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When I talked about motion capture that was what I was talking about. Facial motion capture to be precise. Just a look at the trailer shows a level of emotion and realistic characters never attained in games anywhere. And I agree emotion is primordial for some kind of games. You talked about performance and writing. The problem is that performance can't be transcribed without a lot of tech and power. I still have to see a tablet game that arrives to the level of PS1 games...
  Well of course it's a mix of both. If it weren't, we would still be playing on Amiga, but we are not. One of the most acclaimed games this year, and one of the most original ever, Journey,  is simple in design but still needs a lot of tech to achieve that 'simple' look.     Beyond : Two Souls, is an upcoming game that sports extremely impressive motion capture acting, including by Ellen Page and Willem Dafoe.     And what about The Last Of Us?     It will take...
It has nothing to do with beaming, it's just a control via the internet.
The fact that Google is doing worse doesn't change that this was bad. If people hadn't noticed that could have been used for bad purposes.
I'm already free, imposing someone to take an oath would be the contrary of freedom. Use your brain.
  Consoles have nothing to fear from tablets or phones.
No, playing in your living room on a console or pc will never die, just like watching a movie on a great HDTV is not going to be replaced by watching a movie on an iPad.
I've never heard of an email service that completely erases received emails and even sent emails based on a word chain. What's worrying is that if this system is in place other sequences of words my trigger the same mechanism. It's probably just a bug.
It was time they did this. It's amazing how the biggest companies haven't started this kind of service yet (maybe the Zune unlimited did this?). I just hope that Spotify continues to exist once Google and Apple finally do this. Spotify is extremely fast, slick and easy to use. It's great for discovering new artists and explore a particular genre. I've been using it for three years now (from its first month in Europe) and I just love it. It's the future, period.
He wasn't just talking about the product names, but also about the fact that words can hinder ideas during the development process.
New Posts  All Forums: