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You are talking about the mess caused by over-speculation and the fact that money is king and everything else of value isn't recognized as such anymore? Traders get paid 10 000+ euros a month and doctors get paid less than 2000 for 5 times the work and twice the studies. That's normal...   Don't get me wrong, I love the UK, it's a beautiful country with a lot of culture and traditions, but I fell that they are not playing the game like most of the other members. It's...
He has a point, calling a group of people idiots because of one product they buy is stupid.
From the european union internet portal :   http://europa.eu/youreurope/citizens/shopping/shopping-abroad/guarantees/index_en.htm   Everybody mocks the UK in the EU because the UK doesn't seem to care about the idea behind the EU but just about money and how to get the most out of the EU without all the downsides. And I'm not saying this because I live in France, I've seen that in Spain, Italy, Poland and Germany!
The law is pretty complicated and could be better written. European customers are indeed covered if a defect appears AFTER the purchase. A defect can be there but be invisible. Just like my iPod. The screen stopped working after almost two years. I never dropped it, it just stopped by itself. In a court (and there are precedents), showing that a screen doesn't work after two years is enough to prove that there was a defect from the beginning, because it's reasonable to...
Funny that you ask about video recording, because I got one. Recently here in France I had my iPod nano break up just before the end of the 2 years warranty. An Apple Store employee insisted that I didn't have the right to ask for a change even if it obviously was a hardware problem. I called directly Apple in Ireland and said that I had begun a procedure to sue, they saw all the products I bought from them and accepted a free change. The problem is that if I hadn't been...
This has to be one of the stupidest 'gates' ever.
I don't doubt that there are some android fanboys out there that will think that, but do you think that there are whole forums that do too?   Anyway, it's no surprise that Samsung is unable to craft a 4 inch cellphone as fast as an iPhone.
"You are doing it wrong!"
Selling remotes. Now that sounds exciting.  
I think that the same search won't give exactly the same result to different people. That's always been a problem with google maps too, but the consistency of maps seems even worse. Even trying myself the same search at different times or with the view centered on different parts of the world, I get different results. Even for a search like "mount everest, tibet". I noticed that Apple Maps seems to ignore the existence of Tibet, too, they are so close to China now,...
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