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It's unfair that the Samsung watches depicted here look pretty good but are actually terrible.
Silly? Nooooooooo.....   http://www.globalnerdy.com/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2012/02/Samsung-Galaxy-Note3.jpg   I think it looks perfectly fine... lol no
 No, it's going to be maps.apple.com if they do it. Shared adresses already use that URL.
 Totally. I still think that they aren't updating their maps fast enough (don't flame me!!!). My reference point remains Kyoto, a huge city. And after all these years, satellite images for that city still look terrible. It's true that maps was bad for a long time and I definitely can remember a moment from where their maps became much better, probably once a workflow was put in place to allow better customer suggestion management. I hope Apple maps will go the same...
 Thanks for the info about LM. But how can you be sure about the sapphire yields being too important for the watch only?
Off-subject, but your picture about Macrumors makes me think about this :   A moderator sent me a warning because of that comment where I said the Samsung smartwatch was bad.   The same moderator then sent me a warning when I asked someone to stop spamming a thread with the same image over and over...   So I sent him a PM telling him to **** off. I don't regret it, I'm not going back to that lame website EVER.  
 I agree that Apple needs to make their stores warmer. But they have to be careful here, because this kind of visuals is closer to general advertising than their usual visuals, which are very recognizable. They have to strike a balance in making warm yet recognizable images.
Exactly, this is Angela's work !
This next iPhone will look great in black. Some people like myself where surprised with the overall shape of the iPhone 4 and 5. I liked them, but they were more masculine than the iPhone that came before. This rounded shape looks great and fits in the evolution of iPhones. Beveled glass and a rounded form factor will make it extremely successful. And with iOS 8 and the apps that take advantage of it, this will be incredible. In retrospect, the most boring evolutions to...
Why did Apple extend its Liquidmetal exclusivity then? I think they might use I t for metal accents on the next iPhone.
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