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Wow, plans in the US are extremely expensive. As I said, I have 5GB data, unlimited SMS/MMS and calls (unlimited calls to all landlines in the world), tethering, visual voicemail and conference calls for 24€/month.No one has noticed that in the US, but what T-Mobile is doing is mimicking what Free Mobile has done in France. Even their presentation style, the language they used and the style of the CEO doing the presentation was copied from that of M. Niel of Free who broke...
I'm not blaming you, some people are having issues. Might be due to the shape of your prints or the way your skin changes during the day, or something else. I have no problem myself. I have scanned 4 fingers, and haven't changed the prints for more than a month. It works almost all the time, I'd say more than 90% and close to 95% of the time. And if it doesn't work on the first try, it always does on the second.
Let them catch! It took them years to catch the screen detection of the touchscreen (when not hindered by bad software that makes it slow anyway). I don't think they'll catch with touchID soon. I'm still amazed at how fast it is. I keep on forgetting it is there.
I just changed my data plan from 3 to 5 GB per month. At 24€ per month with unlimited SMS and calls it's very cheap. 3GB is really not much when streaming music every day.
Unibox fits the new design in OSX perfectly, in closing the gap between iOS and OSX. I see it running on an multi-window tablet.
Not really a Siri problem. But when editing an event in calendars, I wish that when I put 'Ann's house' as the location, iOS links my contacts' addresses first. Tried it today and it linked it with a place called 'Ann's house' 300 miles away...
Voice reconnaissance still needs a lot of work through, particularly in non-English languages. I can't imagine how much more cool stuff we'll be able to do with Siri in a few years.
They don't believe in piracy, but bundled their jailbreak with a pirate app? They are insulting everyone's intelligence.
I'm on vacation on my iPhone. I won't have the energy to do that. On IGN I have the same username and some people were posting their findings (among a huge amount of kids complaining that it's more expensive than their PC with a consumer i7). Are you absolutely certain about the CPU? That seems a lot.Pretty sure it's not true. These cards are certainly not made to speed up certain kind of calculations pertaining to video games, and no software optimization will change the...
I did that months ago. But other people on other websites have a number between 2000 and 2900 $
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