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Ah ok. Still, them playing on words like that isn't very classy. The HTC one has a lot higher ppi.  
I wouldn't be surprised if Apple came with a new design and called it the iPhone 6. That would counter samsung who is trying to align itself with Apple's release schedule.
Sometimes reliable, that's funny.
Very clever. I doubt we'll ever see it though, since such a motor takes a lot of space and Apple is apparently taking measures to make the phone more resistant.
Come on...
I didn't see anywhere that it was a trademark. And you can't trademark retina. Retina display at least.  
  I think he was refering to the Adobe Suite and particularly the much loved and very good Photoshop, which gets updated every year with great new stuff evert year.
  No, the streaming will allow for a lot of other stuff in games. For example when you'll buy a game on the PSN you will be able to play in a matter of seconds because it'll load the game engine and initial levels first and keep downloading in the background. Cinematics that take a lot of space will be streamed directly within the game while they are being downloaded so you'll play a game half locally, half on the cloud.
  I know all those examples and they are indeed great examples of tech that has to be worked on. DMM was far from being what it promised to be. And those water or breaking simulations still look unreal. I meant that games have still a lot to go to achieve movie-like photorealistic quality. And it's not only harder because you have to make it work in real-time, but also because simulations and events can't be scripted for most games. What you are describing works very well...
AI has to improve A LOT. Eventually when processing power allows it we'll have realtime 'atoms' for objects (actually a lot bigger than atoms but still invisible to the eye), for all objects. There is a lot to do in every possible domain. Just look how far ahead 3D animation in movies is compared to games.
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