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  Justice never punishes people for what could have happened, always for what actually happened. And most people are just totally misguided, that doesn't mean they deserve to die.
Dolphin is the best browser I tested on iPad.
I hope they bring color. That might be a good motivator to upgrade (it's just appearances but still). It would be so funny to see Samsung follow and bring lots of colors out (not just the current white, black and red)  
I've always heard Beats Audio headphones are bad, but is Sennheiser really a good brand? I'm asking.
That's because there isn't a good legal environment yet. The problem is worse with FB in my opinion. They retain information even after an account has been close. But the EU is starting to legislate on those matters, and it would be time for the US to do it as well.
  I agree, it seems a bit too much. But if I remember correctly, the EU gave them several warning, and they had the chance to respect the law. They obviously didn't. I thought this story had ended long ago.
They aren't that idiot if they managed to steal so many. Dishonest yes. And the device can't be tracked if it doesn't have a wireless connection. They can take all the time they want formatting it. They are going to sell them anyway so they don't care.
August? Too early. September at minimum.
I smelled pepper-spray once, from a distance, that stuff is horrible. Never experienced anything like that before.
New Posts  All Forums: