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1st question - Yes you can use the USB to connect your own hard drive and use that drive as a Time Machine backup drive. There is a trick to getting the backup drive recognized but there is info on the internet on how to do this.
I'm not so sure about that. I looked at the FCC submittal for 2009 the last time the Airport Extreme and Time Capsules were updated and there were separate submittals. This time the only submittal that has been released is for the Airport Extreme.
I have the new MD032LL/A Time Capsule and don't see any difference in range/speed compared to the previous generation (4th) AirPort Extreme I had. I am on the fence on whether to just buy the new AirPort Extreme to go along with my 1 TB Seagate drive OR stick with the Time Capsule. I would hate to return the Time Capsule and then learn in the fall with the release of iCloud that I am missing out on some features that the Extreme can't provide. Thoughts?
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