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Directions and search are too separate things altogether. Directions work fine. Search is a disaster. I search for Starbucks while looking at Paris and it shows me a random Starbucks in Texas (just a random example). Just try searching for Googleplex.
Finally! It's over a huge part of the suburbs too and with great quality! I hope they make lots of ads about this in France, it's a detail but an important one!
I had mostly Sony. They were nice and compact. And they could do videoconferencing which worked fine the single time I used it (to call a friend who was in front of me).  
They don't say what research did it, but they are a pretty famous journal, that gives the information some credit. And it's not that surprising. Everybody had that phone.
Apple buying Adobe would be amazing. They are two very successful companies and their business model and organization might be difficult to unify though.
It does actually if you had taken the time to examine the page.   http://www.telegraph.co.uk/technology/picture-galleries/9818080/The-20-bestselling-mobile-phones-of-all-time.html?frame=2459012
The debluring option is included in photoshop. Amazing tech.
Agree to everything you said. The best way for them to keep a dominant position is the same as always, keep making good products. All other rules aren't important. Market share isn't important either.
I was referring to actual application function. And no, adding a plus sign to a button isn't skeuomorphism. A plus sign isn't a skeuomorph. A pen icon isn't a skeumorph either, it's just an icon. And a skeuomorph can't be an icon. Shadows on knobs, that's skeuomorphism.
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