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ROFL so much emotion for just plastic. lol I already posted it, but let me repost my impressions on the S5. youtu.be/q0G9yasVKyo It's pretty terrible. Here is a great blog about all Samsung original designs. http://samsungdesign.tumblr.com/ Check it out!!
Yes, same thing happens to me, here and on other websites.Extremely annoying.
All this and their phones are still just shit.   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q0G9yasVKyo   Useful video so that next time someone accuses you of not having seen a working S5, you can say you have... and it's still terrible.
Oh, I actually find that little bridge over the water before the castle really pretty. Apart from that, Apple has won, but not really. I don't want to comment on judgements. I just wish Samsung would learn at least a little from all this.
 Of course I'm determined. Even the most paranoid person is surprised by the stuff Samsung has been proven to copy. So why would I doubt something so obvious? Apple had just unveiled the 3GS. S for speed.No other tech product used the S.Samsung copied extensively the iPhone 3GS. They introduced a new phone called Galaxy S.Why not just Galaxy? Why the S?  Of course it was one more way of confusing the consumer. It's pretty obvious to me unless you don't have a better...
Same here. I will judge in the store.
Am I authorized to say that maybe I know more about my own behaviors than you do?I use it with two hands from time to time, but I often use it with just one hand while walking, with the other hand in my pocket, and I like that. My argument doesn't fail because I can use a small screen with one or two hands, but I can't use a big screen with one hand only.
Apple Stores are nice, but they are still colder than some other stores, simply because they are about tech. They could be a little 'sexier' and even less intimidating for non-tech-savvy people.
If it's as big as the rumors say, I don't like it already. I want to use my phone with one hand. And I don't want risking to drop it while trying to.
That would be impressive and pretty relevant historically.
New Posts  All Forums: