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I thought the video was good. Thanks !
Actually that's exactly how things are and how they should be. No one has to prove non-existence. It's existence that has to be proven. This is why it's obvious that there is no god.
Fighting over phones? What a ridiculous concept. Everyone knows iPhone is better anyway.
Will it be in Europe before I die?
I think (hope) he was being sarcastic.
Samsung wishes this was a April's Fools... but it's not. :D
Why should he be angry? This makes no sense.
I was joking :D
Yes, but we can add to what you said that thanks to its increased thickness over the 6, the 6C could use a flush camera.:P
It's almost certainly going to come with Apple Pay. If Apple indeed goes along the 4 inch route for the C series that's great and it will be my next buy for sure.
New Posts  All Forums: