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Your question was idiotic to begin with. He answered your question so don't be like that.  Well, a second speaker to make it stereo certainly would be cool. Maybe not that important on a phone, but seems like compulsory on a tablet.
I still don't like those bands, and I don't like the lens like that. I'd still buy it if I needed, it still looks great from the front and side.
I read the post minutes after it was posted abs absolutely understood that he wasn't serious. Anyone who thinks otherwise needs to have their head checked. I can't believe this no-news has been reposted everywhere.
Interesting but frankly, this is a game meant to be played on a big computer screen.
If only they could bring back the colored logo!
Apple should bring highlights to spotlight since in iOS 8 it's finally becoming on par with Google now but is not easy enough to discover IMO. From the lock screen searching for a place is now super easy as well as calling directly without having the number. But they should include a 'search with maps' option.
 Most companies use iOS. That doesn't mean that they exclusively use iOS.Apple has a huge growth opportunity here.
Is it just me or is this news HUGE ?
Last link is broken.
Because typing on the ONE toggle to disable location services on iOS is sooo hard!!
New Posts  All Forums: