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Anyone found a video where someone really takes time to show customization of watch faces? I could spend hours watching this.
I don't like it when people treat paper like that. You made a little fold on that paper two seconds after touching it. Some people are just unable to manipulate paper with care I believe, like turning pages on a book for example.
The app does it automatically for the places you look at most often. Problem is it's random :/
 I'm talking about customer experience of course. It's not the end of the world, and Apple did their best I guess, but it wasn't great imo.
 yes, fortunately !
Why would he? These numbers are great. He's been banned anyway, I don't know what was the last drop.
 That long box is for the Sport models.The Edition have square boxes.I don't know about the silver one (why call it Watch??).
It's nice to see some lines. A launch would be less fun without them
Had it been Samsung, they would have publicized the Watch as being waterproof. Apple probably noticed that the waterproofing isn't perfect and want to see how many Watches are damaged by water and how in the first year.
Suggestions should appear immediately. The little animation words make is slow and removes the point of suggestions for me.
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