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Seriously, iPads should have stereo speakers by now!
That's called an Apple TV.
Very odd. At first I thought iPods, then Apple TV.
MacBooks are truly expensive at the moment for what they offer. I bought a Macbook Pro in 2011 and it was less than 1900$ for 500 GB of storage and a 15inch screen. If I want the same thing now, that will cost me at least 2300! Sure the tech has changed and all, but in the end, if I want a 15inch computer with a lot of storage for less than 2000$ I can't have it from Apple. I don't think that's normal.
16% of tens, which are clearly not the target consumers, seems a lot to me.
Are you a giant or something? The iPhone is a phone, the iPad is a tablet. People don't place call holding their iPad to their ear. 4.7 is too big already. I'll probably use an iPhone with that size already, but only because I won't have a choice.5.5 is monstruosly gigantic. The phone looks oversized and that makes it ugly even if the design is great if you don't look at the size.People who buy a 5.5 phone probably don't own a tablet and will never truly know what a great...
The iPhone 6 Plus is just a totally lame phone anyway. This is just one more reason not to buy it. I can't wait to see people looking like idiots while they place a call with it.
I'm worried that next year when I want to replace my 5S there won't be an Apple phone that I can use one-handed. I'm also afraid that some people here will tell me that I need to give up already and that I don't need it.
That means journalist will now issue corrections saying that all this was a non-story. Or maybe I'm naive.
Having privacy is being above the law? These people are crazy and need to be stopped. We are already in a dystopia.
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