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You don't need to change much between accounts. Have iOS connect to two different icloud accounts at once for mail, pictures and everything that is synced. Display the necessary content for each account. Mail can already display several accounts at once. Just hide those that are not necessary in that session. Do the same for pictures and favorites and some other stuff to begin with. I don't think it would use more resources than now.
What do you mean?
That's not the kind of thing I'd patent. If it can help someone it should be accessible to as many people as possible.
Makes sense. Siri needs to get a lot lot better.
 Well of course.
The problem is that apparently all current screens do get scratched. Once they are, they lose a lot of resistance to impact. And if sapphire is to be used on a watch, it makes certainly more sense than gorilla glass.
With all the hires they've made it seems clear that they are working on some kind of wearable, with the watch being the most probable. They are not going to put a heartbeat sensor on the back of their phone like Samsung did.
More than that are all the works by psychoanalysts that have shown how repression works, and how calling something a 'sin' won't make it go away.The philosophical works by Sartre, Nietzsche... Christian people are hundreds of years late.
Good news. Goldman Sachs can't have a snitch at Apple.   Lol I don't know that new guy, but doesn't he look a bit like a vampire?
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