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One thing that is feasible and they could make is this : a 3D screen with dual cameras (à-la kinect) to detect the position of people in the room and precisely of their eyes. 3D icons that spring out of the screen and the user can just 'touch' the icon to activate. The cameras would detect the position of the finger, of the eyes, and calculate which button was pressed.
If they had an additional screen like the WiiU provides, additional data could be feed to the second screen without distracting from the main experience.
I think that the approach Nintendo has had with the WiiU is really clever. Content can easily be accessed from any source available, be it live, download or streaming. Add a way for content providers to seamlessly deliver additional content, and a way for people to interact while watching the same content (some kind of social network), and you're done!
  Just this.
It's clearly visible on some operator websites in France.
Their data is probably impressive, but their maps are ugly. Can someone tell me if it updates the search results as you pan around the map? That's one feature Maps is lacking.
They used people to test the service and now to thank them who don't have ML they force them to upgrade.
Just by looking at this forum it's easy to see that it's much more than 1%.
  Can you tell me what is the color of the Apple logo at the entrance of the Apple campus? With streetview it's easy.
  Street view
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