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The problem is that apparently all current screens do get scratched. Once they are, they lose a lot of resistance to impact. And if sapphire is to be used on a watch, it makes certainly more sense than gorilla glass.
With all the hires they've made it seems clear that they are working on some kind of wearable, with the watch being the most probable. They are not going to put a heartbeat sensor on the back of their phone like Samsung did.
More than that are all the works by psychoanalysts that have shown how repression works, and how calling something a 'sin' won't make it go away.The philosophical works by Sartre, Nietzsche... Christian people are hundreds of years late.
Good news. Goldman Sachs can't have a snitch at Apple.   Lol I don't know that new guy, but doesn't he look a bit like a vampire?
What I find amazing is the view of the building from where they'll bring all journalists for presentation. It truly looks like a starship has just landed in the fields. I can already imagine the pictures coming during these event live feeds, before the keynote.
Hihihi so much hype for nothing. The perfect word to use here is FAIL.
Yes, more security, less congestion on the roads. Less pollution and maybe even less traffic, if usage of shuttle cars is democratized. 
Odd that we have to wait for a Volvo video to show it working. Looks nice, simple and clear, as it should be to avoid distraction.
I'd fire him for that. There are few worse companies than Sachs in the whole world.   They helped Greece hide their economic problems and made 300 million dollars out of it, while the population in Greece now suffers a lot for that. They are criminals.
New Posts  All Forums: