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Civilization going down. We just have different priorities. What's the point of constant growth if it comes at the cost of the welfare of the population or of the environment. Libertarianism is as much an utopia as communism. We don't have 50% of the population living in near poverty like in the USA. We don't care about being competitive. That's not our future. We are not going to play your game anymore. The countries where people live the best are in Europe. That's what...
Keep your pity.Thanks.The Europeans.
I don't understand why people are talking about politics when this is simply justice investigating to defend the interests of consumers. I'm sure they'll find Apple has taken many steps to ensure that people know what they are downloading. An investigation is something that should be applauded. They haven't accused anyone for the moment.
"in the last week" you mean in the last 5 to 10 years.
 That TV UI has nothing to do with Apple TV.All the rest is carbon-copy. This brings copying to a whole new level.I hope they bring it soon to the US so that Apple can sue them.
Once again MS fails to stay true to their ideals. Windows shouldn't have a start button, and Kinect should stay compulsory.
 I think they could keep that focused approach while making their stores even better.  Lol. That's an elitist way of seeing things, but funny :)
 Excuses...The phone is a demo unit.The exclamation point is there because the phone is in 'demo mode' or whatever it's called.
Understandable. Even Siri sometimes doesn't understand what I tell it to do. I can imagine how annoying it is to having to take your smartphone out of the pocket after several failed attempts. Voice control needs to get closer to 100% precision, and there's still a long road ahead.
What do you mean 'fake posts'? Mine are among the most liked there!
New Posts  All Forums: