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Schadenfreude? Their TV OS is still terrible, especially now compared to what LG has just introduced.
Trying to look something bad against Samsung in this is ridiculous. The prompters at CES have a problem, it happened again today. Bay was simply caught off guard. He's a director, he doesn't have to know how to do public speeches. This could have happened with many other companies. But yes, I think it couldn't happen with Apple where they do lots of rehearsals.
Yes, Apple will NEVER do a hybrid. Dual-boot is not something people should be forced to do. I believe they will largely expand iOS capabilities this year, with possible multi-window support. The Verge has a video showing how the successor to WebOS, Eel, would have looked and how it would have managed multitasking.    http://www.theverge.com/2014/1/2/5264580/the-lost-secrets-of-webos   It used 'flat' design before Apple or Google used it. And the implementation of...
 Now I'm going to suffer if they don't do that.  Those are for the power supply. They always are that big. The Mac Pro sports the same kind of components.
 "most downloaded apps are used once and never again anyway"... what? "So why do you think a tablet would be a better value for a similar price?" well, apart from the example you gave about writing a lot on the web, I'd say the tablet form factor makes it more interesting in pretty much everything else.   Setting an Apache, and a DNS to access it? Seems a lot of work when other computers simply show the drive on the desktop.
Now we hope that Apple will provide different exchangeable cards. I wish they sold a card meant for gaming. I dream of a 2000€ Mac Pro!Totally agree, I thought the same. It's truly a beauty.
Oh no! You pushed the button? You don't have to!
For the price of a Chromebook, I think an Android tablet is of better value.
Maybe my comment wasn't clear enough. My friend wanted to send a local file to an always on networked drive so that her TV could access the movies. But there is no way to use a NAS on a Chromebook. So no movies.
You can do a Keynote like presentation on ChromeOS?You can't even mount networked drives on Chrome OS. It is impossible to do. People who use those have extremely simple needs. Not a bad thing per se, but more an more people use always one drives to play movies on their tv. It's impossible to do on a chromebook.
New Posts  All Forums: