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Try this link. Should download the .bin. Hopefully. Maybe.
To answer the original question, it's here.
[quote]Originally posted by thegelding: oh, my daughter's friend like it better than the first also...but she has a huge crush on orlando bloom and his part was expanded more here than the first, so take her thoughts with a grain of salt....
And what self-respecting woman wouldn't like Orlando in his blond wig and pointy ears, running about firing multiple arrows into the evil hordes? [quote]ps...my wife and eldest daughter...
[quote]Originally posted by 709: BTW Belle, that 'Outsider' you're inviting into your home wouldn't happen to be Defiant would it?
Unfortunately, I'm the outsider. I'm spending the holidays with a friend and her family. As for Defiant, I did offer him a place to sleep, but the crocodile enclosure at Steve Irwin's zoo didn't seem to appeal to him for some reason. :confused: [quote]Originally posted by Matsu: Isn't that at 33 in...
51MB is a bit of a whopper. Dial-up users are going to love that. I'll give it a day or two before inflicting it upon my Macs.
I gave a lot of iPods as gifts last year. They made perfect gifts - my techie friends loved them, my music friends loved them, the packaging was gorgeous, and they're a cinch to wrap. As for what to expect this year... I'm not really sure. My friends are very good at finding books for me that I haven't read, despite being a complete book-nerd. I'm looking forward to not getting a bunch of uncomfortable "Merry Christmas, sorry to hear you have cancer" cards this year. ...
[quote]Originally posted by Scott: Because of Belle's recent aggression (ICC is looking for you Belle) threatening to strike with a RotM thread I had no choice but to strike first.
Pthththththth. I feel more aggression coming... here it is... Am I the only person on this planet that thought Terminator 2 was a dreadful movie? I hated it. The first was okay, in that it was a decent attempt at sci-fi on a miniscule budget. But Terminator...
InfoSync has a review of the S55. All in all, it looks pretty good. Assuming Apple keeps true in its implementation of SyncML and Bluetooth, it will hopefully work with iSync 1.0.
[quote]Originally posted by spaceman_spiff: Ummm, maybe something like this?
You know, I've always wondered which species Big Bird belongs to? Though, ironically, I've never questioned which species any of the other Muppets belong to. Other than the genus "Muppet", obviously. [quote]Originally posted by Hassany-poo: No.
Yah, that's what I thought.
No specific comments, other than it's well known that The Register despises Mac OS X. I mean really, really hates it. Now I have some major quibbles with Mac OS X, but I'm not completely blind to its charms. The likelihood is that anything that alters the way OS X works will get a big thumbs up from The Register.
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