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Tried it. Works perfectly. UI couldn't be better. 
I'm sorry but European plugs are just nicer than American ones. They are rounded and just feel more like Apple.
 Talking about the tech shown in this article, there is still a mechanical button under the screen.
I opened the link just to look at the pictures.
Of course if it's true it's to be condemned.
On a phone that's 6 mm tall, that's a lot.
Because this is supposed to be the final design?
 That hurt !
 Also, there's a little problem with his phrase : "I think 90% of the people would rather have a thinner phone with a better camera than a fatter phone." I think that 90% of people would rather have a phone that's 0.07mm fatter than this one and still thinner than the current 5S AND with a better camera AND no protruding lens AND maybe a better battery.
 And why in the world do they protrude?Oh yes, it's because THEY ARE FREAKING BUTTONS ! Also, they are not on the back.
New Posts  All Forums: