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 Talking about the tech shown in this article, there is still a mechanical button under the screen.
I opened the link just to look at the pictures.
Of course if it's true it's to be condemned.
On a phone that's 6 mm tall, that's a lot.
Because this is supposed to be the final design?
 That hurt !
 Also, there's a little problem with his phrase : "I think 90% of the people would rather have a thinner phone with a better camera than a fatter phone." I think that 90% of people would rather have a phone that's 0.07mm fatter than this one and still thinner than the current 5S AND with a better camera AND no protruding lens AND maybe a better battery.
 And why in the world do they protrude?Oh yes, it's because THEY ARE FREAKING BUTTONS ! Also, they are not on the back.
 I don't intend on buying it, I'm perfectly content with my non-rocking iPhone 5S, thank you. Now, that won't stop me from talking about it. Oh I know, how dare I ! Saying "don't buy it" to people who criticize isn't argument, it's just lame.
No need to teach me about cm, I'm from Europe << see? And btw, you've got it wrong. If it protuded 0.7 cm I'd be extremely worried.
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