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  Thermodynamics add a level of abstraction to the uncalculable physics underneath. So heat energy is in reality just a form of kinetic energy.
As usual it's very difficult to see what this patent adds that's new to existing motion controllers. The WiiMotion Plus or the Playstation Move are already very precise.
  I wouldn't even call it a win. A win isn't when you think you won and everybody else thinks that you are an idiot... iPhone 5 Back to the article, I think contrary to some that a screen just a little curved like on that prototype could be a nice idea. But that will never happen because it takes too much space.
  There's nothing else than music information that's sent to Google's servers. If they were sending anything else the EU would already have blocked it. I understand that can be too much for some, I personally wouldn't care if they knew what I listen to, and google is pretty clear in their privacy policy :     What's important is that it's free. But again, I prefer streaming/caching on Spotify for 10 euros/month.
Free high quality streaming of the music I have? This doesn't compete with Match, it destroys it. But I prefer Spotify anyway.
That design is beautiful indeed. I've always imagined what it could look like if the screen took all the space in front. Something like this... I don't care where the ear-piece is, they could just work their magic!
Very cool, it's nice to have only notifications about Apple directly pushed.
Is the iPad 2 diluting the image of Apple? They are very good to present new stuff in a good light. Just put it at the end of a presentation "and a new 8 Gb model, with A5 processor and in three colors". Teenagers would love it. The black model would remain the top of the line. It's psychological, but this kind of thing works very well on markets. It would even reinforce the feeling people have with their top-line iPhones.
I don't see it happening. I don't see the need, people aren't asking for a smaller iPhone. Maybe a cheaper one but Apple isn't going to make one just for that. Maybe a new iPhone with a 4 inch screen, less powerful processor and colors.
Didn't you hear that you can use Siri to ask a route on Google Maps by just adding 'via transit' at the end of your query?
New Posts  All Forums: