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And to say that only girls are interested in colors is sexist.
Hopefully, been waiting for this for years. I'll take the blue one thanks.
Of course not, but it'd still be grammatically correct, no?
  For sure. Having numbered iPhones makes sense, but they'll have to drop the numbers eventually, when they decide it looks silly. I'm sure they'll go with another convention for their smartwatch.
I'd tend to agree. But if I'm not mistaken sales aren't really affected by the fact that there's an S each year instead of a new model. If they changed number every year people would complain. Until Apple can't make a drastic redesign each year, there is no need to change this convention. That said, I hope that there is no 5S this year. Having the S as a trend isn't very original. Or at least use it this year for the last time. 6S would feel wrong.
If Apple EVER releases something like Glass... ... I stop eating chocolate for a week.   Will Never Happen Because Glass Is Stupid.
Orange is a huge operator. I think they know more about this than you do.
The ones that provide all servers that Apple uses. iCloud is Microsoft Azure for example.
The smartwatch is a lot better idea than this, whether it's Apple or Samsung that release it first. I think Glass will work in certain situations (like professional situations, might be useful for training...) but a lot of people won't want to have that thing pointing at them when they talk to someone, or they won't want to wear glasses or to see stuff in front of their eyes all the time, or they just won't want to look like idiots. Glass is actually going backwards...
Poor people won't get this horrible useless launcher!
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