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Wireless charging brings more upsides than downsides. Its implementation would be a plus nonetheless. You gain a few seconds every time you plug and unplug the phone. Just like touchID makes unlocking seamless. When you put your phone somewhere you are already using some 'precious space' and I'd rather put the phone on its own charging station instead of having to put a cloth under it like I do to avoid scratched.
Don't be evil. Oh wait, wrong company...
Yes I know and it works well in french too. The problem I have is that some of my friend have a name with sounds that aren't used in french, and Siri gets confused when I want to pronounce those names.For example my own name pronounced in french on an iOS in english would make Siri very confused.It's not really a problem, but I have to create Surnames for my foreign friends so that I can pronounce something a little easier for Siri to understand without editing their real...
That's great! Calendar update makes it a lot more functional like it used to be. Faster animations is cool too, I've disabled them and it feels so fast that I wonder if I'll want to re-enable them.
 That was a very good and objective test. The panel of questions they asked is fair.
Siri is still better at following a conversation. Google Now is still faster at delivering information and a lot better at answering complex queries via the knowledge graph. Both perform terribly in foreign languages. In French or Italian, Siri doesn't do half of the cool stuff it does in English. No wolfram alpha, no movie showtimes and a voice recognition that's not very good compared to english. I'd use it in English, but I often need to tell something in french (the...
I'm surprised they are still gaining at this point. Not that it'd be a problem if their market was coming down, which'll happen eventually even in the US.
Having secure devices for usage in high security domain needs a lot of research and analysis of how the devices work. Blackberry was built with security in mind, it was their number one priority, so I'm not surprised that the iPhone, even with its security, is less secure for that use. The platform may also be harder to adapt to what they need.
Yes, the whole concept of a good product seems to elude them.
Yes, it's pretty bad. Best support for Android was on the Galaxy Nexus...which is already confirmed NOT to receive the 4.4 update. Oh and galaxy s4 still hasn't it either lol. Posted yesterday, you're welcome.
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