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I doubt it will be a 6S Mini. Just make a 4 inch 6C, I would definitely buy it. Too bad if it's not in metal though.
Probably someone used it once...by mistake.
Had this issue as well. Another bug I encounter with videos almost all the time is that I can't scrub through them, it doesn't work!
True, thought about that today too. It's the iOS version where I've seen the most bugs. Keyboards especially, but also changing message threads in messages and even loading recent emails.
Well that's the point. Compared to Xiaomi, Apple is a saint. At least they have their own designers.
What is ludicrous is to compare Amazon in 1994, which was unique, with that shitty copycat company, which hasn't innovated anywhere and doesn't have even a small chance of growing.Sure, following a company that clearly has no morals is so great!
No, pay as in stop copying and pay your own designers.
Also   Apple sold approximately 10 millions phones in the first three days for the iPhone 6 launch.   That makes 7 billion dollars minimum counting all models.   That quarter the profit was 1/8 of the revenue. So let's say 1 billion profit. So more than 300 million profit per day. That's more than 25 million dollars per hours on a 12 hour day.   That means that Apple made in less than 3 hours as much money as Xiaomi made in the whole 2013.
 Nonsense. Once they have to pay for their own designs instead of copying and pay for exportation, their prices will soar. Their current margin isn't a margin, it's ridiculous, and that from a company that's helped by the Chinese government. No, they aren't going anywhere.
Apple made 625 times more money than Xiaomi in 2013. Xiaomi made 0.16% the money Apple made. Apple must be terrified.
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