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I like the new font.
As Cook would say : "You don't have to understand all that. What it does is just give you a super precise 3D representation".
I think it's great but goes a little too fast.
How so? We aren't talking of a statue with Jobs on a prancing stallion with a flaming sword in his hand. If done with taste it could be nice.
Does someone think that we'll get an iPhone 6S that looks just like the 6, or can we hope that they at least make the camera better?
Still not sure I need one but I certainly want one. :/
Yes, the cloud is essential, it needs to become as important as iOS or OSX by itself.
Did you read the article? You never need to sign in Europe.
You are right, if you always have headphones with you, I think it's acceptable.The Nexus 6 is less tall than the 6Plus.And I am surprised that no one, even the anti-Apple crowd (probably because most of them lack a sense of esthetics) talked about the quality of the plastic bands. The appearance in itself doesn't bother me, I like it, but I wasn't expecting the plastic to be almost translucent, and that grey translucent I don't like. The general idea of the phone design...
Sorry, that wasn't trolling, that's my opinion. The protruding camera is terrible. The 5.5 inch phone that's bigger than some other 6 inch phones is bad too.I repeat my point : you look like an idiot when using that as a phone. But hey, apparently you constantly carry around a headset, that seems so practical...not!I make sense, it's just that you don't want to understand. You are the guy that uses two iPhones at the same time, does THAT make sense??
New Posts  All Forums: