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AgoraPhone. (617) 253-6237
I wouldn't let that wretched piece of flea-ridden filth anywhere near my Macintosh.
Yikes! Poor little snakey-poo. It probably thought it had found the perfect nest.
For a bit of fun, if some of your leeches are sending unencrypted information, try this little app. (Mac OS X version available at bottom of page.)
And though they aren't exactly multi-gigabyte monsters, you'll probably also find a preference file for the app in /Library/Preferences/
[quote]Originally posted by BRussell: Cool. I've never been a practitioner of frotteurism, but I might of hadto make an exception for Miranda Otto.
Thanks for sharing. Security was really tight, so if you'd tried it, you'd probably have been well and truly, er, frotteured, by a couple of burly guards. I was personally quite hopeful that someone may attempt to assassinate Yoko Ono. Sadly, it didn't happen.
Hehe, I think we're just a very uncharitable crowd. I don't know of any sites. I don't know if I'd trust them anyway? I checked for government sites, but came up lacking. I'd certainly agree that Médecins Sans Frontières is a very worthy cause. A percentage of my salary goes to charities every year, and MSF is one of them.
[quote]Originally posted by BRussell: Belle - did you go to the premiere in NY, the one that the cast and PJ et al. attended?
I did! At the Ziegfeld on West 54th. I wore a sparkly frock, despite the slightly, er, inclement weather. I didn't get to meet any of the stars, though. I saw them close up (Orlando Bloom is hot!), and waved madly at Peter Jackson, who probably assumed I was drunk. [quote]Originally posted by...
[quote]Originally posted by murbot: Booze is just the best thing EVAR
I think danielb0101 may disagree this morning.
That's good news. 150 seems a lot, but given that the alternative would be a new bicycle, it's a decent enough deal. And the guy didn't stab you, which is a bonus.
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