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 That's a stretch. Apple Maps is good now, but has many ways it could be better. Google Maps too, but its data is more consistent and it offers functions like transit information and discovery option which I find compulsory. Also, I'd love if Apple added the possibility to always see favorite places on the Maps like on Gmaps : that way when I'm someplace, a quick look will suffice to see if there's a place I've saved closeby.
This launch is pretty bad.
I thought the video was good. Thanks !
Actually that's exactly how things are and how they should be. No one has to prove non-existence. It's existence that has to be proven. This is why it's obvious that there is no god.
Fighting over phones? What a ridiculous concept. Everyone knows iPhone is better anyway.
Will it be in Europe before I die?
I think (hope) he was being sarcastic.
Samsung wishes this was a April's Fools... but it's not. :D
Why should he be angry? This makes no sense.
I was joking :D
New Posts  All Forums: