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It's not just AI, others have confirmed this result. It's pretty amazing. Of course Apple gets those components at a reduced price, but what's important is the end result for the user. And all this with a PC built in the US! I don't know how they did it.
5 inch isn't suited for one hand use already.
He wasn't joking. He had seen the success of the iPod but also how hard it was to compete in markets with huge competitors like MS, even with a superior product. That may have been on of the times he was modest and ended up smashing the competition. But yes, he probably dreamt of what happened. How could anyone in his position not feel like a god?
It's certainly sad to see a company that was so popular die a slow death. I hope they manage coming out of this situation somehow. Their last OS had interesting ideas and I thought it looked better than Android.
Macs since 2007 can run Mavericks.
"The top 200 applications in the iOS App Store are believed to post combined gross revenues of $18 million on a typical day, according to a report from analytics firm Distimo. The same grouping on Android's Google Play store, in contrast, is thought to book just $12 million. Those amounts are up by $3 million and $8.5 million, respectively, from their places one year ago" If that's true, that means the playStore is quickly catching ground in profitability. Calling 12...
Apple is so strong now that it can only go down from there. Maybe not for several years, but it'll happen eventually with market saturation, and people will say : 'See? When we told they were selling less before we were wrong, but now they are, see??'
You don't own an iPhone. The battery is fine but I still need to charge it daily.You could have said the same thing about touchID.
Wireless charging brings more upsides than downsides. Its implementation would be a plus nonetheless. You gain a few seconds every time you plug and unplug the phone. Just like touchID makes unlocking seamless. When you put your phone somewhere you are already using some 'precious space' and I'd rather put the phone on its own charging station instead of having to put a cloth under it like I do to avoid scratched.
Don't be evil. Oh wait, wrong company...
New Posts  All Forums: