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How the **** is this possible? How can they screw up so badly?
The second one is really funny.
I'm surprised no one said that yet.   I know people don't like that but I feel it's compulsory every time there's good news, or any news, about Apple.   Doomed.   There, done.   Now could someone who isn't banned from Macrumors go there and post that, if they haven't already. I can't imagine how negatively they must be talking about this.
No China? Limited supply?   Extremely impressive !   I might find it too big, it's a huge success for Apple.   Am I the only one hoping they will continue on keeping a smaller version around, even if less powerful than the main iPhone? Maybe C versions could remain small?
 But eventually one year it will be smaller or at least equal, it's has to be, it's mathematical. Same with sales. But then people will say "Look! No more growth!"... I fear that day because some people will be sooo annoying, and I think it might come soon.
Too bad that VSCO and even Waterlogue, which was shown at WWDC, still don't support extensions.
The picture above doesn't show that protruding camera.
It's the first time I see an OSX bar on a tablet patent.
1 GB sucks imo. The 5S is a great phone, a forward thinking phone as Apple said. The 6 isn't that way, it will age much faster imo. It's a great phone, but not one I'd buy, even if I needed to now. I'll wait for the 6S or the 7 and also hope that they bring back a smaller version.
The first gen won't be here for maybe six months... let's first wait for that.
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