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How does this apply to people throwing gay people out of their stores?
 Loving and religious are often in conflict. Religious people quickly forget their "love" when you don't follow their teachings.Ask all the kids whose parents have thrown out of home because they are gay.
 That's how most people see things. It's difficult to understand for religious people because this way of thinking doesn't automatically say if something is good or bad and you have to use your brain to find the answer.  Yes, psychology has shown over a century ago that repressing desires, like most religious prone, is the worst thing one can do. But religions didn't get the memo. Even now some people say that people should force themselves to change, that's an obsolete...
I don't see why gay marriage is promoting incest mariages more than, you know, mariage.
Religious freedom doesnt exist. By following a religion you abandon your own freedom, pretending that you need more is contradictory. Religions are for the ignorants and the State should stop pretending that they are something to be defended. Religions have always hindered progress. Believers are just that, they believe something just because, that may be the definition of delusion. Freedom is the liberty to say to someone that what they preach is idiotic and that they can...
Your comparison of man to man marriage with mariage with a dog is disturbing. You should also learn the definition of the word "normal". Finally, mariage isn't natural, or show me an animal that marries.
If only that could be true! It would be the first time that I'm more compelled to buy the cheaper model than the top of the line.
Wow that was so funny. I'm almost dying here.
Oh please grow up! You are not the only one allowed to talk here and anyone is entitled to an opinion or argument.
You wish it was like that but it isn't. Those countries are not facing problems because of their social measures. In fact the countries which are the most socialist in Europe are the happiest places on Earth and without economical problems, see Scandinavia.
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