People nowadays are really buying into the Samsung horrible phablets and even if it's a bad idea, Apple can't let them win shares thanks to that segment. That would reinforce the idea that Apple is present on whatever size in the smartphone market and that Samsung doesn't have any advantage as I often hear. It's not that Apple has to be competing on every phone that SM does, but people need...
Yes, we europeans are too stupid to understand that. Give me a break.
Lol the thing is that if that happens now, the carrier will replace the phone, and there's nothing to prove if the fault is apparent, like a mic not functionning, even if it happened after purchase. On the other hand, if you buy it from an Apple Store, Apple will refuse to replace it, contrary to law.
I just don't see when Apple could deliver a cheaper iPhone. There already are cheaper iPhones, they are previous gen.
Are we supposed to take this seriously just because there's a graph? These people make money making predictions, I want to do that job!   And as someone noticed, no Mac Pro, which is almost sure to come out this year... fail   I don't see why Apple couldn't make a plastic iPhone. The 3Gs were plastic. They wouldn't sell it as low cost, but as an intermediary between the iPhone and the Ipod Touch I guess, hence the colors.
New Posts  All Forums: