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Yes, the whole concept of a good product seems to elude them.
Yes, it's pretty bad. Best support for Android was on the Galaxy Nexus...which is already confirmed NOT to receive the 4.4 update. Oh and galaxy s4 still hasn't it either lol. Posted yesterday, you're welcome.
Priceless. I didn't see AI report in this : http://www.fidlee.com/android-support-vs-ios-support/
There have been people experiencing the same issue. Just go on Apple support pages. I haven't had any problem myself. But you have either a faulty unit, or maybe some configurations of print or skin types work less than others.   https://discussions.apple.com/message/23989897?ac_cid=tw123456#23989897   I don't think that 39 pages of forum indicates that it's a huge problem, but it might appear for a small percentage of people, which is, understandably, annoying. It...
It's a great device to enter the Apple world. That was a good move.
The article seems to indicate that these are a lot more expensive than iPads, but this is only 50€ more than an iPad. Yes, we pay 700+ $ for those...:/ Still, HP makes crappy computers and crappy products. A Sony tablet may have been better. Or just an iPad for that price.
I really don't see how people can see that Samsung is admitting anything. They are not unfortunately, but that's expected. The point of this retrial is not to find if they did copy or not, the attorney rightly said so.
They didn't say that they aren't disputing it, they say that they are not talking about it. It's not the same thing.
3-4 years ago Numbers was ridiculously difficult to use even to make a simple graph from a table. Select the right values to use as x or y was too complex. It's now a lot simpler than it used to. But apparently they still have a lot to do.
Blasphemy! Why didn't you just use stocks? :P 
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