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The only problem Beats Music has is that you can't easily find top of the charts songs. That's not a problem to me at all, but to many people and mostly teenagers that's huge.
Not very cool.   The movie isn't very good apparently though.
Sad thing is that people with large phones think they know what a tablet experience is when ey only get a glimpse. It's funny what difference size makes.
Yes, yes, yes. But hush, you're going to hurt people. Nothing wrong with being poor (I'm not rich at all) , but having a tablet and a 4 inch phone is much better than having a 6 inch phone and no tablet !
My thought exactly. Well, they might ditch it, they may have done something like that in the past, but that would be unusual, especially given the success of the 5C. The logic would be that they make a 6C with the same internals as the current 6 but a smaller screen. Maybe they won't have time to make a new design but then again if we have a 6S they might have the time, who knows? But I'm pretty certain the name 5C will disappear or only exist as the very low end, not...
 No need to talk like that. You made many assumptions yourself.
 That's your opinion. That size was used as a differentiator is not matter to debate.  No, people don't just want bigger than 4 inch phones, or the iPhone 5C wouldn't sell so well.  that's not a valid analogy. With that same reasoning you could justify a phone that's 6, 7 or more inches big. A lot of people like phones that are 4 inches big. And please, stop with the 'little finger' lame argument. I know several really big people, and they can't reach the whole surface of...
I can have an interaction just as deep on a 3.5 inches phones.
Because size was the only way they had to truly stand out from the iPhone. Now they've lost that, they're screwed. That doesn't mean 4 inch iPhones are going to disappear.
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