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OSX has never looked and worked better. It's just amazing.
Fantastic app.
The Beats brand is here to stay. Doesn't make sense otherwise IMO.Exactly.Beats music on Android and Windows Phone makes total sense as it's just an additional revenue for Apple.Message and Facetime, as you explain, makes sense too.Apart from those two, I don't see another app that does.Certainly not Maps as some have said here.
In my opinion that's an essential part of the deal. Apple now will have a great streaming service open to anyone. Another important reason for chosing Beats and no one else is that iPhone users will be able to listen to music via an Apple streaming service on Apple headphones. I'm typing this on an old Android phone and I can tell you that each word is a torture to type. !'!!!
I'd like them to tweak this latest design a little. The shape on the back is odd IMO. It needs to use more straight lines.
Fascinating! So they are indeed looking to use liquidmetal with sapphire! Seamless too.
 1 You know nothing of processors 2 At least it works, unlike that shitty heart-rate sensor : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wga7g2_3G9k
Between this and the news that they are developing a competitor to VR by Oculus or Sony shows that they aren't close to changing their ways. Maybe one day they'll stop stealing other people's ideas. AHAHAH nono they'll never change.
The question from that journalist was a good one. Whatever Apple does, their footprint will always grow, and that's because that level of trade goes against ecology and is unsubstainable.
New Posts  All Forums: