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No need to claim to be an analyst to know that growth will eventually stop. Apple can't possibly sell more phones every year. But then I fail to see why or how would sales suddenly drop... Economists and bankers are the worst. People who believe that having followed a course on 'economic science' makes them specialist on everything. Economy is a pseudo science.
If Apple let it do that it probably would.
That's not a color, but a different appearance and texture altogether. It's completely different. If I had no limits for how much I'm ready to pay, I'd buy the space gray aluminum with the link bracelet. It's absolutely gorgeous. Nothing beats black for me and it makes the watch look even smaller.
Apple really has a lot of catch up to do on the music front now . They have all the cards to make a great service that's not too expensive, I hope it's coming soon as rumored.
No need to say that I have no clue. I lived in Venice too, and I go there several times a year.
I'm going to be really annoyed if the Apple Watch costs more than 500$, which is almost certain. That's too much for me and I don't like the aluminum of the Sports Edition.
Don't exaggerate. There are constantly dozens of restoration sites in Venice, it's been like that for 600 years, it's not going to move now.
That was at the beginning but yes.A city like Venice would be impossible to build nowadays, there are literally several palaces in every street, and hundreds of churches with frescos made by the top Renaissance painters. It's a jewel. So precious that most people don't even realize when they're there. Everything is carved, painted and built with extreme care.
Venice is truly unique. Incredible place. Question: how can something as flyover be rolled out?
 Have you seen the size of that thing? It's gigantic !
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