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Doomed. Obviously.
 No, it's a must that we say it. Last time some people complained that it was an overused meme. I think it never gets old!
Blow them on putting thousands of cars in the streets and offer street view imagery again.   Why Netflix ? Apple has much more movies to offer for streaming. Impatiently waiting that they offer a music + video unlimited streaming offer.Hey maybe that's what they are working on.
40, 100, 10 000 analysts, that doesn't change. Presenting and estimation as precise as 67,69 billion is ridiculous, and shows that these people don't know what they are talking about and need to go back to school to study maths.   Even if people don't like it I have my 'Apple is doomed' ready here for later. It's a must.
This would be problematic to implement. Having data on falls or impacts isn't enough to prove correlation. 
Obviously they didn't just do a demo video, journalists tried it.
Actually Picasso didn't say that.Anyway, the corollary is : bad artists try to copy. That's Microsoft, and Samsung, and many others.
Many things said in this ridiculous article are often said of Apple as well, and are just as wrong. Microsoft never said they invented AR. Apple also uses ridiculous names sometimes like Retina HD. If Microsoft wants to call AR 'holograms', that's just a marketing move not relevant to the discussion about Hololens being good or not.   Hololens is an integrated computer that allows for instantaneous lag-free AR content. That in itself is huge and way way better than the...
If it works, this has great potential. And what is clear is that it's way ahead what Google is doing. I think it could be revolutionary. The fact that it's a self contained computer is huge.
Not a word on search? Is still catastrophic compared to Google maps. The UI of the Google maps app itself is way more useful and easy to use. It's fast, it presents all the relevant data much better, and the options to edit data are much more prominent, pushing people to change things by themselves (maybe that's not what apple wants though). It's also easier to switch from one result to another. I think Apple has more work to do now than it had before on maps.
New Posts  All Forums: